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180+ Flirty Math Pickup Lines For Your Crush

Are you a math nerd? Or maybe your crush is a math geek? If so, you should try out these cute, witty, or dirty math pickup lines on your crush. This collection of the best math pickup lines will show your crush how intelligent you are and make them laugh simultaneously. 

Below are hundreds of the best math pickup lines to try out on your crush. Enjoy. 

156 Cute Math Pickup Lines 

  1. I'm not attempting to be obtuse, but you're acute girl.
  2. I know hundreds of numbers of Pi, but I'd really like to know the seven numbers of your cell phone number.
  3. Hey cutie, I'd love to figure out what our correlation coefficient is.
  4. It looks like you like to add numbers. Would you please add yours to my phone contacts?
  5. I'll love you with all of my circles. Not hearts, because hearts break. A circle goes on forever.
  6. I have a good feeling that you're the answer to all of my equations.
  7. You're the x to my y.
  8. Since you're such a math king/queen, answer this problem for me: what's the sum of you + me?
  9. You're as sweet as Pi, baby. 
  10. You can't possibly be real because you're the square root of -1. 
  11. You are looking so right, just like a 90° angle. 
  12. Tell me, cutie, what is your sine? 
  13. How about you be the numerator, and I'll be the denominator? And then both of us reduce to the simplest form?
  14. Are you into math? No? I'm not, either. Honestly, the only number I care about is yours.
  15. My feelings for you have grown exponentially.
  16. You are the square to my root.
  17. I know you don't like fractions. But, can I be your other half?
  18. The love I experience for you is like an exponential curve. It's unbounded.
  19. Because we are both mathematics majors, I wonder why there is so much chemistry between us.
  20. Baby, you're already a 9.999999999. However, you'd be a 10 if you were with me.
  21. You're probably out of my range. However, I'd love to let you see my domain.
  22. Girl, we should go out because you can't differentiate.
  23. Baby, you're like a student and I'm like a math book. You could solve all my problems.
  24. Four plus four equals eight. And, you plus me equals fate.
  25. The love I experience with you is like the slope of a concave-up function. It's always increasing.
  26. We fit perfectly together, just like coordinates on an axis.
  27. Yesterday, I was in love with you. Today, I love you. So that means by mathematical induction, I will love you forever. 
  28. Can I have your phone number? If yes, I will tell you which digit of Pi each number is.
  29. My love is constant for you because the derivative of my love is 0. 
  30. Hi, sexy! Would you like to Squeeze my Theorem? And in the meantime, I will poly your nomial.
  31. Are you the square root of 2? Because I am irrational when you're around.
  32. The love I feel for you is like dividing by zero. It can never be defined.
  33. May I explore your mean value?
  34. Your beauty is like Pi. It is never-ending. 
  35. I was trying to solve for X, but I am so happy I got U instead.
i was trying to solve for x  but i am so happy i got u instead
  1. I am great with math, and therefore I know that you have one significant figure. 
  2. Your fine body has one of the most beautiful arc lengths I've ever seen. 
  3. We are the perfect pair. You don't have to know any math to realize that! 
  4. Here is an equation for you: You + Me = Wow! 
  5. Hey girl, I'd love to instantiate your objects and access their member variables.
  6. You have a sexy body, you must be a mathlete.
  7. I consider you to be my triangle and I am your triangle. We can join hands to become a rectangle. 
  8. You're Sin^2x, and I'm Cos^2x. Together we make one.
  9. You're great at algebra. Will you please replace my X without asking Y?
  10. Let's figure out if we converge and then we will take us to the limit.
  11. We are a Cauchy sequence. So, you know we will happen at some point. 
  12. I know you don't like fractions. So, can I be your other half?
  13. You have one compact set. 
  14. Would you like to couple our equations together later tonight?
  15.  I less than three you. 
  16. Twenty four + twenty four = forty eight. You + me = fate.
  17. We fit like coordinates upon an axis. 
  18. When you are not around, I'm a nut set. Completely empty. 
  19. I'm a function, and you're my asymptote. I will always tend toward you.
  20. You excite me more than The Fundamental Theorem Of Calculus.
  21. My heart beats faster than an airplane moving 200 miles per hour when I am around you. 
  22. You're the square root of all my fantasies. 
  23. It would be nice to be like one of your math problems because then you'd spend so much time answering and focusing on me.
  24. I will always tend toward you. Just like an asymptote function!
  25. You're like a bank loan! Because you've got all of my interest.
  26. Your looks can't be spanned by a finite basis of vectors.
  27. You would still move me at absolute zero. 
  28. Math and you have much in common. Because both of you have me so distracted from life. 
  29. You and I definitely add up much better than a Reimann sum.
  30. There is no doubt that my math is right because I know that you have a significant figure! 
  31. You are a well-defined function.
  32. Whenever I'm with you, I have plenty of injective resolute ions.
  33. I wish I could be the math problem troubling you because I would get all your attention as you try to solve me. 
  34. The measure of your imperfections is zero.
  35. I'll show you how much I love you by going up the prime number staircase until the Riemann hypothesis is proven wrong. 
  36. I can't reject you because you have a P-Value of at least 0.05.
  37. I feel irrational whenever I'm around you. Are you √ (2)?
  38. You are super sexy. Please, let's go someplace where no one Celcius?
  39. I notice just by staring at you that you're 36-25-36. Just so you know, that means you're the perfect squares.
  40. I'll tell you which number of Pi your phone number starts with if you give me your number.
  41. My current girlfriend is the square root of -1. She's imaginary. 
  42. You should come to my house tonight, and I'll show you the growth of my natural log.
