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How To Get A Boyfriend In College: The Ultimate Guide

If you have come across this article, you’re likely wondering how to get a boyfriend in college. As a college student myself, I understand how important it can be to find a significant other while you’re in college.

It’s essential that you don’t give up hope too soon. It is definitely possible to get a boyfriend in college, and this guide will show you exactly how to do it!​

​Figure out what kind of relationship you’re looking for.

Before you begin looking for a boyfriend, decide whether you want a casual relationship or something more serious. This will help you to find the right guy for the relationship. You can then set boundaries right away.

If you go into the search blindly, you might end up unhappy in a relationship. Make sure you’re both on the same page. Once you begin talking to guys, you should be able to make some decisions about what type of relationship they might be looking for too. If you’re uncertain, ask!

To decide the type of relationship that you want to be in, think about your current situation. Do you have a lot of free time? Do you want to go on a bunch of dates, or would you rather Netflix and chill? It’s not nearly as simple as just being in a relationship or not.

This list will give you more specific guidelines for the types of relationships that you may encounter in college. If you scroll through these relationships, you will quickly learn that not all of them are positive. Some of them might not be for you specifically either.

​Decide what type of guy you want to date.

In addition to making a decision about your relationship style, you need to figure out what your type is. What kinds of guys are you drawn to? Does this usually end well for you?

Think about your past and the guys you have dated or liked. You don’t have to stick to the same type of guy, by any means. Just be aware of who you usually choose to date and decide if you want to go that route. College is a great time to try new things, so this is your opportunity to date someone new!

If you have never been in a relationship and don’t know what kinds of guys you’re interested in, it’s okay! You won’t fail at finding the right guy.

Here’s an in-depth video that highlights the 24 types of men that exist:

​It’s a humor video, so it’s not totally accurate. It does go to show just how many different types of guys are out there though!

​Give a dating service a try.

​Dating apps and websites might no be the number one way to create a relationship, but they are a good way to meet people. When you join one of these services, you will be virtually introduced to countless guys. This is a great starting point!

Dating services are going to be helpful in a couple of ways. For one, they are based upon your location. Secondly, they can help you to weed out the guys who definitely aren’t for you.

According to Pew Research, the number of individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 who are using dating apps has greatly increased in the past five years.

This means that you will have even more options when it comes to scrolling through profiles.

Dating apps and websites usually make it easier for people to meet potential partners. You might be more reserved and do better behind a screen. Of course, you will have to meet the guy in person eventually. Starting the friendship or relationship over the Internet can help with some of the nerves.

Research shows that a dating service won’t necessarily help you to know whether or not a relationship will work out. You should definitely consider using dating services to form connections and to introduce yourself to others.

Socialize at your school.

It can be beneficial to go to different events at your college to make connections. You never know who you might meet! Colleges often offer a variety of clubs, parties, and other events. These are especially common in the first few weeks of school.

If you’re just starting out, you might be a little bit nervous to go to parties or club meetings. Take things slow so you can become more comfortable. Eventually, you will get into the swing of things and feel better about going out.

The North Dakota State University Counseling Center suggests trying to stay relaxed and being yourself. This will help you to create more genuine friendships and potential relationships.

In this video, students at Florida International University give tips for getting invited to parties.

In general, try to make connections early on and get to know the people in your dorm or in your classes. They might be your ticket to a social event where you can meet your potential boyfriend.

​Use social media.

If you’re a social media user, you probably understand the importance of hashtags. Similarly, you might know about tagging your location on Instagram or Facebook.

To find guys at your college to meet or date, you can look on social media for people in your area. According to the Pew Research Center, 86% of undergraduate students use social networking sites.

This gives you a pretty large pool of individuals to choose from. You don’t have to weed through Instagram users across the country if you select a location near you.

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There are a few benefits to finding guys on social media websites. For one, you can gain a lot of information about them very quickly by looking at their pictures and posts. Second, you can easily contact them via direct message if you think that the time is right. Finally, by using hashtags or locations related to your college, your search will be narrow enough.

Just remember to be cautious if you decide to meet someone from the Internet in person.

