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What Is Hardballing? (9 Things To Know About Being A Hardballer)

Handballing is a new dating trend that is changing things for the better. The hardballing term means that you know what you want in a relationship, you don’t waste time with the wrong people, and you stand up for what you deserve in a relationship. The term means that you are confident and know what you want out of life, even!

You have no desire to waste time with anyone in the first place. You believe you deserve true love, but you won’t settle for less than what you are entitled to. The kind of confidence that comes from the dating term called hardballing is unique. When you are no longer settling for less than you are entitled to, you basically are very sure of yourself.

This article will cover the new dating trend of hardballing completely. If you adopt this dating trend, you will no longer be wasting time on the wrong people, while many other people are spinning their wheels, trying to figure out who to date and what to do in their love lives. However, while they rely on their dating mobile app for answers, you can rely on your intuition and confidence.

What You Need To Know About Hardballing (9 Crucial Things)

1. Hardballers know their expectations

With hardballing, if he or she wants to be serious with you, they will let you know. They know what they want, have a clear picture of their expectations, and will be honest with you about what they expect from you. Hardballing means that they aren’t into wasting time with the wrong individuals, so they’ll be upfront with you about everything.

2. They will be brutally honest with you

Hardballing means they will be very straightforward. A hardballer is confident enough to voice what they want from a romantic partnership and isn’t afraid to speak their minds. If you date a hardballer, you won’t have to worry about them playing guessing games with you because they don’t believe that is an effective way to communicate!

3. Hardballers are not passive-aggressive

If you have ever been on a date with someone who was passive-aggressive, you know that it can be frustrating to try to “guess” what they want, need, and expect. Why can’t they just be upfront with everything? Hardballing means they can and will be that way (upfront about everything)! No more guessing games or frustrations about that!!

4. You will easily know if you are a good match

you will easily know if you are a good match

Because hardballers are honest and straightforward, you will know if you are a match right away. They will tell you the pros and cons of dating them. For example, maybe they like to keep odd hours and have depression from time to time. They’ll probably be straight and tell you their secrets from the get-go. The same holds true for their benefits.

5. Hardballing means they will tell you when they need something

Unlike being with a passive-aggressive person, a hardballer won’t make you figure out what they need or want. They will just tell you. You can relax because of this, and just enjoy dating them. A date might consist of going to their favorite coffee shop and talking about a book you are both reading or have read in the past.

If they need space or time away from you, they will be honest about it and tell you. You won’t have to worry about someone playing hard to get or any other games!

6. They are open about their feelings

they are open about their feelings

As mentioned, hardballers are pretty honest. They may even hurt your feelings a little bit if you are not expecting the openness that comes from being with someone who is practicing hardballing. Just know that their brutal honesty is a good thing because you get a look or “sneak peek” inside their heads and hearts.

7. You won’t be caught off guard with hardballing

Have you ever been with someone that dumped you out of the blue? It totally stinks, right? You don’t know what the reason for the breakup was; they just ended everything all at once. It was a total shock, right? With a hardballer, you won’t have to worry about that since they are upfront about their feelings.

8. They know their love language

Hardballers have a special insight into who they really are. They don’t walk around clueless. They understand themselves well. For example, they probably know what their love language is, can tell you it, and will ask you for yours. Insight like this doesn’t come along often with people, but they know who they are. They are confident in themselves.

9. A hardballer is always growing and changing

a hardballer is always growing and changing

Since a hardballer is always growing and changing as a person, you know that there will always be some mystery about them. They are frequently becoming a better person, someone you can love even more than before. What’s great about this is that it’s no secret. They will tell you how and when they are changing.

Plus, they will tell you what is different about them. Hardballers realize that everyone changes over time, but that you can’t be expected to just “know” what is different about them. Remember, they don’t play guessing games. Instead, they will tell you what’s changing in their lives and how their lives are evolving, so you can grow together!


What is Hardballing in dating?

Hardballing is a new dating trend where you have open and honest communication with your partner without playing games. If all the signs point to a casual fling, talk to your partner about what they expect out of the relationship. Hardballing means being truthful about expectations!

Can a situationship turn into a relationship?

If you are in a situationship, you may be unsure where you stand. What do you want from a relationship? Don’t waste time dating the wrong people! Of course, if you are dating someone you want to be in a relationship with, talk it out to gain clarity on the situation.

How do you stop being clingy in a long-distance relationship?

If you are in a long-term partnership, talk to your partner about this fabulous new trend, and make sure you are on the same page. If he or she thinks you are clingy, tell them how this new dating term hardballing means that they should basically just tell you when you act that way.

How do I stop coming across as desperate?

If you are afraid that you are coming across as desperate, you should learn about this new dating trend. Hardball players make quick and hard decisions because they know what they want. They definitely don’t come across as desperate. This new dating trend could really change your life!

How do you know if a long-distance relationship is serious?

Relationships are constantly evolving, but like a CEO, you need to make big decisions when it comes to your dating life. And like a CEO, you should evaluate your staff (potential partners) to see what’s working and what’s not. If you have other potential partners in the mix, you aren’t serious!

To Sum Up

Have you heard of the new dating trend called hardballing? How has it impacted your own dating life? Now that you understand hardballing, will your own dating life change? We’d love to hear all about it! Please leave a comment, and please share this post on social media!

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