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Dating a Vegan: 17 Tips for a Successful Relationship

Whether you knew before or after meeting him, realizing that your date is vegan (when you are not) is a deal breaker for many. As a result, dating such persons might not be on the agenda of many. 

To many non-vegans, veganism is seen as unusual. There are many assumptions about vegans that make lots of people see them that way. But veganism is much more than not being a meat eater, a vegan diet, a plant-based diet, and all that. Veganism is a lifestyle.

There are different belief systems around veganism. Some people are vegans due to religious or ethical beliefs.Others are because of environmental or health reasons. If you've found a manwho you'll love to spend the rest of your life with but have this little issue of veganism to deal with, we've compiled time-tested tips on things to know on how to make your relationship work better.

He's All I Want in a Man, but He's a Vegan. Should I Go Ahead?

Contrary to what many people believe, you don't have to become a vegan to date one. Most vegans would love you the way you are, although they secretly wish everyone ditch eating meat altogether. But when it comes to love, variety remains the spice. 

Dating a vegan may be something you did not prepare for, but if you find one, there are things to do.

Many people in the vegan community prefer to enjoy vegan meals in their relationships as well, as dating a person who shares similar beliefs strengthens relationships. But occasionally, vegans and non-vegans strike a chord, and something special is born.

First, you should realize that they are normal people, just like you. They feel the same way other people feel, and their vegan diet doesn't necessarily affect their love life. 

So if you're seriously considering his proposal after finding out he doesn't do meat and other animal produce, we have outlined tips to help you draw out the best from the relationship.

Here's what to know before dating a vegan.

Tips for Dating a Vegan as a Non-Vegan

tips for dating a vegan as a non-vegan

1. Respect his choices

You've been a meat eater your entire life, and your dad might have taught you how to hunt. You've always longed for a man who loves to hunt and prepare lovely meaty outdoor delicacies, and here comes your man who won't even touch raw meat! 

If you truly love him and want the best for your relationship, you should respect his choices, and the fact that he eats plant-based meals. Although there are more non-vegans than vegans, some vegans consider eating meat as borderline criminal. 

So, in each other's eyes, we are all guilty. But don't be judgemental or rude about his choices to do away with meats and all animal products. 

Also be careful what you criticize; most vegans were once voracious meat eaters before switching to plant based foods! So, who knows, you could still become one yourself.

2. Do some research on veganism

Yes, you've probably heard of veganism, but the only thing you know about it is that they're a bunch of people who feel eating meat is bad for everything. It's much more than that. 

For example, do you know that a plant-based diet is much healthier for the body than an animal-based one? Do you know that apart from sticking with a plant-based diet, there are so many more things vegans avoid? 

Knowing all these will show him that you respect his choices, and make him admire you more.

3. Be true to yourself

Don't pretend about it. You're not a vegan. Don't try to impress your date by claiming you are all into vegan products and stuff when you're not. If he loves you, he won't mind. 

Do you know what could be unpalatable? Seeing that you're trying to pretend to love veganism when you don't. Just as it's ok to be a vegan, it's also ok not to be one. 

If he doesn't want to date a non-vegan, then that's ok. But never betray yourself simply because you don't want to lose him. You could be setting yourself up for disappointment.

4. Show interest in learning about veganism

If you're going to be in a relationship with a vegan, you must be interested in veganism. Now that you are with one, he'll want to use every opportunity to make you buy into his beliefs. And as we noted earlier, vegans are very knowledgeable about their lifestyle choice. 

When he starts reeling out facts about how certain dangerous things are for the environment, don't feel attacked. 

Be curious about it. Of course, you should also do your research, but never show you're disinterested in the topic.

5. Tell your family about it before inviting him over

A vegan often finds most dinner tables uncomfortable. Once everyone finds out he doesn't eat meat and animal produce; there's so much attention on him. He's seen as strange, and all sorts of questions are asked about why he chose such a life, considering how tasty steak and other food is. 

But you can make the meeting pretty easy for him by informing your family of his dietary choices before he comes. Before inviting him to your house, douse the tension by informing your family that your man is a vegan. 

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You should also know the varieties of meat substitutes you can offer on a table to make him feel loved and appreciated.

6. A vegan restaurant will make his day

If you want to make your date's day, make inquiries on where to take a vegan on a date, and you'll score points with him. You can use several apps to find the best vegan restaurants near you. While dating one, you will likely dine at vegan restaurants whenever you both eat out. 