​Continue to show interest.

If someone has caught your eye, make an effort to get to know them. While you should show your interest at the beginning to draw them in, you need to keep it up. If you step back, he may think that you’re no longer into him.

The University of Kansas suggests showing people that you want to be friends with them. This applies to relationships too. You might have to put in some effort and invite them to events. You may find yourself texting them about going to lunch.

If you stop showing interest, the guy will think that you’re not interested. It’s pretty simple. By continuing to show interest, the relationship will continue to grow! He will likely follow your lead and keep things going as well.

You have lots of options if you’re looking for a way to show a guy that you’re into him. These can be as simple as texting him a good luck message before he has a test. Something like this shows that you care about him and that you’re interested in his life.

Making plans to hang out with him is also important. Ask him to meet at the library to study after class. Go to lunch with him. Invite him to a movie with a group of friends.

When you’re first easing into a relationship, extra effort is necessary. It’s worth it because you’ll get to spend time with the guy and get to know him better!

​Let your friends set you up.

Think about how close you are to your friends, how well you know them, and how much you trust them. If you’re comfortable, talk to them about your desire to get a boyfriend.

Your friends are naturally going to have different friends and connections than you do, which means that you have more of a chance of connecting with someone.

Before you ask a friend to play matchmaker, be sure that you can trust them. You don’t want to waste your time with someone who may not be the type that you’re looking for.

One of the best ways to find a boyfriend is through mutual friends.

To keep things relaxed, try to meet in a social setting with more than a few people. If it’s just you and the new guy, things might be awkward. Plus, getting stood up, if it would happen, won’t be as hard to take if you’re surrounded by your friends!

Reconnect with old friends.

Maybe that guy you sat next to in 8th-grade math is more attractive or nicer now than he was back then. Social media is a great tool to use to find people that you used to know. From there, you can see whether or not the guy is in a relationship and get an idea of what he’s like.

Snapchat and Instagram are some of the most used social platforms for people in the 18-24-year-old range. Because of this, you should be able to track down somebody you used to be friends with.

You might even get lucky and realize that one of your old friends or classmates is in one of your classes at college too!

Keep in mind that you should probably not revisit old enemies. Use your best judgment, but this likely won’t work out in your favor. Try to find someone that had a neutral or positive influence on your life as opposed to a negative one.

Don’t let a social media friendship replace the in-person interactions that you may want to have with someone. Online relationships and friendships often lack depth and don’t give you a true idea of who someone is. They are great for making connections and rekindling old friendships though!

Stay connected.

​It’s important to make the time to see someone frequently if you truly want them to be a part of your life. You should try to stay connected by meeting with them regularly. This can be simple meet-ups between classes or something more complex like a date.

This is essential, especially if you are really interested in the other person. If you don’t keep up with making plans and spending time together, you may be at risk of losing the entire friendship or relationship.

As mentioned before, showing interest is a great way to keep things going. By staying interested and staying connected, you should be able to maintain the relationship and help things to flourish.

If you notice that you’re having a hard time staying connected, look at the potential threats that might be holding you back. Work on clearing these up so that the relationship can continue to flourish.

​Talk to your co-workers.

College jobs aren’t for everyone, especially with all of the homework and socializing that college students have on their plates.

If you do happen to have a job, you’re also lucky to have plenty of connections. If any of your co-workers seem like they’re your type, then you’re in great shape!

Keep in mind that your workplace might have rules about employees dating. This usually isn’t too big of a deal for college students, but it’s something to be aware of.

While staying focused on your work and assignments, try to get to know your potential crush. Spend time with them if you have an opportunity. Make sure you don’t get off-task and get in trouble with your boss though!

Look into volunteer opportunities.

Obviously, you should volunteer out of the goodness of your heart. Finding a potential boyfriend is an added perk though. At least any guys there are kind and caring individuals. That is unless they had the same idea that you did in the hopes of finding a significant other.

At my college, there is a voluntary services office for students to sign up for volunteer opportunities. There are countless different places in the community where students can go to help out.

