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When He Doesn't Text Back - Top Tips On How To Deal With It

A text on the phone is personal and is widely used to pass on messages more effectively these days. Think of it this way; you pick up your phone and then put down precisely what you feel in your heart in a few short words. Then send it and wait for a response from the message recipient.

Most times texting between two people is as easy as ABC, and they have relayed the exact message they need to get out in a fast and exact way. This is a method you certainly like to use especially when you have a more personal message to get across to someone. Such as the guy in whom you are interested.

But then, what are you meant to do if you send him some texts telling him how you feel and the guy completely ignores them? Actually acts as if he did not get them at all?

Here’s a look at a list of ways for you to deal with this.


You’ve sent him a few already and you’re not sure why he’s not responding to you. You wonder aloud about the issue to a friend and wonder if you should follow up on the message you sent. Just to find out he received it and is ignoring your texts. My advice to you is to steer clear of sending further messages to the guy. You have no way of knowing what might be the issue and it’s good to keep things open in such a case. There’s no way you can find out why he opts to stay silent on you. You could end up looking like you’re pushing too hard to get a response from him. Instead, don’t text him further but give him the benefit of the doubt.


So he has not texted you yet and your mind is all juggled up, imagining all kind of things why he’s not responded to your text. It is best if you keep things positive and wait for him to respond. The reason why he didn’t text you back might surprise you and, therefore, you shouldn’t make any assumptions on the issue. It might not be what you suspect and it's good if you have an open mind about things.


Does it require an answer from him? Or is it a flat message that communicates without prompting him to answer back? Guys are more practical and can overlook the overtones of your text. It’s the way they’re wired, to view things more practically. So if you’ve not asked him a question and the message feels like a regular one he might just overlook the need to respond. More so if you’re not too close with each other yet.


It is expected for one to answer back a text no matter what the subject. If he chooses to ignore your text it should not make you question yourself, rather it's about him as he’s the one who does not respond. Communication is two way and there are procedures expected from the two of you. It requires one to respond to the other and is only polite to do so. It's his loss, therefore, if he chooses to ignore what you expect from him.


Keeping busy will help you keep your mind off the guy in the meantime. You might like to go out with friends or even find alternative ways to keep yourself occupied. The main thing is that you need to get involved in what makes you happy. There’s a lot to choose from in this regard, which includes engaging in your favorite hobby or finding a new interest to take up the time. Whatever you choose, it will serve to keep the guy off your mind and that’s important for you.


Nothing works with him, then move on  forget the guy. It’s probably what he wants and is too coward to let you know. Or couldn’t give a rat’s ass about how you feel. Do yourself a favor at this point, get on with life, forget the guy. He most certainly has his all planned out and it does not include you at all. Likely why he does not care to answer your texts as you are not on his list. Might hurt but it’s true. Get a life of your own and forget you even thought of having him by your side. There’s no better way for you to get back at the guy than to get busy doing your own things. He’ll get the message you’re no longer interested with time, not for you to find out what he does with it.


He just wanted a casual thing but you’re there discussing the future with him already. The guy cannot understand how you got there so fast and may decide to take a backseat for some time. Or forever.

If your texts are becoming more emotional it could scare him off as that’s the last thing he wants to think right now.


Rather than come out open to you about how he feels he instead chooses to back down and go silent on your texts. No apology or excuse for not responding and you have to figure it out on your own.

He can’t face you with the truth that it's not what he wants at the time and would rather slink into the shadows hoping you get the message the silence represents.


It happens all the time, some people like to put off things. He probably read your text and pushed it off for later, perhaps hoping for time to compose a suitable response. And then forgot, making it appear as if he’s ignoring you.

Allow room for this kind of thing and should he explain himself later on give him another chance. And hope he remembers next time.


This is more likely the case if he doesn’t bother to respond to multiple texts over time. Read between the lines as he probably has another on his side. Especially if he suddenly stops texting you.

He’s most likely busy with another person during this time. Instead of fretting you over him why don’t you go ahead and find yourself, someone, as well?


You perhaps shot a question to the guy that left him wondering how on earth to answer back. He is stuck on getting a good answer for your text and is stuck on it. If he gets back to you there might be hope.

But if he doesn’t say a word to you instead you can consider it as a way of him to let you know he’s no longer interested. In which case you’d better split.


As earlier said, communication goes both ways and if a guy does not answer your text for no good reason for it is time to let go. There’s no use pursuing someone who is not interested in you at all.

It doesn’t take long to answer a text therefore; he might be sending you a message. Might complicate things further if he shows up later, sending mixed signals your way.

Realize that if he does not see your worth he loses you. You are better off with one who values you more and shows excitement to be with you. The guy is no doubt sending the message he’s not interested through his lack of response.

A simple text message communicates a lot and can make or break a connection between two people. If both sides recognize its worth, it ends up adding value to them both.


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