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Does The Pisces Man Cheat? 5 Signs He May Be

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you worried about your Pisces partner cheating on you?

Are you seeing signs he’s about to boot you out in favor of some other woman?

Perhaps this fear is further harming what used to be a fantastic relationship? 

If so, you need to find out what’s going with your partner behind the scenes.

A Pisces man is well-known for wanting to escape the realities of his everyday life. He’s a good candidate for doing this with another woman.

Yet, it’s difficult to confront a cheater without the proof that he’s done anything wrong. 

This will only lead to an argument that you can’t win. You’ll accuse, he’ll deny. Both of you end up unhappier. 

A better strategy is to find out for yourself what’s happening. 

Luckily, there’s an extremely effective online tool available to help you do this (click here to check it out).

It only requires a few basic details about your partner. With this, it can run an extensive check into his previous communications.

You’ll learn who he’s been frequently contacting and what applications he’s been using to do it.

If he’s secretly downloaded Tinder or set up a new phone number, you’ll quickly know about it.  

What’s more, he’ll have no way of knowing how you found out. 

This tool can quickly reveal the truth about what’s going on with your relationship.

It’s better to find out, then carry on with these poisonous seeds of doubt in your mind.

To provide further help, we have listed the five biggest signs that a Pisces man is cheating on his partner.

Signs that a Pisces man is cheating on you

1. He blows hot and cold

In a relationship, a Pisces is the zodiacs drifter.- very hard and slippery to catch ad get a hold of! They need to be placed in a relationship but they can seem to drift away from a relationship and leave you feeling like you are going after him. This seems like a game to him/

The master of illusion, he will be keen to give you the runaround and wondering what happened to the man you first met.

Not the friendliest sign in the zodiac, the Pisces man can come off as a bit mean and on occasion, he can be quite a cutting character in how he jokes and talks. Whilst he is in this strange cold mood, this might come out in him more often, so watch out.  If he acts more like a shark than a fish behind his sign when he is feeling unhappy, you can start to feel a bit like prey. He might start setting you up with unreleased goals and ideals. He might be picking on your inability to do something or to look a certain way. You may feel you are going in circles yourself and unsure of what he wants and how you can get your man back to that loving state you were in a few weeks ago. He then might seem just fine the next day. This is something to watch out for. The Pisces man is able to blow hot and cold and will be thinking of someone else but very keen on keeping you on the side as well. Be sure that you are dealing with 'normal' moods and nothing that borders on unacceptable behavior for someone in a relationship - you are never a punching bag, verbally or otherwise!

2. He seems to be lying to you

The Pisces man can be known to be a liar in the zodiac, and this in a relationship is because he is not really someone who 'falls' in love but instead approaches love. This means that whilst you might fall for him, he will have had a more logical approach, just like his neighboring sign of Aquarius. He may have come off as a loner when you started dating, but now you are together you might see that he is lying about small things and perhaps he has even denied saying he loved you or is trying to cool off the commitment between you both - stating you have an open relationship even if it's the first you have heard of it.  Now is the time to really watch him. You might not want to ask him directly if he has cheated as the truth is hard to hear, but you may want to look at his actions instead,  with a Pisces this would be his grins and smirks or facial expressions in general ,  and never assume that he 'just wouldn't' cheat because of what he has said in the past or even what he says now. This man can be very thrilled by the childish chase and the dance of you trying to catch him and keep him, so don't give him too much pleasure in this area if you do suspect him of being a cheat - just move on!

3. He is jealous of other men

Don't think that because he is jealous this means he isn't cheating. A Pisces man is very territorial and will be likely to represent his own guilt by being present if any other man is present.

If you can't see any future between you two, there is a chance you have been caught up with a deceptive Pisces. To really know and understand the real him, you have to see him in action. Observe him carefully and try not to take him at face value.

Understand however that for any Pisces man who is ruled by his sensitivity and his love language, any infidelity will be tearing him up inside. This is one man of the zodiac who feels that he wants that strong and deep loving connection, so although he may have felt justified at first to cheat on you, you can almost guarantee that after the act, he is being eaten up by guilt! This will drag itself out of him in strange behavior where he is jealous and acting just 'weird'. You can spot it a mile off!

4. He has stopped being romantic and creative

A Pieces can get wrapped up in the romance of any deep relationship and as you know he falls and creates a deep bond very quickly. This means if you met in this manner, he may not have to pause for breath and to start looking logically at a relationship. This could mean after some soul searching that will find that he is too in deep with you and this for him might make him jump back and try and assess what is happening.

Is it like pulling teeth getting him to spend time with you?
The key to solving is understanding men on a much deeper emotional level. The number #1 factor that causes men to behave this way is actually relatively easy to change with a few subtle things you can say to him.

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This could be just his typical behavior as he works out what he wants, and if he still wants it, but it could be a sign that he has cheated on you or is considering it with someone else.

 If he has stopped being romantic even in private with you, then this is a sign that he might have checked out from the relationship mentally. This sign is also someone who is very creative, so if he is suffering in this area - perhaps he is struggling to create art. Write songs or do whatever else he used to do as a part. Of his creative outlet, this might show that he is in conflict or not as captivated by his muse any longer.