Check out your college’s website or ask around to find out if you have access to volunteer opportunities. You might also want to visit local organizations to see if they need volunteers.

In addition to helping you find a potential boyfriend, volunteering can help you to become a more well-rounded individual.

There are many benefits to volunteering, from helping the community to creating connections with organizations.

This is simply another opportunity for you to meet new people.

​Take things slow.

Once you’ve found the guy you want to pursue, you should take things slow for a little while. This gives the two of you time to get to know each other. You will be able to know if you truly like him as a person or not.

In some cases, relationships that are started too quickly may not last.

While you take things slow, you should make sure that he knows what you’re doing. Taking a relationship slow can also look like disinterest. It’s important to simply tell him that you want to take it slow because you want to make sure you do it right. He should be able to respect that.

Sometimes when people rush into relationships, it’s because they want a physical relationship and that’s all. By being open with your future boyfriend and letting him know how you feel, he will also know what you want from the relationship.

​Be open and communicate.

As the friendship progresses into a relationship, it’s essential that you continue to communicate. Be open with the guy. Let him know how you’re feeling or what you’re hoping for in a relationship.

As you can probably imagine, staying silent or remaining passive rarely gets you anywhere. It will leave you in a tough spot because you won’t have any influence on where the relationship is going.

If you want a casual relationship, communicate that to your potential boyfriend. If you find yourself losing interest, communicate that as well.

Listening is a major part of communication too. Don’t forget to listen to what he has to say.

Almost everyone can agree that they don’t want to hear someone talk about themselves constantly. Being a good listener is useful in conflict resolution, which can come in handy later!

It’s also a good idea to add in new questions or topics for conversation. If you find your daily, general communication getting boring, think of some new questions to ask the guy. This will help you to learn more about him. Plus, you will be putting in more effort and showing that you’re truly interested in him as an individual.

​Show him that you like him.

This is different than showing a guy you’re interested. Showing a guy that you like him is the next step and should probably start once you know him better. Showing your interest is important when you’re just getting to know the guy. It will keep things going.

Showing the guy that you like him and want to date him is necessary for moving onto the relationship stage.

This guy explains some of the best ways to show a guy that you like him:

These tricks can help you to make sure that you’re sending your crush the right message.

Flirting is a good way to show a guy that you like him too. Try to make eye contact while you’re talking to him. Joke with him and compliment him.

A lot of flirting is actually based on your own instincts, so go ahead and go with the flow. Trust your gut to help the relationship get started.

​Be patient.

Unfortunately, a great relationship can’t always happen overnight. It’s always better to wait it out than to rush into a relationship.

I know how it feels to have to wait. You’re ready for a relationship, but the right guy just hasn’t come to you yet. By staying patient, you will be prepared when it’s time to get into a relationship.

If you rush into a relationship, you might end up in a bad one. The guy you date might not be the right type for you. He could be a total jerk. The relationship might end just as it’s getting started.

If you aren’t rushing into a relationship, you might be forcing something that isn’t even there. This isn’t to say that there should be no effort in a relationship. Just consider the amount of effort you’re exerting and if it’s truly meant to be.

Be patient, get to know some people, and enjoy the single life.

​Stay positive.

It can be discouraging to see the people around you getting into relationships or hooking up all the time. It’s important to keep a positive attitude.

If you start feeling down, it’s okay. Your emotions are totally valid! Just try to find a good way to handle them and move onto brighter thoughts.

By having a positive outlook, you will be able to draw more positive people in. Happy people attract happy people. This might come in handy when it comes to getting a boyfriend!

While you wait for the perfect guy to come along, take advantage of all of the benefits of being single. For example, you can flirt with anyone that you please. You can focus on bettering yourself. You can spend more time with your friends and family.

If all else fails, you can always grow a boyfriend like this:


Did you enjoy this list? Which tip are you going to try first?

Creating this guide was important to me because I understand where you’re coming from! Having a boyfriend can be a necessary part of your time in college, so you don’t want to miss out. I don’t want you to miss out either!

Be sure to share your thoughts below. Send this article to a friend if you enjoyed it too!

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