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OurTime.com Review – A Dating Site For Senior Romance

Last updated on June 16, 2022 by Roxana Bikfalvi

Love doesn’t end before you turn 50. If you’re looking for senior romance, check out OurTime.com review. This easy-to-navigate dating site caters to singles 50 years or older and is available in a selection of countries.

Advertising itself as a website geared to help seniors find singles in their area, OurTime focuses on much more than romance. The site addresses heterosexual and LGBT users who are looking for a friend, a travel buddy, or a serious relationship.

This isn’t the only senior dating site out there, but it certainly is one of the most popular. Yet, what makes it attractive? Is it worth to give it a try? Find it out in our review.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up To OurTime.com

OurTime.com is a dating site created for mature singles aged 50 or over. This platform is easy to navigate and ridiculously easy to  use, yet there are some things to consider before signing up.

First, like most worthy dating sites out there, OurTime charges its members a subscription fee to gain access to all the features of the site. Communication is limited for the free members, although signing up won’t cost you a dime.

In addition to the subscription fee, members can also choose to purchase tokens, a sort of on-site currency that gives access to bonus features, such as promoting the profile. The concept isn’t unique to OurTime. Another popular website that uses coins is Zoosk.com. However, on OurTime the bonus features unlocked by the coins are very limited and we didn’t feel it was worth investing in tokens.

Another thing to consider before signing up to OurTime, or to any other online dating site, as a matter of fact, is online scam.

The site itself is serious and does its best to keep users protected. OurTime boasts a profile verification system and other perks designed to keep members safe. Yet, online scammers can get their way into the system and OurTime tends to be a preferred target.

Our guess is that scammers take advantage of the members’ age mainly to steal their money. This issue isn’t unique to this platform but you’ll still have to pay more attention to it. Alternatively,  you could consider a non-senior dating site which attracts senior members, such as eHarmony.com.

All in all, OurTime.com is an awesome dating site for people over 50. Yes, you’ll have to be aware of scammers. But in the end, they are everywhere nowadays. As long as you’ll keep your eyes open and follow the basic online dating rules, this platform is an awesome place to make new friends and connect with new people.

What Is OurTime.com?


OurTime.com is a dating site created for single people aged 50 or older who are looking for romance or only for a friend. The platform looks very much like Match.com and it has essentially the same features. Some of the features that are more or less the same include the handpicked daily matches and the detailed profiles that help members get a good grasp of the interests and lifestyle of a potential match.

Like most dating sites, OurTime.com comes with all the basic features of email and chat. In addition, the site allows members to connect with other members discreetly over text message or phone, along with sending digital gifts and flirts.

A great feature, in my opinion, is that the platform allows you to keep track of all your activity on the site and it allows to see which profiles are interested in you. This makes searching and navigating a lot easier, helping you to engage in communication only with those profiles that matter.

It is also awesome the way in which OurTime encourages communication via email by showcasing Message Ideas on each profile.

Just like Match.com, OurTime sends 10 daily matches to all members, picking the profiles according to the information saved by the users. Additional profiles are easy to find using the search function or playing the website’s game.

Filtering options include a selection by ethnicity or children. The game, called I’m Interested, shows you profile pictures of members who could be a potential match, giving you the opportunity to like or dislike the photo.

Thanks to almost unlimited search options, finding a match is very easy, and the website has millions of active members in the US and in other countries throughout the world.

The desktop and mobile web versions are completed by a comprehensive app that allows all users to stay connected no matter where they are.

Created for seniors, this dating site allows members to connect in many ways and it’s suitable for all personality types. The interface is attractive without being overwhelming and it holds an impressive amount of information.

We also like the profiles which comprise sections regarding interests, questions and answers, and more. Another nice perk is that profiles show the past encounters of other members, letting you know if it’s worth investing time in starting communication or not.

Certainly, like all other sites, OurTime comes with advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a closer look at them.

OurTime.com Advantages

  • Sign up process: OurTime has a simple, comprehensive and assisted signup process which includes several sections to help users create a detailed profile.
  • Matching options: this site allows members to search for their own matches based on established criteria; moreover, the platform also recommends daily matches using the same criteria.
  • Interaction: OurTime counts thousands of active users, extensive search options, I’m Interested game and an outstanding matching algorithm. Interacting with members is easy either by mails, instant messaging, or private calling and texting.
  • Simple layout: unlike many other online dating sites, OurTime is not overwhelming. It has a simple layout and is easy to navigate.
  • Membership options: registering and browsing OurTime is completely free, and so is sending flirts. If you want to chat or answer messages, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid membership. There are several plans and upgrading is easy and affordable.

