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Can Karmic Relationships Work? (15 Ways To Identify A Karmic Relationship)

If you have ever experienced a bond so strong that it shook your world, brought you peace, and came with the strongest wave of turbulence you have ever felt, you are not alone. It gets so intense that sometimes you ask yourself how you have walked through life without them and how life would have been more meaningful if only you met them earlier.

Visualize this; while you are not searching, you meet someone on the same frequency as you, and you like similar things. They see you, and you feel seen. What’s more, time is meaningless in their presence. 

They have crawled up the shielded wall you built due to disappointments in the past within a short time. You are almost convinced you’ve met before because they know you so well, this is your karmic one.

Karmic relationships are so good on paper that most times, you think you have found the one. But because life has a way of playing things out, it creates a hostile and complex situation for you both and it is usually almost impossible to make things work. Not because you both do not love each other, but because there are just so many factors militating against the relationship.

15 Ways To Identify A Karmic Relationship

The karmic relationship is not smooth sailing as it aims to settle karma from previous lives. Your souls vowed to meet in the next life and this is just destiny playing out. It is meant to guide you and remind you of exactly who you are and your capabilities. It is so full of passion that you are hundred percent convinced this is your endgame. 

As usual, the best ones lack conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity. However, life has taught me to never say never as life always tries to prove a point after you think you have figured it out. So there is a probability that karmic relationships work. But how can you make it work if you don’t realize you are in one?

Well, simply because not every instant connection is a karmic tie, I have put together 15 different ways to identify a karmic relationship.

1. There is an instant connection

You have never felt anything like this before. It feels extremely natural and right, almost as if it had to happen and you needed it even if you were not looking for the relationship. There is an immediate attraction, a deep connection that you cannot help but feel destined to be in. You feel like you know them because they feel so warm and familiar.

The connection is instant and undeniable. You begin to imagine or make plans with them in your head because you are convinced this is the one. You cannot think of not spending the rest of your life with this person because they fit perfectly into your definition of the “ideal man”. It is one of those times when it feels “too good to be true”.

2. It is all-consuming

The connection is so deep that it consumes you. You fall in sync with their frequency and are convinced that you have found your forever person. They are all you think about and you always want to be in their presence. I know this feels like what a relationship looks like or what it is meant to be. But is it?

Why then are you blocking the tiny little voice at the back of your head? Why does your gut feeling beg to differ? Oh, so you think this is PTSD from all your failed relationships or your anxiety talking. So why then are you afraid to ask what this means going forward if it’s wholesome and your endgame.

3. There is a selfishness problem

Most times, your karmic partner is selfish—not in a way that doesn’t share or only takes from you, but selfish in that they always choose themselves and never leave their comfort zone no matter what. So, while you are ready to try out new things and try to fit them into your life, they are not considering that because they are usually not looking for anything permanent.

Now get this; I am a strong believer that what qualifies a good relationship isn’t longevity. I believe that a relationship should last for as long as it serves you. Anything outside of that is suffering and self-sabotaging and I am not about that life. But why is your Mr. perfect not willing to try at least? Why is he not willing to bend over a little? Love is selfless after all.

4. It glistens hidden areas of your life

You open up to them because they make it so easy and you have a meaningful relationship with healthy boundaries. Your soul recognizes theirs and the familiarity makes it easy for you to vibe with them and display areas of your life you are not comfortable displaying to others. 

You tell them your worst fears, your ugly insecurities, just because they get you. Just because you know they will have the right answers about them.

Emotions and memories that you have locked up for so long begin to surface during long talks with them. They want to know every detail concerning you and because you feel so at home with them, you let it all out. It’s like having a full conversation with a life-sized diary. There is no escaping it. Any past trauma will be brought to light.

5. They see you

You will relate more to this especially if you have gone through life almost always begging for attention. From your family to your friends, and to romantic relationships. Your partner sees you, he understands even before you say it. You don’t have to explain yourself most of the time with them because they just understand. What a relationship!

In a karmic relationship, your partner makes it easy for you to express yourself because you are sure they understand. You don’t have to hide or be who you are not with them like in previous relationships. You can be unapologetically in a karmic relationship.

6. You just can’t let go

you just cant let go

You just can't let go or accept to let go of this man or woman that makes you come alive even when you can clearly see the negative patterns. He is everything you have ever prayed for or imagined. He knows your love language and you both like the same things. But you know that it is short-lived and if you don’t cut the cord, you will be devastated. Will this stop you? Hell no! 

Just like moths are attracted to flame, you just cannot explain the attraction, you just always find yourself back in the karmic relationship. You know you deserve better, you know that no matter how life spins this, you will get hurt anyways. But you still go back all because your soul yearns for this person.

7. They encourage you to be a better version of your life

The whole point of the karmic relationship is that you both had a soul agreement even before your essence took form. You both promised each other in your previous lives to help each other grow and grow out or break out of cyclic toxic patterns. 

Maintaining a romantic relationship is hard and karmic relationships are extremely hard. But all through the hardship and numerous obstacles, it serves to help you grow as an individual. You pass through each other's lives leaving a mark and making each other a better people.

