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Elopement Vs Wedding (11 Benefits Of Eloping)

It’s almost every young lady's dream to have a fancy and big wedding. Getting a lovely white dress, having an array of bridesmaids, and having people dote on you are just some of the reasons a traditional wedding is so desired. However, in recent times, many couples have considered the elopement vs wedding dilemma

Is saving up for a memorable wedding day worth it? Or is it better to go somewhere where just you and your partner can tie the knot with fewer guests? The truth is, not everyone wants a traditional wedding. Many have simply eloped and had a more private ceremony without the hassle of hiring a wedding planner, getting a venue, booking vendors, and the rest. 

Have you recently been engaged? Is the euphoria of a big and fanciful wedding slowly wearing off? Don’t feel strange or different. If we are being honest, traditional weddings are more of a social requirement. A traditional wedding is more of a societal norm than a requirement. While elopement may seem like an attractive choice, I’m sure you have some pressing questions. 

Is it expensive? How do I involve or avoid family? Will I still get a marriage license? Do I still have to plan for the elopement day? Well, let me just start by saying that an adventurous elopement won’t be easy. However, if that’s what you really want then it’s totally worth it. 

11 Benefits Of Elopement

1. It will save costs

Okay, this is probably an obvious benefit, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Big parties cost a lot of money, and no one should feel pressure when all they want to do is marry the person they love. 

Some people go as far as borrowing or taking loans just to fund a big and classy wedding? Then end up paying off huge interests when they could be building and nurturing their relationship. If such a couple had simply eloped, they would still enjoy their special day without the huge price tag that accompanies traditional weddings. 

Just think about this, the average cost of weddings in the U.S was $19,000 in 2020, and the only reason it was that low was probably because of the global pandemic! In 2019, the average costs were $10,000 higher. Think about how much money you could save by simply having an elopement ceremony instead. 

2. Better intimacy

The whole elopement vs wedding conversation could just end right here for many. People who treasure intimacy and privacy when it comes to love will probably shout for joy when they see this. The reason is simple, a traditional wedding day can be stressful. From the blessing in the church, mosque, or other institutions to the reception, and then the after-party. 

You want to have that same feeling you had when you figured he was the one. Those same butterflies fluttering the same way they did on your first date. Plus, you can take your private vows without everyone glaring at you. Did she kiss him after cutting the cake, why isn’t she smiling, her hair looks funny! 

Yeah, those are just some things your wonderful guests may be whispering while you’re trying to enjoy an intimate movement with your new husband. See why it’s better to elope and enjoy a private and more intimate ceremony? 

3. You can avoid family drama

Alright, we all love our family members, or at least we try to love all of them. However, there’s no denying how nosy and annoying they can become during weddings. From hijacking the guest list to insisting on certain wedding traditions, is that all worth it? 

If you choose an elopement ceremony, you take charge of the whole event. You call the shots, handle the wedding planning, and enjoy a simple, first drama free-drama as the bride and groom. 

4. You can cut down the guest list

If you love big ceremonies and the glitz and glamour of a traditional wedding, the elopement is probably not for you. People who elope want less stress and hassle. Unfortunately, a lot of that comes from the guests you invite. 

First of all, who do you include or leave out of the guest list? Who should sit where? And more importantly, how much will it cost to feed and cater to everyone’s needs? That’s a lot to think about for just one day of fame. 

Yes, it may seem daunting to leave people out of your wedding plans. There will be hurt feelings, malicious emails, and snide comments, but that should all fade when people see how happy the bride and groom truly are. 

5. Planning is more flexible

planning is more flexible

If you are weighing the elopement vs wedding costs and benefits, just remember that there’ll be less pressure if you choose to elope. Weddings can be exhausting to plan, even with a wedding planner. There are so many details to consider which could just take the fun out of everything. 

The bride and groom have so many things to agree on, come to terms with or compromise on. Questions like, “how many guests will be in attendance?” or which friend will take the wedding toast may just drive you crazy. Apart from eloping to save money, there’s less to plan and more time to enjoy the entire process when a couple chooses to elope. 

6. There’s less competition and judgment

“Cara got the best photographer in town to cover her wedding, Debbie shut down the city when she tied the knot”. These are just some of the basic scenarios people think they have to live up to. A high-school friend, family friend, or even a sibling had the most glamorous wedding, and now you think you must up your game. 

Well, with an elopement wedding, you play to your strengths. Simply give everyone a heads up that you don’t intend to plan an unnecessarily pricey ceremony and would rather prefer a classy, spontaneous, and intimate affair. 