You can eat at any restaurant. He can't. So you should start learning to enjoy the cuisines at vegan eateries. Interestingly, some restaurants offer mixed menus, vegan and non-vegan. But make it a habit to occasionally visit vegan restaurants together.

7. Know the difference between vegan and vegetarian

Is there a difference? Yes. And you should know it. Here it is. A vegan doesn't eat animal products at all, including fish, milk, and eggs, while vegetarians don't consume meat, poultry, fish, and seafood. 

However, vegetarians may or may not eat eggs, dairy and fish. So, while a vegan won't drink milk or use it to produce meals, vegetarians may. It is believed that vegan diets are more beneficial to the environment, while vegetarian diets are more body-friendly. This is not always the case, though. 

So, overall, veganism is a stricter form of vegetarianism, and you need to know the variations so that you don't offer your man what may offend him.

8. Let him tell you about veganism

let him tell you about veganism

As you will find out, veganism is much more than staying away from meat. It involves lots of other things, including the sustainability of the planet.

Vegans believe they're giving up some things to achieve noble causes, which you can also be a part of. Their community has a set of beliefs that he'll be willing to share with you. Be his student in the school of veganism and learn as much as possible. 

Remember, never be judgemental about his beliefs; you should ask questions on areas that seem confusing to you.

9. Don't tempt him with your meals when together

Remember, it's ok not to be a vegan. But don't try to win him over to the meat side. Don't tell him what he's missing by giving up the juicy steak and all the tasty dairy products. Even if you're enjoying your meal, don't ever make him feel like he's unnecessarily punishing himself by going vegan. 

At every opportunity to enjoy vegan meals together, don't ever let him feel like it's torture. Thankfully, several vegan meals are so similar to non-vegan delicacies that it may take an effort to know the difference.

10. Never make him feel awkward for being a vegan

There are so many questions non-vegans love to ask when they meet a vegan. Sometimes, those questions are as ridiculous as they are insulting. Never tell your vegan boyfriend that he doesn't look like one because vegans don't have any special looks. 

Don't tell him, "Whoa; you look quite healthy for someone who doesn't do meat!" That's an insult. Who told you vegans don't look healthy? 

Don't limit him in any way, and never let him think you don't consider him a normal person in your conversation because of his dietary choices. That's the main reason why you should do your research on veganism.

11. Cook his meals together occasionally 

The best way to learn vegan cooking is to join him in cooking his meals. You'll learn so much that way. It can even be a great way to spice up your relationship. You can also learn by reading or watching vegan cooking videos,but what better way to bond than cooking your meals together?

There are so many things you can talk about while preparing the dish and so many questions you can ask about your future throughout the meal. For example, if you have kids, how do you want them raised? As vegans or non-vegans?

12. Be interested in social justice, equality, diversity, inclusion, animal rights, etc

You may be surprised about this, but the vegan community is interested in social justice, inclusion, and diversity themes. So, for vegan relationships to work, you need to develop interest. 

Remember, many gave up eating meat for the environment, so they are interested in anything that improves society. 

There are four main types of vegans:

  • Ethical vegans, 
  • Environmental vegans, 
  • Health vegans, and 
  • Religious vegans. 

Whichever your man is, he's likely to believe in more than just giving up meat in his diet. 

If you've not been interested in social issues, it’s high time to develop interest if you want your relationship to work. Lots of vegans are known to support animal rights (that's why they don't eat them). You must learn to show interest in such issues to improve your relationship.

13. Let him know you're proud of him

let him know you're proud of him

Let your partner know you're proud of his dietary choices. Ensure he knows that you don't regret dating him. You should mean this. At every opportunity you have, let him know that he's doing something worthwhile and that you'll stand by him all the way. 

If you find being with a vegan difficult for yourself, then you should not force it. But once you do your research, you'll discover that there's much to admire about the movement.

14. Ask about his opinion on animals

If you're a pet lover, as most people are, you're in safe hands. Many are lovers of animals and are fierce defenders of animal rights, but that doesn't mean all vegans owm pets. Once you're dating one, you should ask about his opinion on having pets. Ask him why if he says he doesn't love having animals around. 

You'll be surprised to learn that the reasons are often genuine. Some vegans believe certain animals contribute to climate change, while others believe animals should only exist in sanctuaries. 

