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How Narcissists Treat Their Exes (9 Astonishing Ways You Should Know)

If you are wondering how a narcissist treats their ex, make sure you read this article as we will go over nine astonishing ways. You’ll actually be shocked by what you discover, and you will probably wish you never had a narcissistic ex!!

It’s true; a narcissistic partner is never the best mate to have, as they put their own needs in front of anyone else’s. Narcissistic abuse can happen at any time, and it’s a vicious cycle when they start treating you badly - whether you are still together or not. 

With narcissistic personality disorder, you can expect your feelings to be ignored because a narcissist will only care about his or her feelings. In fact, according to WebMD, the extreme self-involvement seen with a narcissist doesn’t usually get better!

Narcissists lack empathy and the positive feelings you may long for, but if you’ve had an ex full of self-entitlement, you already know this! Don’t fret; this article will cover how a narcissist treats his or her former partner and why you should move on with a new relationship and forget about your ex-partner!

Be sure to stay tuned to all the juicy details regarding previous partners who are narcissists!

9 Ways that Narcissists Treat Their Exes

1. They might ignore you forever

If your relationship with your narcissist ex ended poorly, it’s likely that he or she will ignore you forever because they seek attention desperately. If you can at least stay friends, you might stay in their favor, but I would not recommend doing this. 

It’s better to have zero contact with a narcissist than to keep a relationship with one. Think about how they’ve affected your life. Consider the many awful ways they have treated you, and just move on!

If they decide to ignore you, let them! You don’t need a narcissist in your life. Nothing good will come of it, right? Allow them to move on, while you do the same thing. Even if you did break up on bad terms, you should still just focus on the future!

2. They are likely to make fun of you

they are likely to make fun of you

I must confess that I have had an ex that was a narcissist. He did find it fulfilling to make fun of me after things ended. I wanted to still have a friendship with him, but he made that really difficult as he only cared about himself.

He would call me names and exploit my weaknesses. He knew the things that bothered me and would call me out on those things. It was really hard! I would not recommend dating someone like this because they’ll always care about themselves over anyone else.

Consider starting a new healthy relationship with someone who is capable of love. You don’t deserve to be treated this way by anyone, and you should focus on what’s best for you and your life, right?

3. They will brag about any new relationships

If your ex starts seeing someone else, they are likely to flaunt this! They just want you to feel bad over the breakup the two of you had. Ignore this type of behavior because it is unhealthy and rude. You deserve better, so look forward only.

4. They are likely to be very rude to you

they are likely to be very rude to you

The manners of a narcissist never get better, even after a breakup. In fact, there is a good chance that they will continue to be rude to you even after things are over between the two of you. It’s best to just lose their friendship and start anew.

5. They will expect you to miss them

Narcissists believe you should miss them so much because they were the best thing to ever happen to you - even if that is the opposite of being true! If you don’t miss them, don’t pay attention to them. Just continue working on yourself and forget them!

6. They will also expect you to beg for them back

Believe it or not, a narcissist believes you will come running back to them because you miss them so much. There’s no need to beg for their attention again, especially if you are capable of moving on - and you are!! Have faith in yourself!

7. They will assume that you will never move on

A person like this believes they are your one and only true love. They won’t expect you to move on with someone else, even if that is the best course of action for you! You don’t have to notify them that you are moving on with your life. So, don’t!

8. They will continue to talk about themselves non-stop

With this type of personality, this trait will never change. They’ll continue to be absorbed with themselves non-stop. If you are still friends with your ex, don’t expect their personality to change!

9. They will show off any new mates they have

they will show any new mates they have

This is possibly the worst thing an ex can do! Who wants to see an ex’s new girlfriend or boyfriend? That doesn’t benefit you in any way because it’s just hurtful. You might want to ignore their behavior if they flaunt their new mates in front of you. It’s rude and mean!

They just want you to see that someone else wants them as much as you used to. They are so full of themselves that they believe you will pine after them for all of eternity. Don’t allow your ex to make you feel horrible about yourself! You deserve better!!


Do narcissists care about their exes?

Narcissists have trouble staying friends with their exes because they are completely self-absorbed. They look at their exes’ vulnerabilities and exploit them. It’s like they have to manipulate those around them to feel good about themselves. They don't really have the ability to care for others, unfortunately. 

Do narcissists miss their exes?

While narcissism generally refers to someone who cares about self only, they can still be interested in their ex because they miss the attention they used to receive and blame their ex for the breakup. They might even try to guilt their ex into feeling bad about the breakup.

Why are narcissists obsessed with their exes?

Narcissists always want to have a higher status in relationships because they are concerned with their needs over that of their ex-partner. They want to maintain control even if the two of you break up because they don’t want to lose their importance in your life.

Can a narcissist be faithful?

A relationship with a narcissist is never easy, but it can be productive in the sense of faithfulness. Often, a narcissist is consumed with themselves over others and is not aware of the needs of those around them, but they can be with only one person at a time.

Do narcissists care when you go no contact?

Narcissists hate to be ignored, so watch your post-relationship friendship with a narcissist ex. Their self-esteem is fragile, and they love it when you start love bombing them. Love bombing happens when you give tons of attention and affection to a person.

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To Sum It All Up

If you have an emotional connection to your ex who is a narcissist, you might want to reevaluate things. Having a relationship with a narcissist is never a good thing. They can make you feel guilty if you decide to move on and they lack empathy at all times!

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