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Dating a Firefighter: 19 Pros and Cons You Should Know About

When one thinks about dating a firefighter, one might picture someone hot and steamy, with chiseled abs, on the front cover of your annual calendar. Not only do firefighters possess dreamy bodies, but they also save lives daily while extinguishing some of the wildest fires. True superheroes. 

For the most part, dating a firefighter comes with ample benefits. However, there are also several disadvantages that come hand-in-hand with this profession that can put strain on a relationship, even leading to divorce

If you’re wondering whether or not to start dating a firefighter, you might want to take the below-mentioned pros and cons of dating a firefighter into consideration. Lastly, if you’re wondering where to meet a firefighter, we have a list of great dating apps for you to try out.

Pros of Dating a Firefighter 

1. They can handle a crisis like a boss

Firefighters are first responders who are trained to work under immense pressure, stay calm during emergencies, make life-altering decisions, and think on their feet. Not only are these values evident while working with fire, but they infiltrate into their daily lives too. 

In a relationship, a firefighter would be able to remain calm during heated debates, would know how to diffuse tense situations, and would bring to the surface tangible solutions for almost any issue you might face. A sure way to keep the fire inside your heart burning bright. 

So, if you need someone calm, cool, and collected to keep you balanced and in check, a firefighter might make an ideal match for you. 

2. They care about all lives

they care about all lives

Firefighters are kind, caring, and compassionate people who value all lives equally. Yes, they love and care for people, but they are also devoted to the lives of animals. So, if you’re an animal lover who dreams of having many furry, four-legged friends running around your home and garden, a firefighter would make an ideal partner.

3. They’re adaptable to different situations and environments

Because no two days on the job are ever the same, firefighters are used to adapting to ever-changing situations. If you’re a person who values flexibility, or perhaps your lifestyle doesn’t allow for much stability or routine, then a firefighter would fit in perfectly. 

Not only is a firefighter able to adapt to different physical environments, but they’d also be able to get along with hosts of different people from varying backgrounds. 

So, if you have a large variety of friends and family members, a firefighter would be likely to get along with and impress the vast majority of them. 

4. They value safety

Rest assured, your life and your safety are in good hands when dating a firefighter. Not only are these men and women professionals at fighting fires, but they’re also experts when it comes to medical crises, saving people’s lives, making homes and buildings safer, and generally caring for the well-being of others. 

For overly anxious people, dating a firefighter might help put their minds at ease because there’s always a professional by their side, trained to put health and safety first. 

5. Dating a firefighter makes for exciting sex and role play

Want a fun and spicy sex life? Imagine role-playing with a real-life fireman! Plus, their uniforms are a downright turn-on. A firefighter might just make your wildest fantasies come true.

Not only are they rumored to be great at sex from popular culture, but they’re also known for their chiseled bodies. 

6. Tons of new friends and support

If you’re dating a firefighter, he’s sure to introduce you to fellow firefighters who he considers family. These men and women form very close bonds with their colleagues due to the high-risk nature of their jobs and, if you’re in a serious relationship with a firefighter, these people will become your family, too. 

Not only will you become close with your partner’s colleagues, but you’ll also become close with the fellow firefighters’ families. Spending holidays together and getting together for celebrations might become your new norm. And, in the event of a worst-case scenario, you’ll have ample support. 

Dating a firefighter comes with many highs and lows, but the good news is that there are in-person and online support groups set up specifically for partners/spouses of these professionals. Connecting with other people who are going through the same ups and downs that you might experience in your relationship can help you come out on top. 

7. They’re well-trained and educated 

One thing is for certain, these men and women are well-trained and educated, and they sure aren’t lazy. If you value things like education and a good work ethic, a firefighter might make the perfect partner for you. 

8. He’s a lifesaver and a pro at mouth-to-mouth

Sounds romantic, right? Dating someone who’s seen as a hero by the community sure is enticing… especially when he’s a pro at all the good stuff, like saving lives and the occasional mouth-to-mouth. 

