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"Is He Losing Interest" Quiz (Find Out Now)

It’s like those wonderful dreams you have during a light sleep…

You finally found an awesome guy who seemed to be really attracted to you. The two of you appeared to have amazing chemistry. You were so excited. Perhaps you were starting to have a few cheeky daydreams about where it could lead…

But, now it seems like he’s slowly slipping away from you. Before you get to experience the true pleasure of this connection, you can feel yourself losing it. Soon, you’ll wake up and he’ll be gone forever.

I use the analogy of a dream, because it often appears as if you can’t do anything to influence this.

If you fight harder to win his attention back, you might come across as too desperate. If you play it cool, perhaps nothing will change and you’ll never hear from him again.

It seems so finely balanced between experiencing this incredible romance and throwing it away. No wonder it messes with a woman’s head and distracts her from anything else.

The truth is: you can influence how a man feels about you before it’s too late, but you need to have a good idea of how he already feels about you. This knowledge is required for you to be able to make the right move.

The quiz below has been designed to help you gain that knowledge. It’ll give you the upper hand in this courtship - and more importantly - the ability to win a man’s interest back.

That’s assuming it had disappeared in the first place. Sometimes he’s genuinely busy or playing it cool.

Anyway, answer the 10 multiple-choice questions below and we’ll give you an indication of where your man’s head is at. If that’s not enough, we’ll also explain the best next steps to take to get his attention.


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