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Dating a Cop: 17 Pros and Cons to Expect

There are many perks of dating uniformed officers. For example, being a police officer's girlfriend means you'll have little problems with parking tickets, right? But no one dates a person just to avoid fines. You want much more than that.

A cop is not your average date partner1. They are not even just your regular lover boy. A cop is an enforcer of the law, always on the lookout for crime, and trained to be aggressive in times of crisis. A cop is not your regular guy, but they are human beings too.

Why Would You Want to Date a Cop?

Dating a police officer? Why not?

Being in a relationship with a cop is not something lots of people want to consider. They just want a loving relationship. Not drama and violence. No one visits a police station just for fun. 

That's precisely how lots of people see police officers. You only get close to them when you're in trouble. But is that really the case? If we look at it critically, there's no reason why dating a cop isn't considered more often. 

Some people erroneously assume that all cops are bullies and won't have time for their partners, but that's not entirely true. You'll always have time for the things that are important to you. So, if you're interested in dating a cop, it's essential not just to find a cop that you love but one that loves you back!

If you've found a cop who is loving and caring, you shouldn't be scared of going on with the relationship. And later on, we’ll highlight some dating websites where you can find great cops ready for love.

But let's put things in proper perspective. We will explore the pros and cons of dating a police officer and, if things go deeper, of having a cop as a life partner. Of course, we all know that cops have a higher chance of dying in the line of duty than many other professions, according to statistics

However, that's exactly why cops are mostly favorably looked at in society. They're the people that keep us safe. They're heroes you should feel proud of having as your partner.

Pros of Dating a Cop

Here are some perks you might expect as a police officer girlfriend or wife:

1. Cops are respected in the society

Cops are the real superheroes, and respected members of society. They practically give their lives to keep us safe, rid society of criminals, and uphold the law that makes our cities worth living in. Just think of a community without police officers. 

Dating one is a plus in every way. Knowing your partner is a police officer makes you attract some goodwill to yourself as well. Few professions affect us all so deeply, for which many people are immensely grateful. So, if you're considering dating a police officer, remember that you're likely dating a very good person.

2. Cops are mostly good people and can be duly verified

cops are mostly good people and can be duly verified

Have you heard of people who dated fraudsters, armed robbers, and even terrorists without knowing? I bet you have. Unless you know how to do a thorough background check, you may never really know who the person you're about to settle down with is. Lots of women have been victims of this kind of evil, falling in love with literal devils. 

Sometimes, their supposed partners make away with their valuables, life savings, and much more, only to escape to a faraway city to hunt for fresh victims. To save yourself from such a tragedy, why not date a cop? The history and identity of cops can be easily verified.

3. Cops will protect you in times of danger

Now, this is my favorite part. Knowing you have a cop in your life makes you sleep better. In times of danger, you are sure of protection. Knowing your partner is a cop gives some level of security. Whether you're harassed at work, home, or on the road, you're always one phone call away from safety. 

Cops are trained to neutralize the danger. As a police wife, there is the assurance that when you are in trouble, you will be fine at the end of the day. And whenever someone takes advantage of you, justice is certain.

4. Cops make good parents

Yes, they're not always at home, but cops often make excellent parents. That's because they see the roots of danger daily and won't want any of that for their own children. They see lots of children end up as criminals and in jail. 

They know the things children do that lead them into trouble, and you can be sure they'll be firm in resisting such when found in their own homes. So, if you want your children to grow up under strict guidance, go ahead and make that relationship official.

5. Cops provide leadership in times of crisis

They are natural leaders, independent persons, and often people of high moral character. Their training makes them so. If a cop sees any crisis, he rises to the occasion. If there's a problem in your neighborhood, at home, or at work, you have a shoulder to fall back on. 

They do not run away from trouble but are trained to fence with evil. Cops also know how to solve problems; that's what they do. They don't make difficult situations worse, and their driving skills are great under pressure.

6. Cops are naturally self-sacrificing

Cops sacrifice their time, sleep, money, and even lives for the overall good of society. Family? They'd give everything. 

