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10 Tell-tale Signs He Has A Girlfriend On The Side

by Sonya Schwartz

Are you worried your partner has a girlfriend on the side?

Maybe he swears you’re the only woman in his life, but you can’t help but sense that isn’t the case? 

Perhaps you’re wondering how to find out if he has a side-chick or not? 

If so, you’re in the right place. This article reveals the 10 telltale signs he has a girlfriend on the side. 

However, before we explore these, it’s important that you read the next few sentences carefully. 

The truth is: your fears about a partner messing around with someone else are unlikely to ease until you find out what is actually happening. 

It’s also true that there’s no point arguing about this, until you have evidence to back up your argument. 

Without proof, he can deny all wrongdoing and there’s little you can do to find out whether he’s lying. 

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Nevertheless, here are 10 more behavioural signs that your partner is seeing someone else.

1. He won't confirm that you are in a relationship.

This is a common sign that he is still playing the field or has another woman on the side. If you have been dating for a while, and he still hasn't confirmed that both of you will be monogamous together it could be because he does not want to commit to a serious relationship with one person.

If he is saying things like, "Let's not rush into anything" or "We don't need to be in a relationship to know we are together" this is his way of telling you that he is still looking elsewhere or to someone else for attention.

Of course, it is an obvious sign that he is seeing other people if he asks you for an open relationship. Open relationships can not only be very damaging, but they should be talked about at length before going in to. If he asks or says that you should have an open relationship, it is most likely that he is already seeing other people behind your back and is seeing how you would react to it.

2. He hasn't introduced you to any of his friends or family.

If you have been dating for a little while (maybe a month or more) it might be suspicious if he doesn't introduce you to his family or friends. Similarly, if he has no interest in you meeting his friends or family in the future, this can be a red flag.

This could mean that he is worried that his friends might tell you that he has a side chick, or that you are in fact the girl on the side. He might bring other girls around his family and friends, so he would be worried that they would give his game away.

Now, it's important to say that some people can be really private about who they introduce their family and friends to, so if your man is displaying this sign, it's not to say that he one hundred percent has a girlfriend on the side. However, it would be unusual if after dating for a while, you didn't meet anyone even connected with him.

3. He isn't affectionate in public with you.

Not everyone is fond of being affectionate in public. However, if you feel like he is deliberately being off with you in public or trying to show the outside world that you are not together, then this might be a problem. He might be worried that he will see his side chick while you are out and about together.

The same can be said for the type of dates he takes you on. Does he seem to do things that are always in private with you? It might seem romantic, but you need to ask yourself why he doesn't want to be seen wining and dining with you in public.

4. He never, or rarely takes you to his house.

Normally, men can not wait to take you to their house and of course, get it on! Or even just to watch a movie on their couch. Of course, it might be difficult for him to invite you around if he still lives at home or has housemates. However, if you have been dating for a little while and you know that he has his own place, it could be a warning sign if you have never been invited around. He could be refraining from taking you to his home because he is hiding something or someone from you.

If you do go to his place, but it's very rare and always on his schedule, then this could also mean that he has someone else with him some of the time.

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5. He spends a lot of time on his phone.

In the digital age we live in, people do spend a lot of time on their phones, it's a given. But how much attention is he paying to his phone? There could be a lot of reasonable explanations like the fact his mother has just got WhatsApp and won't stop texting or that work is hectic. However, if these are the kind of reasons for him spending a lot of time on his phone, he won't be secretive about it.

The problem is if he is overly defensive about the contents of his phone. For example, if his phone is always on him or he turns it over when it is on the table near you, this could be a concern. Another big give away that he is seeing someone else is if he declines incoming calls or picks up the phone and walks away from you to talk in private.

Another worrying sign is if when you are away from him, he is bad or slow at texting you and calling you back. If you know that he spends a lot of time on his phone usually, surely he has the time to answer your calls and texts?

6. You find another woman's things in this car or house.

If he doesn't have female housemates or relatives living with him and you find women's products around his house, this is a significant concern. It can be anything from finding an earring on his bedside to finding tampons in his bathroom cupboard. 

Female items in his car can also be a strong sign that he has a girlfriend on the side. There could be lipstick in the backseat or even underwear shoved down the side of his seat.

This is pretty self-explanatory and shows that another woman has not only been in his house or car but has been getting way too comfortable there with him.

7. To the outside world on social media, he seems to be single.

Perhaps he didn't want to say that he is in a relationship on Facebook when you sent the request, or there are no signs of you anywhere on his Instagram. Of course, if he doesn't use social media, then this probably is not a cause for concern. However, if his online profiles are active, he could be hiding you away from everyone.

This could be because he wants to look single to the outside world and especially to his girlfriend on the side. If you find that he is also commenting on or liking photos on a certain girl's profile very frequently, this could be a clear sign that it's not just you that he is interested in or dating.

8. Your sex life has disappeared.

If you have noticed that your sex life has steadily ground to a halt, along with him being less available, this is probably a sure sign that he has another woman on the side. If his interest in sleeping with you has diminished, it could be because he is getting his action from elsewhere.

It is essential to say that there could be many reasons why he doesn't want to have sex, so don't jump to this conclusion straight away. But, if many of the signs are ringing true, and your sex life has died, it's pointing to the fact he is intimate with someone other than you.

In addition to your sex with each other getting less frequent, it's useful to think about his physical changes in the bedroom. Ask yourself if he is lasting longer than usual and finding it hard to finish? This could be because he has already had sex with someone else.

9. Seeing him is always on his schedule.

If he is the one telling you when you can and can't see each other, this might be because he is struggling to balance his schedule with multiple women. A healthy relationship should work off the basis that you share your time and decide on when it is best to see each other together.

If you notice that a lot of the time he is unavailable is on holidays or evenings, this could also be a sign that he has a girlfriend on the side.

10. You have been warned by other women.

If other women have confronted you about his unfaithfulness or the fact that they have seen him with other women, this is probably the most obvious sign that he has a side chick.

Of course, it could be jealousy or people trying to create problems. But it's 2022 now, and women should have other women's backs. So, listen to what women say about him.


Firstly, I want to say that I am sorry if you think your man does have a girlfriend on the side. I hope that with the help of this article you will be able to confirm if he does or not and move forward from there.

Did this article help you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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