9. They’re mentally and physically in great shape

A firefighter is mentally tough and physically strong. A powerful combination. One of the many pros of dating firefighters is that you can lean on them for emotional, mental, and physical support. 

Firefighters face the things you fear daily, and they’re trained for worst-case scenarios – one thing is for sure, mentally they’re tougher than most. And, because of the nature of their jobs, firefighters are fit and in good shape. 

Making health and fitness a priority is always incredibly important. Plus, what could be better than having your own, personal fitness trainer to do workouts with?

10. They’re level-headed 

they're level headed

One of the benefits of dating a fireman is the calmness and rationality that come with his personality. Someone who is level-headed doesn’t let small things get them down. They’re able to manage their emotions in mature, rational ways without any unnecessary outbursts. 

11. They’re selfless 

Someone who always considers the safety and well-being of others, even before their own, is incredibly selfless. Selflessness is a beautiful quality to possess and if you happen to be dating someone like this, count yourself as one of the lucky ones. 

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Dating a selfless partner means they will always take you and your family’s needs into consideration. They’re sure to make your well-being and happiness a priority. What more could you ask for? 

Cons of Dating a Firefighter

1. Their job is likely to be their main priority at times

One of the major downsides to dating a fireman is that when they’re called to save lives and extinguish a fire, their job will take priority over anything else. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on your first date, sharing an intimate moment, or at your child’s birthday party, if they’re called in for an emergency they will drop what they’re busy with and attend to the matter. 

This is something you will need to learn to be okay with from the beginning as it’s not something they can choose to change.

2. Their job is considered high-risk, is extremely stressful, and their health can take a toll

Whenever they’re on the job, their health, safety, and lives are at risk. This can take a massive toll on the health and well-being of firefighters' partners and families. 

Dealing with the constant anxiety of whether or not your loved one is safe and healthy might be too much for most people to deal with, especially if you can’t get hold of them for prolonged periods of time.

Everytime your loved one is called to an emergency, they risk their lives for the well-being of others. Regardless of safety measures and precautions that are adhered to, these men and women are still injured frequently. Many families struggle with the constant threat of injury or death.

Sadly, firefighters are also high-risk candidates for cancer, heart disease, PTSD, and suicide. Being aware of this might help you identify warning signs and save a loved one’s life. 

3. They may have triggers and traumas to deal with

When someone is exposed to traumatic events, they need to unpack and deal with what they’ve witnessed for it not to affect their mental well-being. 

Unfortunately, however, firefighters are exposed to so much trauma continuously that they don’t always have the time and resources to work through it all. 

Trauma that isn’t dealt with can lead to anxiety, depression, PTSD, and even worse. If your loved one is suffering from any symptoms, seek out professional help immediately. 

4. They might spend a large amount of time away from home and work crazy hours

they might spend a large amount of time away from home and work crazy hours

Firemen may be expected to work schedules that would be considered crazy by most, making a normal dating life more complex than most. 

Extremely long shifts, unpredictable schedules, calls in the middle of the night, and large amounts of time spent away from home are some of the things that you might need to accept when dating a firefighter.

These sorts of schedules might be challenging for couples and families, especially those with small children, as you’ll be left to see to bathtime, dinnertime, school activities, lifting, and extra murals by yourself. 

5. Budgets might be tight

One thing is certain, people don’t become firefighters for the big paychecks or lavish lifestyles. People who are firefighters generally do it because they’re passionate about it and about serving their communities

While budgets might be tight, you should have enough to cover modest living expenses. Work together to formulate a budget that’s within your means. Working with a budget might relieve some of the financial stress and pressures. 

6. Your partner may be emotionally distant at times

One of the problems with dating firefighters is that they may feel emotionally distant from time to time. After a long shift, when the adrenaline has worn off and the embers of the fire have died, firefighters might need some downtime to rest and debrief before adjusting back to day-to-day life and family duties. 