8. Filled with scary lows and exhilarating highs

Karmic relationships are filled with a roller coaster of emotions and this is a major sign. Don’t get me wrong; every type of relationship has its own emotional roller coaster, but it does not feel like the most amazing feeling in the world in one minute and the worst feeling of your life in the next.

You go through so much back and forth and mental gymnastics in a karmic relationship that you begin to compromise your wellbeing and cross health boundaries to feel loved by them again. Wondering where you stand or what the other person thinks of you takes so much emotional bandwidth.

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9. Repeat patterns

These on and off patterns come with sleepless nights and obsessive patterns. The exhilarating highs and the sad lows tend to repeat themselves, over and over throughout the karmic relationship and it just messes with your mental health and self-esteem.

You have complicated feelings about the essence of your relationship with them. You have regular breakups and swear to never text or talk to them again only to find yourself in it all over again. The cycle does not stop until you have learned what you really ought to learn.

10. It is exhausting

Going through the same routine can be tiring and very exhausting. You are overburdened and exasperated. You keep holding on to the tiny string of hope and you know deep down that the lows are always in sight.

A karmic relationship can be stressful. The more you hold on to it, the more difficult it becomes and the moment you let go, the more difficult life becomes without them. It is draining and you need strength to break free. Good luck fighting for yourself and your future self.

11. You suddenly cannot do life without them

If you are in a karmic relationship, it becomes hard to handle life or go back to life without them. Sometimes, staying with them and enduring the exhausting cyclical patterns is a better option for you than doing life without them or the relationship.

The main purpose of a karmic relationship is to grow from them and realize what love is not, so the best you can do for yourself is excuse them from your life and cut their access to it. I know it’s easier said than done but don’t you at least deserve that?

12. You ignore the red flags

you ignore the red flags

Women have their jar of red flags and you know what you do not like in men. It is easy to ignore these signs because you want to believe that this is your endgame, your final mark. You know what you don’t like and so many times, we ignore these things because we want the relationship to work so bad.

Whenever I talk about red flags, I always quote Wanda from a series watched on Netflix, Bojack Horseman. She said, “If you look through rose-colored glasses, you see red flags as just flags”. Karmic relationships are filled with a lot of red flags and we indirectly encourage them.

13. It’s almost like a movie

How you met sounds like a bollywood love story. It is so fairytale-ish and perfect in your head and you conveniently leave out any part that will tarnish the perfect love story especially when you are telling your friends all about him. Everyone including you is convinced that it is meant to be because it sounds like the perfect story.

But if you look closely, there is a factor militating against it. It could be time, distance, family, religion, academics, or race. Something that could be easily solved yet so difficult to overcome. It is almost like an impossible love story.

14. You rationalize their behavior

Irrespective of the negative karma going on in the relationship, you find yourself rationalizing their behavior and making excuses for their inadequacy. Instead of really taking out time to reflect and see them for who they really are, you try to justify their behavior.

You end up not holding them accountable for their actions. You just blame the circumstance, the relationship, the timing, instead of really looking inward and actually realizing that choosing a person and wanting to make things work is not that hard if you really want to try. And even though things are not always back and white, at least choose a color.

15. It does not last

Karmic relationships don’t last. It’s a contract your souls made a long time ago and like every contract has an expiration date or termination time, so does this particular one. Movies kind of make it work, but in reality, they almost never work. Because honestly, nobody deserves to work that hard for love and a shitty relationship.

You deserve a love so simple, tender, and unproblematic. Ultimately, when the time is right, you both will recognize that the healing and growth you were both supposed to necessitate for each other is complete, and is time to let go.


Can karmic relationships work?

I have learned to never say never, but in most cases, karmic relationships don’t work. They usually are short-lived, intense, passion-filled, and all-consuming.

Can Karmic relationships turn into soulmates?

Just as soulmates can not be in a karmic relationship, karmic relationships cannot be soulmates. This is simply because they do not have the same purpose or fulfill the same mission in a person's life. They are two different things entirely. Soulmates can be family or friends. Karmic ties are passion-filled and short-lived.

Can a karmic relationship be fixed?

Yes, karmic relationships can be fixed, but it will take a lot of time, energy, effort, therapy, and some sort of divine intervention or recalibration for the negative karma to disappear.

Do karmic relationships always end badly?

No. Most times, karmic relationships end with both parties leaving improved and better versions of themselves.

What are the signs of a karmic relationship?

There are so many signs. But one that never fails is the sign In which you feel like you have met them before. You feel like you know them from somewhere but you cannot remember or place the exact time you both met. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Although he might be all you want in a man, the perfect one, don’t forget to look inward for the signs and remember that you deserve so much more.

Most times, we remain in an unhealthy relationship all because we want it to be a karmic bond so bad. Your soul chose to learn this lesson for its advancement. The purpose of this bond is to break out from toxic patterns from past lifetimes and help heal and grow into a better version in this life. It teaches you what true love is not although the person feels perfect for you. 

At the end of a karmic relationship, you might feel cheated by life and even feel unlucky that it has to end, don’t blame your karmic partner. Instead take responsibility for your role in the relationship, learn your lesson from it and grow to restore the balance you deserve in your life. 

Let me know what you think in the comments, don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

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