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Does The Aries Man Cheat? 4 Signs He May Be

May 28, 2024

Are you worried that your Aries partner is cheating on you? 

Has he shown some behavioral changes that have made you suspicious of him? 

Perhaps you’ve heard that Aries men typically harbor a lot of personality traits associated with cheaters, and you’re looking for signs that he’s been up to no good? 

If so, you’re in the right place because we’ve listed the telltale signs that an Aries has been unfaithful. 

However, before we dive into our list, it’s important to understand the reality of your situation.  

Trust is key to a relationship and once it’s lost, it can be hard to regain.

Often, you’ll need surefire proof that your partner hasn’t been unfaithful in order to stop these uncomfortable feelings of doubt. 

That’s why I wanted to recommend a handy tool which can give you the lowdown on his shifty behavior.   

This discreet background checker can provide you a detailed history of your partner’s recent communications.  

You’ll see which apps he’s downloaded, what contact details he’s registered, who he’s been frequently contacting and more…

Put simply, if he has been cheating, it should become immediately obvious. 

If no incriminating evidence shows up, you can carry on your relationship free from paranoia. 

They say ‘the truth will set you free’ and this powerful tool will provide it, without him finding out.

Our list of telltale cheating hints for Aries men will reveal whether you’re right to be suspicious of him…

Signs the Aries is cheating

1. He isn't treating you the way he used to

The first sign is that the Aries man is not going to want to talk to you or about you like he used to and they don't seem to want to spend as much time with you anymore. An Aries typically isn't shy with how they feel. When everything going right with this man you will know it, you will be feeling worshipped and adored, and very very special, almost like you're their property and no one else's. He will show off using couple language and lots of 'we' and 'us'. If you have started to feel a little ignored or as if you aren't getting this special treatment from an Aries anymore and he is talking about him and him alone, then be aware as this could be a sign that they are cheating, or thinking about it, testing the waters for a solo life again. They might also do this by being quick to become angry or upset with you.

This is something they may have done at the start of the relationship. The really early days, and it's kind of a backwards way to kind of get your attention. Usually, if you persist in ignoring this behavior and just carry on with your life then they will start talking to you again, because they are kind of waiting for you to talk to them in the first place. You can expect an Aries who has a grudge or feels a slight to give you that cold shoulder and a bit of drama. If you are noting this in your relationship, it could be a sign that he is looking to make a move with someone else and is testing you and how you react to his behavior.

2. You notice the two of you are fighting and not making up

You will probably know that your Aries man is quite easily led into an argument if he wishes, and he is pretty fiery when he needs to be. They are impulsive and he doesn't always think before he speaks. However, this is a sign who does like calm waters and would usually want to make things up with you and to make it right again. If you are noticing that he is being a lot more stubborn than usual, this could be a sign that he has already cheated and is wanting you to throw the towel in on the relationship so he doesn't have to deal with the drama of a break up. It sounds strange, but this is classic avoidance from the Aries!

The fights may have come from nowhere, but one reason an Aries may have looked to cheat in the first place is because this is a not a controlling sign, someone who likes to be able to shine and the one who comes first. They want to be able to let you lead, but that doesn't mean that they don't want to make decisions and be in charge of things once in a while. If they have been feeling like they're being stepped on or overshadowed and kind of taken control of they're not going to like  this. They can them become agitated. It could be something simple like you making too many plans and them feeling not involved or asked around them. Try and nip the cheating in the bud by having the argument out in an adult manner!

3  He's socializing more

An Aries man can be bored easily and you may start to notice them suddenly amp up their social life and the things they do. This could be a new love of Instagram or Facebook, liking other girls' pictures or maybe they're suddenly going lunch every day with co-workers  or picking up every invite to the bar. Because an Aries has this tendency to boredom they can also be attracted to things that are shiny and new.

They like to win and they like to get what they want, so if they have seen someone that they like they will be drawn to spending lots if time with them and they will be very keen to neglect your relationship in order to get in front of this new person and prove a point to themselves. In some ways, any Aries secretly think they aren't good enough, despite their bluster and their big personality.  Its almost as if they are looking into new worlds, so watch out for a range of new hobbies, a new wardrobe and plenty of days out that you can't seem to come you. They tend to really enjoy flirting anyway, but watch out for signs

4. He isn't affectionate with you

As mentioned, an Aquarius loves connections, sharing and community and their energy really demands companionship  with another person. When you first dated you will have been his friend first and it is likely that you have a close affectionate bond that grew from this friendship. However, if he has cheated or is thinking about doing so, he will easily be able to turn off this hard-won affectionate side of his personality.

If you are dressing nicely and looking great and he still seems to treat you like a buddy from his gym or just doesn't seem as sexually attracted to you in the way he used to, this could be a sign that he has found someone that has caught his eye. One problem with the Aries in general is that if he ever starts thinking things could be better elsewhere, and more exciting, he is the kind of guy to pursue this avenue of thinking until he meets someone.

Is your Aries man cheating on you?

These are just a few signs that your Aries man could be cheating on you and some things that you should take as signs. As you can imagine, not all of them mean that he has been cheating or even considering it. Perhaps he is just amping up his social life and feeling more comfortable with you, which has led him to just become complacent. We all see things differently so the key is not to panic too much at this stage! 

However, if you feel that relationship has taken a strange turn and led you to Google do Aries men cheat, then do check in with him and ask him. There are of course, plenty of amazing men out there so if your intuition has been right on this occasion, that doesn't mean that there is no one out there who will see your beauty and awesomeness - there are still lots of zodiac signs to date that will be a better match! Why not read our post on the Zodiac signs most and least likely to cheat on you to find a good match?

Use this tool to check whether he actually is who he says he is
Whether you're married or have just started seeing someone, infidelity rates are on the rise and have increased over 40% in the last 20 years, so you have all the right to be worried.

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Thank you for reading and we hope this has been helpful. Please share this with your friends and family or on your social networks so we can raise the alarm and show more people what a cheating Capricorn looks like! You can also leave a comment below with the details of your Capricorn and then behavior they have shown so we can spot more signs! 

Utilize this tool to verify if he's truly who he claims to be
Whether you're married or just started dating someone, infidelity rates have risen by over 40% in the past 20 years, so your concerns are justified.

Do you want to find out if he's texting other women behind your back? Or if he has an active Tinder or dating profile? Or even worse, if he has a criminal record or is cheating on you?

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