7. Less stress

Without mincing words, there’s a lot of stress that goes into traditional weddings. A lot of that stress comes from hiring the right planners, getting the best vendors, dealing with setbacks, and getting everyone to get along, it’s a lot! Most couples don’t enjoy their day simply because of all the stress that comes with it. 

From the first dance to the toasts, to the speeches, there are just a lot of activities that are societally established. Weigh that vs wedding planning for your elopement day. Everything is simple and straightforward since it’s not public and big affair. 

8. It’s your day, and not anyone else’s

The spotlights may be on you on that day, but what makes elopement better is simply how personalized it is. It makes the most sense to think about how elopement will cater more to your needs vs wedding hassles. The day will be entirely yours, and there’ll be fewer people liable to steal your shine on that day. 

9. There’s less pressure

Here’s the honest truth, there’s a lot of pressure when you spend thousands on a wedding and need everything to work out perfectly. Let’s say your budget is about $20k-$35k, and you started planning the entire wedding for a period of one to two years. All that time and money will certainly put pressure on not only you, but everyone else involved. 

Every item on the list will have to be done to perfection, and if even one thing fails, you may just slip into depression! So rather than put strains on our mental health, consider opting for a simpler and less strenuous affair. 

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10. You can choose any location

you can choose any location

The beachside, the mountains, a lake-side, or even your high-school hall. Yes, anywhere you decide to tie the knot will do. You can choose a scenic place that will photograph well and just enjoy the serenity that comes with such peaceful environments. 

There may be less noise, space, and options to explore, especially when it comes to photography. Sometimes we see the most creative and inspiring wedding photos in elopement weddings.

11. You can splurge on what actually matters to you

I am absolutely not here to hate on traditional marriages, but it can be a huge relief to spend on what you actually care about. Imagine having to cut down your honeymoon costs just so your budget can cater to a long list of guests who just came for the free food? On your big day, you want the people around to actually care about your happiness. 

Plus, you save thousands of dollars in costs when you elope, and can actually invest that money into an amazing honeymoon, a dream house, or a pet project together.


Is it better to elope or have a wedding?

For many people, traditional weddings are just another opportunity to show off. It’s less about the intimacy and more about showing off the amount of money they have. A wedding day should be special, intimate, and personal. 

Sometimes, with a traditional wedding, you can’t achieve that. It’s hijacked by what other people want and can quickly become more exaggerated or complicated than you would desire. For a couple who doesn’t want to be pressured into competing or outdoing friends/relatives, eloping may be the best option. You’ll save costs and have an intimate wedding you can actually enjoy. 

What is the difference between an elopement and a wedding?

Elopement in this context doesn’t mean running off secretly and getting married. On the contrary, it means having a smaller, more intimate, and private event. That’s really the major difference, a traditional ceremony requires a vigorous planning process, multiple guests, and more spending. 

A traditional wedding would require a long guest list, lots of food, and more hassle in general, however, elopement allows you to tailor the guest list to close friends and family members and simply have a romantic, fun, and private event. 

Is eloping cheaper than a wedding?

People elope to have a more private wedding ceremony. However, the key difference between a wedding and elopement is the cost, among other factors. If a couple decides to elope, they may pay less for the venue, vendors, and the number of guests to invite and cater to. 

Other necessities like photography will also be cheaper, simply because it costs more to cover a large event. Plus, if you are spending less on the wedding, there’ll be more left to enjoy an amazing honeymoon

Is elopement wedding legal?

An elopement wedding is absolutely legal, as long as the couple adheres to all the laws and requirements by the state. Your marriage will be recognized legally, and there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t follow the legal format of an actual wedding

However, if you still want your elopement adventure to be new, different, and exciting, just ensure you are abiding by the rules of the state or country where the ceremony is happening. 

Do elope marriages last?

To be honest, the keys to having a happy married life do not stem from having a successful wedding. Some couples have had the weirdest wedding experiences yet still enjoy the rest of their lives together. 

In fact, elopement marriages tend to last longer, maybe because such couples focus on what is important from the very beginning; love. Some people decide to get married just for the fantasy of an extravagant event and a classy ceremony. Such unions without a strong foundation of love, commitment, trust, and honesty may easily crumble under pressure. 

To Sum Up

I hope you enjoyed reading through this list? Remember, elopement does not necessarily entail running away from everyone else and getting hitched secretly. It also simply means having a more private event with those in your close circle, or maybe only family. 

If this is something you desire, don’t be worried about what people will say. Yes, there may be a little drama, but at the end of the day, it’s your choice to make. Have any thoughts on the matter? Then kindly leave your comments in the section below and share this article with others. Good luck!

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