If work makes them miss an appointment with you, they'll likely make it up to you. Cops are not naturally selfish people; although they sacrifice their comfort for the common good, you can be sure that you'll get all of them when they're with you.

7. Cops are mostly in good health

You usually want to date someone who is in good health. They are trained to maintain good physical health. They are always active, and it is always well handled whenever there's any health risk. The job requires it.

8. Cops can give you much-needed space in the relationship

This is something everyone needs. Cops will give you a lot of space in your relationship. Their job doesn't give them all the time anyway. Every relationship thrives on having some time alone because everyone needs some space once in a while. When you date a cop, you'll have plenty of space.

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Cons of Dating a Cop

Now, we've considered the pros. You probably know more of the cons than the pros. But as you're already aware, dating a police officer has its downsides too. Let's look at the cons of dating a cop.

1. You won't see much of your partner

Oh, you already know this, don't you? And you dread it. You even feel sorry for your friends who date or are married to cops. Well, it's true. Your fears are not unfounded. Most cops don't have too much time on their hands. Call of duty means they won't always be around or available for an actual holiday.

Erratic schedules and flexible shifts, mostly at night, mean you spend some time alone. If you are the type that wants a shoulder you can lean on every time, you might face some hardship here. The shoulders of a cop are broad and strong, but they won't be available all the time.

2. Their job makes them prone to trauma frequently

Cops go through a lot of horror in the line of duty. They see death frequently and often have a close shave themselves. Many times, they have to neutralize criminals, which takes a toll on their mental health and well-being. 

Cops need to be very strong to remain normal, but sometimes, they experience just too much and may break down. They may become anxious or aggressive in the relationship due to the stress they go through occasionally at work.

3. They will likely be overprotective

If you're dating a police officer, he will be very protective of you. Cops can also have trust issues. They can sense trouble and are trained to be on the lookout every day. If you're both in a restaurant, your cop partner may insist on taking the seat opposite the door. It may make no sense to you, but to be ready at all times, a cop wants to see who comes in. 

You'll find a cop too intrusive at times, and when you get into an argument, a cop is naturally quite aggressive. Cops are likely to have the final say. This you may find too hard to take.

4. You are unnecessarily anxious

you are unnecessarily anxious

When dating a cop, you face a lot of anxiety and panic attacks because of their line of work. Of course, there's the risk of death, a real possibility. 

Your lover faces terrible criminals daily, and you are constantly anxious that something may go wrong. When others go to work, you are not worried that anything may go wrong. But if you're dating a cop, every day is a risk.

5. Cops make lots of enemies (which put you in the firing line)

Putting criminals out of the streets makes a lot of enemies for people who may be out to seek revenge.Drug dealers, terrorists, criminals, and fraudsters who cops put out of illicit businesses or even get to serve jail terms may constantly nurse grudges and bitterness. 

Most times, they know the cops are off-limits for them. But you may want to watch your back frequently if you're a police wife or their loved one.

6. Their safety is always at risk

Yes, the safety of cops is always at risk. Just like soldiers, the job of a police officer is extremely risky, unlike jobs that only involve civilian issues. They bravely sign up for it, but do you want that every day?

7. Your friends might be interrogated

Almost everyone wants to date a caring partner. However, going as far as interrogating your friends might be caring too much. 

Okay, maybe interrogation is a strong word, but your cop partner might run a background check on your friends. This is their way of ensuring that people around you are clean. They will likely not let their guard down when around friends.

I know it could be frustrating, but it's how they are wired. Consider this as their way of protecting you and ensuring you don't get caught with people of questionable characters.

8. Don't expect much chitchats about work 

After every day, most people just want to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and give their partners details about their day – including happenings at work. While this is good and provides an avenue to connect, your police officer partner might not share the same view. 

This can be traced to things like the excessive stress encountered on the job, the sensitivity of cases they are working on, etc. While you don't want your partner to hide things from you, you might just have to let that one slide. 

Tips for Dating a Cop

The decision of who to date or marry is critical in everyone’s life. Before deciding to be romantically involved with a police officer, you must have weighed the pros and cons as discussed above. 