  43. The love I have for you is the derivative of 0. Therefore, my love is constant.
  44. Let me perform a sort on your variables. Then, I'll let you analyze my performance. Basically, if I am Sin2x and you're cos2x, we'd be one! 
  45. I have an idea! Let's try some Fourier analysis on our relationship. Then, we can reduce to simple periodic functions.
  46. I'm curious what the L' Hospital's rule would say about the limit when I am over you.
  47. Huygen's loved the curves of cycloids, but I love your curves the best.
  48. Being myself around you is as easy as Pi.
  49. Guess what? I know how to calculate the square root of every number in under five seconds. You don't think so? Well, let's give it a shot by using your phone number.
  50. Hey girl. I wish you were a graphics calculator. Because I could look at your curves all day long.
  51. Can't you see? YOU and I make the perfect equation.
  52. I'm sure you like to add numbers. How about you add your number to my cell phone?
  53. Hey darling, let's find your nth term together.
  54. The love I have for you is super complex, but it's not imaginary-like √(-1).
  55. Are you at a 45º angle? Cause you're acute-y!
  56. If you give me a small fraction of your heart, I'll solve your problems. 
  57. Ever since you entered my world, it's changed it to polar coordinates. Because the complex and imaginary things all of a sudden have magnitude and direction.
  58. How is it possible that I know twenty digits of 3.14, but I don't know your simple ten-digit phone number? 
  59. My love doesn't change for you at any rate because it's like e^x.
  60. Since I only have two factors. It's clear that I am the prime contender for you.
  61. I don't care about mathematics, but I do care about getting your particular phone number.
  62. Hey beautiful, may I call-cu-later?
  63. The love that I have for you is correct for all values of the variable. It's unconditional.
  64. You’re a square, aren’t you? You must be because you have all the right angles.
  65. How about you let me do a catalog on your variables, and then you can analyze how I do? If I am sin2x and you are cos2x, then together, we'd be ONE!
  66. Sorry, my pick-up lines are kind of Fibbonacheesy.
sorry my pickup lines are kind of fibbonachessy
  1. Are you a plane curve? Because you're my para bo-lass.
  2. You're a ninety degree angle, huh? You look very right!
  3. I hear you're excellent at math. Will you please show me how to solve for Y? Y = your number.
  4. I thought you should know that the square root of every one of my fantasies is 100 % you.
  5. I'm way more curious about you than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
  6. Can I have your significant digits?
  7. I really would like to be linear you.
  8. I promise I'll act like a tangentleman.
  9. You derive me nuts.
  10. Since you like adding, will you add me to your contacts?
  11. Are you p>0.5? I'd never reject you.
  12. You must be a circle? Because you're a three-hundred-and-sixty-three-degree cutie.
  13. Are you 1/2 of twenty? Because you're a perfect TEN.
  14. Would you like to cosine with me for a mortgage? 
  15. I secant live without you by my side.
  16. You'd be the one for me if we were binary.
  17. Don't worry, I'm like an abacus. You can count on me.
  18. Without you in my life, I would disintegrate.
  19. If you were not in my life, it'd be like an obtuse triangle. Not right.
  20. You're physical proof that love exists. It's a given.
  21. The love I have for you has no end point, just like an infinite line.
  22. I don't like my current girlfriend. How about if we do a you - substitution?
  23. You are as beautiful as 1.618.
  24. You sure do have one compact set.
  25. If you go out with me, every single one of your problems will be polygon.
  26. Do I measure up? Because you rule.
  27. I will never substitute you.
  28. Even if you were at absolute zero. I'd still be moved by you.
  29. If B equals T x N then we need to study the T and N planes in depth. 
  30. Cutie, I tried to draw a picture of you with the TI83, but you're so sexy the screen melted. 
  31. Baby, are you a modulus sign? Because whenever you put your arms around me, I feel positive!
  32. Baby, your body is like a hyperbola.
  33. When I am with you it's like switching to polar coordinates because complex and imaginary things become full of magnitude and direction. 
  34. Hey cutie, may I check out what is under your radical? 
  35. Hey girl, it looks like I'm your reciprocal. Once we multiply, we will be one.
  36. I prefer butts that look convex over concave. Your butt is definitely convex because you look so toned. 
  37. Man, I sure like to be a predicate. That would mean I would be the direct object of your attention and affection. 
  38. I'd sure love to be able to bisect your angle. 
  39. I'm overly hot right now. It's like you are stuck in my head on an infinite loop.
  40. I've got a question for you if my lips move halfway to your lips over and over again, would our lips ever touch? Don't think so? Well, for this particular scenario, I'm gonna have to prove your hypothesis false.
  41. Even if we don't go all the way, I'll still allow you to partially derive me.
  42. I'd prefer to be a secant than a derivative. Because then, I could touch you not just once, but two times.
  43. We should make our slopes zero because slope zero = horizontal = bed.
  44. If we are talking about a scale of one to ten, then you would be a strong e to the power of 3.14.
  45. T plus N equals an osculating plane. Literally, that means a 'kissing' plane.
  46. It’s incredibly captivating how the light moves on the angles of your head.
  47. Why can't our love be like a 1-to-1 function? That way, our relationship would be injective.
  48. Hey baby, you wanna watch me solve a quadratic?
  49. You plus Me equals the number of sides in a Mobius Strip.
  50. Me and you have the exact same frequency. It must be because we resonate so well together. 
  51. You're my answer to my homogeneous system of linear equations.
  52. Your legs are sexier than an Isosceles right triangle.
  53. You have way more curves than a triple integral.
  54. Your sexiness is the main reason that we won't reach absolute zero.
  55. Your beauty defies real and complex analysis. 

