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How To See Your Red String Of Fate (What It Is And 9 Ways To Find Your Thread)

Have you heard the saying, “One day, fate will connect you to your true love and you’ll instantly know”? Do you believe in the idea of soul mates, or an invisible red string that allows people connected by fate to meet? You might argue that this is the 21st century, and who believes in the existence of a magical cord that connects destinies.

However, have you questioned why you feel a pull towards someone you are just meeting for the first time? Have you ever wondered why you felt like an invisible red string of fate made you gravitate towards that person? Is the red string of fate a real thing, or a myth people believe just to feel better about their lonely situations? Continue reading to find out.

The Red Strings Of Fate: What Is It? 

According to the beautiful Japanese legend, the red string of fate is an invisible red thread that the gods tie around the pinky fingers of predestined lovers. These lovers would meet each other at the right time. They will instantly recognize the true desire between them regardless of the circumstance under which they meet.

Many cultures also have this legend but under different terms such as twin souls, soul mates, destined partners, and so on. Apart from the Japanese legend, the Chinese have theirs too. The Chinese legend has it that Yuè Lǎo, the matchmaking and marriage god, controls the red string of fate. 

Yuè Lǎo ties the red string around the ankles of people destined to share their lives. In the future, these people meet no matter how twisted or stretched the connection of the invisible red cord might get.

What is the implication of these legends to your love life or relationships? It means that even if you go through most of your life with several wrong partners, there’s a hope of finding ‘the one’. Also, the red string of fate applies to other relationships, not only the incredibly romantic type. 

As such, you will come across strangers of the same or opposite sex and feel something fall in place. You will feel like they are supposed to be in your life, but you won’t be able to explain why. Such people might go on to mean so much more or they’ll play an important role just one time and move on.

You might call the latter type of red string of fate people ‘guardian angels’ and the former destined partners. Whether you believe in the Japanese legend or the other ones, it can be frustrating not meeting the person destiny has planned for you at the right time. 

The reason most people don’t get easily connected to their destined partner is that they don’t pay attention to the right signals of their red string of fate. This article will teach you how to recognize your red string of fate. Then, you can also be one of those to tell fate stories of how you met ‘the one’.

9 Ways To Find Your Thread

1. Channel the right energy into yourself

Therapists, clerics, and people who practice spirituality usually say, “you attract your kind”. Some say, “the kind of energy you carry or give comes back to you”. These sayings are true and can be related to the way you live daily. 

For example, if you are sad, your feelings are jumbled and all over the place. You want someone to make you feel better, but you also don’t want to be around people. The wrong people won’t understand why you’re giving mixed signals. The right person with a red string attachment to you will easily recognize that you’re hurt and need someone who understands.

If you’ve mastered the art of channeling loving energy towards yourself first, you will treat other people right, bad mood or not. Also, your soulmate will recognize your awesomeness even if you’re in a foul state. 

2. Understand your worth

It is vital that you love yourself first and know your worth before you meet your true love. If you meet the right person at a time when you don’t like yourself all that much, you won’t recognize the special connection.

You would assume a lot of things that are wrong and lose your fated partner to ignorance. To appreciate the love of another person, you need to have done that for yourself first. Fated partner or not, if you don’t value yourself you’ll feel dissatisfied. 

3. Be the kind of person your destined partner wants

Just like attracting your kind, you need to ask yourself, “can I love the current version of myself if I met myself as a stranger?” If you met your type of person in a coffee shop, would you approach them and form a connection?

To feel connected to the red string, your fated partner needs to recognize a mutual sense of goodness or character. If you lack that particular trait, it will be hard to make that connection. It will be erroneous to think the string is just magical; without basic character, the connection remains dormant.

4. Know what you want

know what you want

Another way to find your red cord attachment is by being true to yourself. Most times, we lie to ourselves about what we want. We don’t mean to deceive ourselves, but we are confused and would rather go for whatever comes our way.

If you are to find that one-in-a-lifetime connection through the red cord, you need to do your part by knowing who you are. Knowing yourself will lead to knowing what you want. That way, you won’t give in to just anybody, or make your heart a plaything. As such, when your destined one shows up, you recognize and accept them without playing games.

5. Practice active and passive awareness

Self-awareness is important to the ideology of the red thread of fate. If you are the kind of person who goes through life unaware, you will miss a lot of things, including your soulmate lover or friends.

Practicing active awareness means being deliberately attuned to what’s going on around you. Passive awareness means being attentive to happenings around you even though you have a lot of things going wrong in your life

There are strategic moments; they could be big or small, but you have to recognize each of them. You’ll find your string of fate is in the middle of one of those circumstances.

6. Experience life

Going through life unaware is similar to not experiencing life. If you are always only reacting to things, you will find it difficult to find your string of fate. You need to take action or you might never end up with ‘the one’.

Explore life, leave your comfort zone and challenge your status quo. If your fated partner is passive like you, both of you will lose out on finding each other. 

Something has to give, and you can’t be sure the other person is being the proactive one. Also, having experiences to share when you finally meet ‘the one’ usually makes the wait worth it.

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7. Understand the peculiarities of your relationships

Treating every relationship as the same is not the right way to find your thread of fate. There is something that separates one relationship from the other. Figure out what is different in each relationship and know when to close each chapter of your life.

Many people have lost their soulmates because they treated them like they did other partners. Knowing the peculiarities of each relationship, you find yourself in will help you easily recognize your soulmate.

8. Trust your instincts

trust your instincts

Most times, your saving grace is your intuition, not the experience you’ve gained over the years. A sixth sense will tell you not to enter a relationship with someone, not because they are bad people, but because they aren’t right for you.

The same sixth sense will make you feel a strong pull of desire or passion towards a stranger you just met. You wonder why you can’t love the other person you’ve known for longer, but you just can’t help the way you feel.

9. Don’t act out of desperation

A time comes when it looks like you’ll never find your invisible thread connection. Then you resort to settling for less than you deserve. However, the rule of the thread is that it might take a while for the connection to be established, but it will happen.

Settling for someone you don’t have that connection with is an act of desperation you’ll most likely regret down the line. A little patience might be all you need to find ‘the one’.


Can the red string of fate be broken?

The legend has it that the thread of fate is so strong and elastic that it cannot be broken. Although it can be pulled in opposite directions till it looks like it might break, it will hold. The only thing that can threaten this bond is death.

Does the red string of fate have to be romantic?

The red thread is not limited to only a romantic relationship. You can have fated friends or business partners. The invisible red thread can apply to people in different relationships.

What does finding the red string mean?

Finding the red thread means discovering a connection with someone you are fated to meet. It won’t take long to know that this person will be important to your life’s journey.

Is the red string of fate true?

It might sound unbelievable, but believing that a special thread exists between two people is the only explanation for why you can feel intensely for a stranger

How do you find your soulmate?

You can find your soulmate by staying true to who you are, and not pretending to be someone else. Also, being a kind and approachable person helps. Finally, look out for these traits in the people you come across.


It is okay if you are not a believer in the string of fate ideology. However, it is still possible to meet the right person with the tips shared in this post. If you believe your soulmate is out there, they’ll find you as long as you stay true to yourself. 

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