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Does My Boyfriend’s Brother Like Me? (7 Signs And What To Do About It)

Do you feel that your boyfriend's brother is interested in you? Are you wondering about what you should do in such a situation? Do you have the same feelings for him? Not long back I was in the same situation and was feeling that soon I might become the reason behind the breakage of a bond between two brothers.

I was so confused as I was not able to read the signs and neither did I want to share anything with my boyfriend without any proof. I eventually learned that I needed to trust my gut and draw a line. I needed to take a stand for myself and raise my voice against things that were making me uncomfortable.

In today’s article, we are going to look at signs that will help you find if your partner’s brother is interested in you and how to handle the situation. These signs will help you to find if all your doubts are true or not so you can proceed accordingly. 

Plus, you will find out how you can do the right thing and ensure that there is minimum damage to the bond of the siblings.

Does My Boyfriend’s Brother Like Me?

1. He keeps flirting with you

Are you confused about whether your boyfriend's sibling is actually flirting with you or just being friendly? It is normal to not be able to read the sign. After all, nobody expects someone from their guy’s family to hit on them. If you are not clear about this guy’s intentions but his actions make you feel uncomfortable then be honest with your boyfriend and let him know how you feel!

Maybe he can talk to his sibling and make him aware of how you feel. However, there is definitely something wrong in your relationship if you are enjoying the flirting and do not want it to stop. In this situation, it is better that you break up with your boyfriend and think things through.

2. Eye contact

Have you noticed your boyfriend's brother looking at you...a lot? Like, when you are with them in the same room, do you get a feeling that they are staring at you? If yes, then there are chances that they might find you attractive and might be finding it difficult to keep their eyes off you. 

However, it should be noted that eye contact just gives you an idea about someone’s feelings and should not be taken as an ultimate sign of attraction.

3. He looks for ways to be close to you

he looks for ways to be close to you

So you and your boyfriend have just started dating and he insists on taking his younger brother along on your next date. If you are in a serious relationship then meeting your boyfriend’s family occasionally is not wrong. However, it becomes a problem when your boyfriend’s siblings are with you everywhere making it difficult for you to get close to your man.

In such a situation, even though it is not clear that the brother is interested in you, you should speak to your boyfriend and let them know that you both need to spend some quality time alone together!

4. Their body language changes around you

Depending on your boyfriend’s brother’s personality, they might act in a different way when they are around you. They might get extra nervous or energetic when around you or might show open body language, which might be your hint. Moreover, his touch might feel different to you and might have a flirty, sexual hint to it.

5. He acts weird when he sees you getting close to your boyfriend

If you find that your boyfriend’s brother’s mood changes when he sees you getting close to your boyfriend, i.e., his brother, then it is a sign that he likes you. It is this jealousy that might even make him come between you and his brother as he might want all your attention. 

Moreover, if your boyfriend’s sibling actually likes you romantically then he will not talk about other girls in front of you as he would never like you to think that he is unavailable.

6. He knows small details about you

he knows small details about you

Someone who likes you will remember every small detail about you. And, if your boyfriend’s brother seems to know details that you never told them about then it only means that they asked about you from your boyfriend. Them taking so much effort to know everything about you means only one thing and that is that they like you. 

Moreover, if they like you they will notice even small details about you, like, what dress you were wearing when they first met you, or how good your handwriting is.

7. He goes out of his way to help you

If your boyfriend’s brother jumps at any chance to help you then there are huge chances that he likes you and is just trying to impress you or looking for ways to spend more time with you. So if you are discussing with your boyfriend how your AC needs fixing and his brother jumps in and offers to help then there are huge chances that he is into you.

However, before making any conclusions make sure that he is not a friendly guy who loves helping everyone. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a helpful person, but it will mean that it is his nature to help everyone and you are not someone special. Also, make sure that he is not helping you because he sees himself as your older brother.

What to do if my partner’s brother likes me?

If you are sure that your partner’s brother is interested in you then the first thing that you should do is be honest with your partner. If you hide the truth from your partner thinking that it will spoil the bond with their sibling and if they come to know about it in the future then it can damage your relationship.

So, when you feel that your boyfriend is in a good mood, just make him sit down and let him know about the issue. Ensure him that you do not share the feelings of his brother and let him know how his sibling’s behavior makes you uncomfortable. Tell them that they should gather their composure and then talk to their sibling.

Things can be a little tricky if you also have feelings for your partner’s brother. However, this case also requires you to be true to your boyfriend and be ready for a blowout. Be patient and although it will take time, there are chances that you three can make things work between you.


How can I impress my boyfriend’s brother?

Impressing your boyfriend’s sibling can be beneficial for your relationship, particularly when it comes to taking things to the next level. Start by being friendly and showing an interest in their lives. Tell them what you like about their sibling and let them know how much you adore him. Ask them to hang out with them occasionally and refrain from PDA during these outings.

How do you tell your brother you have a boyfriend?

The best way to tell your brother about your boyfriend is to ask him to meet you at a restaurant and then break the news to him. If you share a close bond with your mother and she knows about your man then you can also take her to this meeting for support. Be direct and try to be calm while answering your sibling’s questions about your partner.

How do I bond with my boyfriend’s friends?

To bond with your boyfriend's friends, you must accept them as they are and stop worrying too much about making a good impression. You can also sometimes bring your friends and make a plan to hang out together.

How can I impress my boyfriend’s sister?

To impress your boyfriend’s sister make sure to invite her sometimes when you go out with your boyfriend. Make sure that these outings are of interest to your guy’s sister and that she is given enough attention even when you are with your man. Girls love compliments so do not forget to compliment her and also tell her how much you adore her sibling.

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The Bottomline

How has this content spoken to you? Were you ever in a situation where your partner’s sibling had a crush on you? What did you do? What were the signs? We would love to hear about your experience, which can help our readers. Please comment below!

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