More seriously, emotional detachment can also be a warning sign of PTSD. If PTSD isn’t managed by the right professionals, it can get significantly worse overtime with serious side-effects and consequences. 

Knowing when to give your partner time and space vs. when to seek professional help might save your relationship and well-being in the long run. 

7. Dealing with the stereotypes in your relationship 

Dating a firefighter comes with varying stereotypes, one of the main ones being that he’s likely to cheat. Cheating isn’t something that automatically comes with a profession, it’s something that’s either part of your character or not. Just because he’s a firefighter doesn’t mean he’s a cheater

Another stereotype you might have come across is that he’s a good cook. Hopefully, for your sake, this is true. 

8. The outcome of a shift is likely to affect their mood

From every shift and every emergency call, you can expect a different outcome. First responders on the scene are exposed to some of the most grueling circumstances and they need to make life or death types of decisions on their feet. 

Unfortunately, not all cases end positively which can have a massive effect on most firefighters’ moods and lives. These moods are likely to stay with them for a while, infiltrating into and having a significant effect on their family’s lives. 

Tips for Dating a Firefighter

1. Don’t demand more time than what they’re capable of giving

Unfortunately, with a schedule as demanding as a firefighter’s, you can’t expect that he’ll be at your beck and call 24/7. 

The nature of the job means that the schedules of these men and women are unpredictable and are not something that’s up for debate or that you’re able to change. It’s something you’ll just need to accept.

2. Figure out whether or not the pros outweigh the cons

Dating a firefighter comes with many pros and cons. It’s about deciding whether or not the pros outweigh the cons for you when it comes to dating. 

Perhaps, the amount of anxiety that comes with the job is too much for you. Or, maybe, the amount of time they spend with their ‘second family’ at the fire station is too much for you. Or, maybe you don’t have the patience to deal with all the baggage that this profession brings with it - like PTSD, emotional distance, triggers, and traumas. 

Whatever it is, if it doesn’t work for you, opt out sooner rather than later

On the contrary, perhaps you’re drawn to their kindness, compassion, adaptability, and strength. For some, the pros far outweigh the cons and they’re able to sustain a happy relationship with their significant other. 

3. Try to keep up with their lifestyle 

Firefighters are likely to lead active lifestyles that help them keep fit and in shape. Many also enjoy spending time in and around nature. 

Taking an interest in these hobbies will help the two of you find common sources of interest and enjoyment and are great ways to spend healthy, quality time together. 

Most Famous Dating Apps and Sites for Firefighters 

most famous dating apps and sites for firefighters

Unless you’re already friends with your local firemen who can set you up, signing up on some of the below-mentioned dating apps or websites would be your best bet at securing a date with some first responders. 

Dating apps are fun ways to meet and interact with people you wouldn’t otherwise come into contact with.

Uniform dating - this site is specifically for those interested in dating people who serve – whether it be a fireman, policeman, paramedic, or military officer. - this one is pretty self-explanatory – a chance at a date with a fireman is pretty likely here.


What kind of women do firefighters like?

When dating first responders, you need to possess empathy and understanding, especially because of the emotionally complex nature of their job and the after-effects.

You need to display patience and acceptance towards things you cannot change i.e late-night calls to duty, and time away from family. Being able to remain calm while they're on the job is also important as they’ll likely be out of reach.

Why is the divorce rate among many firefighters so high?

The complex nature of their work schedules, time spent away from family, the high degree of stress and anxiety that comes with the job, and mental well-being are some of the problems with dating a firefighter that can lead to fighting and even, divorce.


Dating a firefighter is associated with many pros and cons unique to this profession. You must take time out to evaluate whether or not their challenging schedules, the dangerous nature of the job, the emotional baggage, and the constant threat of injury or death are things you can deal with. 

Despite the downsides, dating firefighters also have many pros you can look forward to, like: dating a local hero, being with someone selfless and compassionate, having exciting sex, and having a new crew to hang out with.

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