Also, some believe that since most pets are omnivores, there's no reason to keep them at home. Whatever his opinion on animals, try to respect it, even if you disagree.

15. Learn to enjoy vegan snacks

This is something you should look forward to, since you will likely be eating at the same table. There are lots of plant-based snacks you can enjoy together, and you can enjoy making them as well. 

Vegan cooking may be a bit complicated initially, so you can start with snacks. Some of them include vegan chocolate, plant-based pizza, and much more. 

To make this easier, you can always get snacks at vegan restaurants. Always look out for their logos and nutritional information. It may look like a lot of work initially, but you'll get used to it.

16. Buy vegan gifts for him

You can buy vegan-themed gifts for your date to encourage his dietary choices. Also, you can buy him books and other resources written for that purpose. One favorite thing you can always offer him is tomato sauce, for example. You can find lots of gifts at vegan shops.

17. Eat more plant-based food

Try to consume less meat yourself. This is not about giving up meat or trying to become a vegan yourself. However, with time as you live together, and learn more about his beliefs, you could start seeing the benefits of consuming less meat. 

Besides saving the environment and protecting animal rights, consuming more plant-based food is actually healthy. You might be surprised this will rub off on you over time. When it does, it is perfectly okay to embrace it. 

Most Famous Vegan Dating Apps

most famous vegan dating apps

Since lots of vegans always want to date one of “their own,” there are lots of dating apps that can help in connecting them. Perhaps you're looking for one to date; let's look at some of the best vegan dating apps, and dating sites for vegans you can check out. 

Some of them are exclusively for vegans, while some aren't. 

Green singles

Green singles focus on spiritual vegans as well as eco-friendly vegans.

Elite singles

Elite singles provide niche matchmaking and do not limit its scope to vegans alone, but you can find lots of believers if you're interested in one.

Veggie matchmakers

This is the oldest vegan dating site. It is also free.

Veggie connection

A free dating app that connects you to as many vegans or vegetarians as you may want.


This dating site works by sending matchmaking emails to each group of subscribers, who can choose their interests. They can also use the app to determine beforehand if the relationship stands a chance.


Veggly is a free dating app designed for vegans and vegetarians, allowing you to chat with and find love in the veggie community.


Tendrils is an app that provides connections with vegans and vegetarians. It is also free.



Vegpal is a dating app that provides connections with vegans and vegetarians from across the world.


Can a vegan date a meat eater?

To be honest, vegans mostly prefer being with other vegans. But love works in mysterious ways, and is more than food at times. Many vegans are in relationships with meat eaters simply because they fell in love. 

Yes, being in a relationship with a meat eater is possible, and not a big deal. The only requirement is to know the tips required to date them and take notes of them.

Must I give up meat for my vegan lover?

No, you don't. One of the tips for dating a vegan is to be true to yourself. If you're not a vegan and you're in love with a vegan, you don't need to give up meat, at least not immediately.

In the same vein, a vegan doesn't have to stop being one to date a meat eater. However, you must know that sooner than later; you'll start eating more plant-based food as a result of being together.

Where to take a vegan on a date?

On your first date with a vegan, where do you go? You can look for vegan restaurants around you to find the most appropriate places to take your vegan partner on a date. A vegan might not appreciate a meat-based restaurant.

Also, when going on outings, most vegans don't appreciate going to places where animals are displayed for fun or money, like a zoo.

What other things do vegans avoid apart from meat?

Veganism is rightly referred to as the strict version of vegetarianism. As said earlier, such people don't eat meat or dairy products, unlike vegetarians, who may or may not eat eggs and dairy products.

You can do a little research to know what a typical vegan diet consists of.


What is it like dating a vegan? If you're a meat-eater in love with a vegan, you're not making a mistake. That is a deal breaker to some people, but it may be one of the best decisions you can make. 

While veganism is a big deal, and many vegans were raised vegan, you can strike a chord with a vegan by simply doing the right thing, making him feel loved and appreciated, and encouraging him in his dietary choices.

Remember, most vegans are also eco-warriors; thus, they would be concerned about the environment, animal rights, and social justice. These are noble causes in themselves, so you wouldn't have a problem keying into this plan if you've not already. 

These people are just like the regular, everyday person, so don't be overly sensitive when dealing with them. If you follow the tips highlighted above, you may even find yourself loving their lifestyle more and more.

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