29 Dirty Math Pickup Lines

29 dirty math pickup lines
  1. You’re like a hot math teacher since I'm harder than calculus.
  2. I am not good at algebra. However, I know that me + you would make 69.
  3. May I please plug my solution into your equation?
  4. I'd love to be a mathematics teacher for you tonight. We can just add a bed, and subtract some clothes, divide our legs, and then multiply.
  5. Are you aware of set theory? I sure hope so! Because I'd love to interact and union with you. 
  6. I wish I could be your geometry homework tonight. Because I’d be the hard one and you could do me on your desk.
  7. You should make me into your derivative, that way I will be your tangent to your curves.
  8. I'm so sorry, but you make my radius grow at the sight of your arc length.
  9. I'd love to get you on my mathemattress. I'm feeling a lot of calculus for you.
  10. There’s nothing I can do, the desire I have for you grows exponentially, just like y = 2 to the x!
  11. The girls I've been with say that I'm like 3.14. I am super long, and I will go on forever.
  12. I love fractions. Let's do some together. I'll be the numerator; I like to be on top.
  13. Are you my integral? I'm only asking because I can vision myself in the section underneath your curves.
  14. Will you send a few quadrick pics?
  15. You're cosine, and I'm sine. How about we create a tangent?
  16. You are multiplying out my brackets because you're making me expand. 
  17. Math geeks do it the best. Check out the below for more proof. 
  18. Come to my house tonight, and you can remove your algebra. 
  19. When Archimedes yelled out "eureka," he jumped up naked, and he was very joyful after he learned that the volume of a solid could be determined by how much it displaces. You can spend lots of time with me, and you'll also become displaced.
  20. Girl, I'd love to be part of your section of the tangent bundle, then I would lie near your manifold.
  21. I'm like, Pi girl, I am super long, and I go on and on forever. 
  22. It's been known for thousands of years what the volume is of the generalized cylinder. However, you will not know my volume until later tonight. 
  23. Hey, baby, you could compress my Theorem and I'll poly your personal nomial.
  24. Two parallel lines will never touch in Euclidean geometry. So, how about we go to your house and study the opposite, non Euclidean geometry?
  25. Let me explore your mean value, beautiful! 
  26. I'd love to lie tangent to your curves.
  27. Hey, sexy, if you pretended to be the Pythagorean theorem, I'd place my hypotenuse through your legs.
  28. I'd fill you up if I were integral. 
  29. Have you heard of the law of contrapositives? It basically says that we should use a condom.
dirty math pickup lines


Math pickup lines are a fun way to get your crush's attention and show them your intelligence. It doesn't matter if you're the math nerd or your crush is the math nerd. Math pickup lines will make you look smart and make your crush laugh.

If you enjoyed this article, please be sure to share! In the comments, let us know your favorite math pickup lines. 

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