If you want to know how best to proceed, here are great tips for dating a cop. These "dating a cop" tips will also help you find a cop if you need one.

1. Get used to seeing a gun

If you're not used to seeing a gun close by, get used to it. Dating a cop could as well mean dating a gun. You must indeed be comfortable with seeing guns if your partner is a cop, or you'll have to be ready for panic attacks.

2. Make the first move

Whoa! Make a move? It's a cop we're talking about here. Yes, cops are not always eager to go first because of the nature of their job, but that doesn't mean a cop won't move first when they love someone. But if you make a move first, you can make things easier.

3. Learn police manners

What's it like dating a cop? You start behaving like one! If you want to get along with a police officer, show genuine interest in police work, not just civilian issues. Try to show interest in how cops talk, especially with codes. Learn basic etiquettes of dating if it will help2.

Once a cop sees that you're attracted to, and not repelled by the job, then you'll get along very well. A cop won't adapt to your world so easily, but you might be able to adjust to their world better.

4. Don't be rigid

Dating a cop means you'll need a lot of flexibility. You can't expect that your relationship with a cop will fit the same mold as your previous relationships.To succeed in your relationship with a police officer, you must be as flexible as possible.

5. Don't be too casual with guns, handcuffs, and uniform

Police officers don’t usually joke with their weapons and uniforms. Don't turn the handcuffs into a toy; don't disrespect the uniform. While being in love gives you access to these items, don't piss your cop lover off by making fun of them.

6. Don't be soft on crime

There's no greater red flag for the police force or any officer of the law than seeing someone sympathetic to criminals. So many police officers have died confronting crime, so they tend to not show sympathy for a criminal. 

7. Be always ready for drama

Duty calls anytime, and you must be ready to be interrupted at any minute. You could be enjoying a nice dinner one minute, and your boyfriend is taking down a hardened criminal the next. Please don't get frustrated about it; rather, get used to it.

Most Famous Dating Sites for Cops

most famous dating sites for cops

If you're interested in finding single law enforcement officers ready to mingle, several police dating apps can help. You can check out the ten most popular police dating sites specifically for male and female cops looking for partners:

1. Uniform Dating

Uniform Dating

2. Dating Advice

Dating Advice

3. Online For Love

Online For Love

4. Police Flirt

Police Flirt

5. Cop singles

Cop Singles

6. Military Cupid

Military Cupid

7. Meetville (Police Dating Site)


8. Zoosk (Cop Dating)


9. Date Cops


10. Police Friends Date



How do I make a cop fall in love with me?

Your loyalty and respect counts if you want a police officer to fall in love with you. Cops want to be appreciated, and you must show that you are proud of them. Remember never to complain when work takes them away from you, and always check on them often. This is how to make a cop fall in love with you.

How do I know if he is a good cop?

This is an essential question. Cops may be tough on crime; they are meant to be soft on law-abiding citizens. Some cops may be bad only in character, and some others may be friends of criminals. 
Once you sense that a cop is hiding so much from you or you don't get to meet his colleagues often, you should beware. A good cop won’t have much to hide.

How do I build a lasting relationship with a police officer?

Try to adjust your priorities in the relationship if you've decided to build a lasting union with a police officer. Be ready to make lots of sacrifices and be supportive. The job of a cop is hard enough already.

Will I feel safe walking away from a police officer

Yes. You have nothing to fear. You don't have to stay there if the relationship doesn't work out. It is important to call it quits if you've tried to make it work and it just doesn't.

If your partner is a good cop, nothing will happen to you. If you suspect any foul play, you can always make a report to his superiors.


There are lots of great cops out there seeking something special. Dating a police officer is one of the most rewarding relationships that can also guarantee the security of yourself and, in the future, your family. Yes, there are heavy costs to pay in the relationship, but overall, it's always worth it.

Choosing to stay with a police officer means a lot of sacrifices on your part. Could you be the one? If yes, go all out for it, and explore the crime-fighting world of law enforcement officers. If you play your game right, you'll find a great officer with whom you can settle down and enjoy the rest of your life together.

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