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Is Aquarius Man Jealous? (7 Complex Signs)

So you have started dating an Aquarius guy and you’re asking yourself ‘’Are Aquarius men jealous?’’. Well, the short answer is yes. An Aquarius guy can be jealous, but they avoid expressing or talking about it.  In fact, in Aquarius man is often regarded as aloof, a person who’s distant with his emotions. He fails […]

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Aquarius Best Match and Compatibility (7 Matches)

Using a person’s star sign can be a fantastic way to determine how well you might match with them romantically. In fact, knowing your potential compatibility with a person from the outset can be a great easy way to know whether to initiate a relationship with them or not. Here, we look at what star […]

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About Aquarius Man (15 Personality Traits)

Do you like eccentric, intelligent guys that stand out from the crowd, are compassionate, with a sense of justice, and a thirst for knowledge? If the answer is yes then let me introduce you to Aquarius man.  I remember my first encounter with an Aquarius man. He came up to me in a bar and […]

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Does The Aquarius Man Cheat? 4 Signs He May Be

Do you worry about your Aquarius boyfriend cheating on you?  Are signs starting to appear that he’s unhappy with the relationship and might be sleeping around?  Do you feel unable to shake these feelings of despair, as you have no way to prove he has been unfaithful? If the answer is yes, you need to […]

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How to Attract an Aquarius Man in 8 Simple Steps

Are you trying to attract an Aquarius man? Perhaps there’s an Aquarius in your social circle who you are hoping will notice you?  Or maybe you’ve just started dating one and you are looking for ways to impress him? If so, you’re in the right place. This article provides your ultimate guide to attracting an […]

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