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Showing Off Relationship On Social Media (9 Reasons Why)

Several study findings show that romantic relationships online can adversely affect the couples involved. So why do people refuse to learn from all the unfortunate failed celebrity relationships or the highly publicized ones? Well, the reason is not so far-fetched. Some people do not know the effects of posting intimate details online while others simply don’t care. 

Additionally, there are equally numerous surveys and research studies that show how damaging social media can be when people focus on the seemingly perfect lives of others. The Insider reports on the negative association of depression with social media

However, all these facts don’t mean that posting pictures online is wrong, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a relationship online. Some have been motivated, inspired, and even educated by simply watching the journey of a different couple. 

Still, shouldn’t a healthy relationship be kept away from strangers and the harsh fingers of public opinion? If so, why do people still feel the need to show off their relationships on social media? I guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out. 

9 Reasons Why People Showcase Their Relationships On Social Media

1. They are trying to convince everyone that they are happy

Some couples are actually unhappy in real life, and the only way to convince people otherwise is to keep those lovey-dovey posts coming. They may be going through a lot but will keep uploading the most awe-inspiring videos to keep the public off their scent. 

2. It’s a sign of insecurity

it's a sign of insecurity

So many people start feeling insecure about their dating life when they see picture-perfect couples who seem to be doing a lot better than them. This automatically makes them want to level up by showing off their own relationship. 

When people feel the need to constantly upload reels and snaps of them doing personal things, it’s an unhealthy call for attention.

3. The idea of creating a facade to garner likes, views, and loyal followers

The truth remains that many people on social media are addicted to high counts. When people don’t like a picture that much, some people get worried that they aren’t as liked, loved, or worthy. And since people love “love”, seeing ‘genuinely happy couples’ on the gram simply garner more views than a single lady loving herself. Unfortunately, this somewhat births unrealistic expectations for many. 

4. To protect the relationship from potential threats

What better way to keep predators at bay than to post status updates of you and your partner together? Better still, a more public post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, so the whole world knows you’re now an item. 

The decent ladies who had their eyes on him before now would probably back off. However, there are some equally daring women that don’t mind a little competition. 

5. Their happiness is dependent on how well the relationship is going

According to a study by Albright College, some couples may post photos with their romantic partner simply because it boosts their self-esteem. They highlighted the Relationship Contingent Self-Esteem (RCSE) factor that makes people brag unnecessarily about their relationship. They find themselves feeding off how well things seem to be going.

This makes it almost impossible not to post photos during date night or wake up with breakfast in bed, or even their partner sleeping. Unfortunately, a significant number of such people also use the opportunity to monitor their partners’ pages and engagement online. 

6. It’s a great avenue to get others jealous

it's a great avenue to get others jealous

Do you have an ex on Instagram who seems to be doing great without you? Or maybe it’s a group of friends who never saw you like the hot one who would date a social media sensation. So many ladies would take that opportunity to rub it in the wrong way. 

Maybe they are the first in the pack to get married, just to stir up a little envy, they’ll keep posting loved-up photos to get friends, exes, and even family members envious. 

7. Rebranding your relationship

The hashtag #relationshipgoals has been trending for a while now. People get intrigued by the life of others and assume their relationship is perfect. Well, there’s a big difference between what people portray online and reality. Their profile pictures may show a united front, but that is not always the case. 

That’s why people are more prone to over-share on social media. They are trying to control the way others see their relationship. Some people actively change their voices, become more submissive, woke, or clingy, whatever suits their audience. Most people who publicize their relationships try to portray a united, lovey-dovey front whenever they spend time together. 

8. They are creating a memory bank for the future

they are creating a memory bank for the future

Yes, I agree that there are other ways to store pictures, videos, and important videos. Still, social media is one of the most fun and effective ways to do so. You’re not just creating a unique souvenir of special moments with your partner, there are others treading this beautiful journey with you. 

9. They are just natural over-sharers

We are living in times where it has become normal to share numerous clips of one’s private life. For some, it’s almost like they were made for social media because their whole personality is centered around sharing how happy or sad they are. Still, there’s a difference between genuinely wanting to share stories or videos to either create awareness, inspire, or motivate. 

Then there’s the obsession with letting people know about your personal business just to spark envy or feel better about your life. I know this may all sound negative, however, the studies don’t lie. Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t couples out there that just love sharing their happiness with the whole world. 


Is it good to post your relationship on social media?

When couples constantly post pictures, snaps, and reels online, they are either trying to announce their current relationship or show people just how much they enjoy each other’s company. Unfortunately, this seemingly innocent gesture has a myriad of negative effects.

The most dangerous one is pressure. Some relationships go on for longer on social media than they last in real life. Usually, the couple feels pressured to keep on with the facade simply to keep their followers happy and prevent unfair judgment and mean comments. 

Do happy couples post on social media?

Yes and no. Some happy couples would rather keep their personal relationship private. However, that does not mean that others who decide to be more public about their relationship status aren’t happy. However, there are good chances that people feel the desperate need for validation and acceptance to feel happy.

Which, if you think about it, does not translate to actual happiness. On the flip side, some couples who keep their relationships private may be doing so for equally negative reasons. Some either feel ashamed of their partner or hide their relationship because they have other romantic flings they are pursuing on the same platform.

Why do couples show off on social media?

People showcase their relationships on social media for different reasons. Some do so because they are genuinely happy, others feel insecure and need constant validation from the public about their personal life. In some cases, people feel more relevant, seen, and important when they post pictures and videos and thousands of people engage in the post.

On other occasions, a significant number of social media popular couples have cashed in on various apps. Merchandising shirts, face caps, notebooks, and more makes it more expensive to quit such a financially beneficial relationship.

Can social media ruin a relationship?

Social media may not ruin a relationship, however, the insecurities it births could damage one in the long run. It’s easy for negative comments to get to people when their relationship is public. Plus, once people start to highlight negatives about your partner, or maybe start comparing you to another couple, that connection that made you thrilled before could slowly lead to depression.

Why you shouldn't put your relationship on social media?

Social media can actually limit personal interaction. If you are always looking for a picture-perfect spot, or the best angle when spending time with each other, the relationship can become very superficial.

Rather than talking, bonding, and simply living, you’re posting a new status, worrying about lighting, or trying to convince your partner to take one more picture. That can get toxic, stressful, and addicting.

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To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed reading through this list. Remember, posting a few times on social media can be healthy, but once it becomes compulsive, addicting, and artificial, it may be time to pause and re-evaluate your motives. Taking every single event, text, or moment to various social media platforms may do the relationship more bad than good. 

Have any thoughts on the subject, feel free to comment below, and don’t forget to share this with friends that need to hear this. 

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