5. He is just being rude

Beware as well that as a Pieces man might cheat but feel torn about it - then it bears to reason that if they don't want to deal with the conflict of them breaking up with you they want you to do it for them.  Some men are like this and the Pisces is not immune to running away from the feelings and emotions created at the end of a relationship's life - which leads him to turn his attentions elsewhere so you can do all the hard work yourself!

He likes unmade, raw women who are genuine and not shy, someone who mirrors himself. He is a go-getter with his own life and he will expect that of you as well. If you are not being genuine, he will be able to tell. If he senses that he has been somehow trapped in the relationship, he might be looking elsewhere. It's not too late to catch your Pisces man before he puts himself in the path of other women. Just being genuine about your hurt and your feelings will be much more impressive to him than anything else so open up about your feelings for him. At this stage, what have you got to lose?

Only this relationship and if you feel like you need to search you see if your Pisces man is cheating you, this isn't a great place to be anyway.

Is the Pisces man really cheating?

Why would the Pisces man do this to you? We can't tell you that, but we can tell you that if you recognize the signs as being of a Pisces man who is out of love and maybe even cheating, then you will find someone new and better. Not all men are the same and sometimes, a better sign will treat you like a real Queen. Why not speak to your Pisces man as soon as possible to see if it is a sign things are over - remember, it could still be a misunderstanding about something that can be ironed out with the right communication between you both - as we mentioned, at this stage there is not much left to lose and opening up at least allows you to say your piece!

Please do leave a comment down below with your experience and also share this article across social media so we can help other women out who are looking out for those signs that the Pisces man their life may be swimming around with other women!

Thanks for reading.

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

11 comments on “Does The Pisces Man Cheat? 5 Signs He May Be”

  1. Hot and cold. Oh yes!
    Still can't determine if he's cheating, he may just be a problematic person, but will keep my eyes wide open.

  2. Im a Pisces woman with Pisces man. He cheats..a lot!! And I can always tell because he either has this annoying smirk on his face when we are talking or he gets antsy when he is deciding to go cheat. Loves being sneaky and getting away with it, Like a child. The wierd thing is he has a set of women he frequents for the last 20 years! And he loves that these women are still readily available. Hard part is he is all about family, children, business, hes a hard worker and very affectionate. This is my husband. Its constant mental/emotional anguish then bliss other times as he is attentive and very affectionate and giving.

  3. I am seeing a Pisces man.And on at least three occassions I feel that he has lied to me an cheated. I have not slept with him. Once he calls me at 1230a saying he was in a meeting. First thing out of his mouth was Is someone there at 1230 at night.with me?....WHAT Then there was the Canadian thanksgiving he had to much to drink and didn't get his phone until 330a and then it was i fell asleep really early and i just woke up at 230a and saw that I had missed your call. Deep down I feel all lies, all of it.And i am a Cancer woman so my intuition tuition says loudly, HE'S LYING GIRL. He has asked for me, my hand and I really like this man, but I feel the big BUT then the strong HELL NO, Bye boy. What do you guys say?

  4. I am in the exact same situation. Im a cancer he is pisces you basically are talking about my guy he has done the exact same things to me but was at hotel rooms. Once even caught him at a hotel when he came out he was putting his flannel on I freaked out he says he was just getting a massage from a friend oh my God save it total bullshit. He always plays the blame game as well if you catch him in a lie he will some way bla.e you for it. Although when i ask him question like where has he been he tells the truth i know because i secretly installed a tracker on his truck. I will say all this is too damn nerve wrecking im seriously considering leaving for good this evening. Good luck with your situation

  5. Lonely girl.L E A V E. You and I btw both Cancer, know that it won't get better. I dumped mine. He was a straight up liar and cheating bastard. He was on the phone with me, while some chick was on him. I hung up and he calls back to say, it was the television. But life goes on. I won't let him kill my sensibilities. I will continue to work on my fabulously curvy body and live my best life. Anyway my sweet Charly waits for me in Austria. Live beautiful girl

  6. I'm a cancer girl as well dating a pisces man. At first he was the sweetest most compassionate person you can ever meet. I had really falling for this guy. Long story short he was fucking his so called best friend the whole time we was dating. It wasn't until we gotten into a heated fight. I ask him to leave. I knew he was cheating cause he would be mad for no reason at times. And changed his patterns when he was home and lying about being at his friend house. But when we was good he was the sweetest person ever. How can I get over this dude. The stuff and materials things I brought for him. He went and brought it for her. And told me im just hurt that he don't want me anymore. I still love him tho.

  7. No lies told here. My ex cheated and lied about simple shit. Not only on top of that when I started seeing the signs and started checking whether or not he was telling truth I uncovered he was messing around with 4 other women.

  8. I’m a Gemini dating a Pisces man and I feel like he could be cheating because he keeps accusing me of doing it, also he’s jealous of me talking to my female cousin him thinking that I’m on the phone with a guy. He has me on an emotional roller coaster with the hot and coldness. He always looks through my phone so I did the same to his but I didn’t find anything.

  9. I'm a aquarius woman and my husband is a pisces man he waited 40 years to tell me he messed with my cousin she's not living any more but I'm not with him anymore he's a cheater now I'm in another relationship

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