What To Do When You Feel Stuck In Your Relationship...

Don't Let Your Standards Slip

You're probably here because you're wondering "How on earth it August 2022 and my love life is still a mess?!..."

Well, I hear you girl and I've felt EXACTLY the same way before...

It just makes you feel absolutely helpless.

It's the worst!

The good news is that I may have a solution for you.

For years and years this was a puzzle I just couldn’t solve... 

It felt like every other area of my life was so fantastic. I had a great job, hobbies and plenty of friends. I was fit, healthy and (dare I say it) reasonably attractive. 

Yet, my love life had only ever brought constant disappointment.

It didn’t feel like my standards were too high, yet I always seemed to attract guys who’d take me for granted. 

Then, whenever a great man did come along, they’d always lose interest.   

It left a huge knot in my stomach!

After each break-up, I was left alone to question myself…

Was I not pretty enough? Was I too needy or demanding? Was there some other personality flaw that didn’t make me ‘relationship material’? 

I didn’t feel like it...

Yet, I was painfully aware that women don’t have all the time in the world to find their dream man and start a family.

And I felt the clock ticking...  

Even though my heart had taken so many batterings, I’d always tried to remain optimistic.

Yet, as the failed relationships totted up, I began to wonder if I was destined to be alone forever. 

Was I not meant to have a husband and children to share life with as I grew older? 

The most frustrating part of all was I didn’t know why this was happening to me.  

My friends and family all told me I was a catch. They’d say I just had to be patient. 

But I was beginning to lose faith in this advice... 

There must have been a reason this pattern had continued for so long… 

A blind spot that my friends, family and I couldn’t see.

I couldn’t sit and do nothing to change as this continued to happen again and again. Not any more...  

As happy as I was in other areas of my life, I would do anything for a solution to this problem. 

The Helping Hand I Needed

Shortly after a particularly painful break-up, I discovered Relationship Hero. 

I’d subscribed to plenty of generic relationship advice websites in the past, but this one was clearly different. 

Here, you could instantly log on and discuss your problems one-on-one with a dating expert for FREE.  

There was no registration process or hidden costs. You’d simply answer a few multiple choice questions and be connected with an advisor. 

Usually, I’d dismiss the idea of receiving advice from some random stranger on the internet, but then I noticed the training that Relationship Hero advisors receive. 

Only experienced relationship experts are employed, and even then the company puts them through lengthy training.  

What’s more, this website has served over 25,000 people since it launched in 2016. How had I not heard of Relationship Hero before!? 

So, I decided to give it a go. After all, what was the worst that could happen? 

After clicking through to the chat service, I was asked to choose my biggest relationship challenge from a list of options - Dating, Breakups, Cheating or Other. After entering a few basic details about my recent split, I was connected to Amber, an expert on handling break-ups. 

I had the option to type to her or connect via audio. As we discussed what was going on, I quickly began to feel more comfortable. She couldn’t have been more professional or empathetic. 

Diving Deeper Into Relationship Problems

As the discussion went on, Amber began to dive deeper into my past. My serious relationships, my first sexual encounters and even my childhood.

Slowly, we began to uncover past experiences that may have been causing me to subconsciously gravitate towards bad men, and self-sabotage good relationships.   

My mind was blown.

These were blind spots that I never would have considered - but they made a lot of sense. It was only through talking to an expert third-party that these issues could have been identified.

Together, we worked through a plan to help me overcome these insecurities and stop self-sabotaging.   

After the free session, I felt a sense of relief.

Before the session, I felt lost. Now, I had a solution to hold on to. 

If I hadn’t taken a punt on this free session, perhaps I would never have discovered these mental blocks.   

I was given the option to keep working with Amber and her colleagues for ongoing support, and this felt like the sensible thing to do. 

Your Relationship Problems Solved 

A few days after my chat with Amber, I decided to reach out to my ex-boyfriend. We had an honest chat about where things went wrong, and what we could potentially do to patch things up.

We reunited that weekend. I was honest about my flaws, and we decided to give it a second chance.  

It’s still early days, but I’m feeling positive about the future. 

I can honestly say that this would never have happened if I hadn’t taken a chance on a free session with an expert at Relationship Hero. 

Within a few minutes, Amber allowed me to see issues that I had spent years ignoring.

I’d urge anyone who is struggling to find a partner, or having troubles within their relationship to arrange a free consultation for themselves. 

A Relationship Hero advisor is available to chat with you 24 hours a day. 

Click here to connect to an advisor right now >>

You have nothing to lose.  

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