OurTime.com Disadvantages

  • Like on many other dating sites, free members don’t have access to all features.
  • Some members who are less familiar with technology and dating sites may be overwhelmed by the amount of information required.
  • ​The profile remains invisible until the member uploads a profile photo, and many of the advanced features require add-on purchases.

OurTime.Com Features

If you’re still here, it means OurTime.com caught your interest and you want to learn more about the features and perks of this site. Here are the best features of this platform.

Six-Step Registration Process

There are many dating sites that have a simple and straightforward registration process, but OurTime excels at it. The registration process has six quick steps. And by quick I mean it takes a minute to go through all of them.

First, select your sexual orientation and that of a potential match. Choose your geographical area and zip code, then create a username and password. Once you’ve provided the email address, the website takes you to the dashboard, where you’re asked to provide a profile picture and to fill up a bio. Both steps can be skipped but your profile will remain hidden until you upload a photo.

Lastly, the platform asks you to browse through 10 photos and select those members who seem interesting. You can then send a flirt or a conversation starter to the selected members and the platform will use your preference to send you future matches.

Some recent features include some open-end fields and multiple choice questions that allow members to add more information about them in a hassle-free manner. The assisted signup process takes place in a chat-like window where a virtual assistant will just ask for information and will complete all the steps for you.

A nice thing is that the questions are not too personal, revealing just the right amount of information to help people understand whether you could be a potential match while maintaining a bit of mystery.

At the end of the registration process, the site will ask you to sign up for a paid account, explaining the enhanced features available to the paid members. This step is optional and can be skipped. Once registered, you can start browsing and you may even benefit from a trial period that allows you to use all the enhanced features before committing to a plan.

Logging in is also very simple. You’ll just have to enter your email address and password, a feature that makes it easier for you to memorize your login details.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Because this dating site is designed for seniors, the developers have focused on creating an easy platform that is easy to use even by those less navigated in the online medium. The dashboard, therefore, is dead simple yet not annoying.

It consists of an inbox section, a section where you can check your connections and the profiles you liked, a search section and various subsections which help members understand how to search through profiles and how to communicate with others.

Once you’ve logged in, the homepage transforms into a massive feed which aggregates all profiles that could be a potential match.

All potential matches are showcased with a large profile picture and information that includes the username and location. Visiting profiles, sending flirts or messages, and answering your matches is also easy and hassle-free.

From the dashboard, you can also change preferences, add pictures, answer questions about your preferences, fill in and change your bio, and more.

Detailed Profiles

An awesome feature of OurTime is the amount of information included in the profiles. At first, it may seem overwhelming. But as detailed above, filling in the details is easy and all you have to do is to choose pre-written answers to questions, select preferences, and play games.

On the other hand, the detailed profiles allow members to decide whether someone is a good match or not. This is particularly useful if you really like someone’s profile picture, as you’ll know if the member could be a potential match.

The detailed profiles also help the matching algorithm select new matches; based on your preferences, you’ll receive 10 new matches each day. If you choose to contact any of those matches,  the algorithm will save your preferences and will use them to select the new batch of profiles.

Advanced Options

It’s useless to hide it, we all love advanced search options when looking for a match, and OurTime has plenty. Members can select to see users based on their geographical area, age, sexual preference, whether they have children or not, and more.

These search options can be changed at any time and are divided into a standard search page and a “hot or not” swiping game.

Advanced search options also include searching a match based on ethnicity, zodiac sign, status, height, body build, and many other alternatives.

The results are displayed in a different page and show the profile picture of the members who match your searching criteria, their online status, age, and location.

Community Updates

Largely an online dating site, OurTime is used by many members as a social platform where they can find people of a close age and sharing similar interests. This means you can use this platform to make new friends, find pen pals, or just a travel buddy if you feel alone.

The nice thing is that you’ll receive constant community updates, invites to events, and access to a bunch of useful resources including a blog with online dating tips and advice.

The community updates act as a sort of newsfeed on your homepage and show important information updated by your connections, and more.

Connection & Communication

Once you’ve browsed and searched through profiles, you may want to connect and communicate with those you like. As a free member, connection and communication include sending flirts or conversation starters. That’s it, and you won’t be able to take communication to the next level unless you subscribe to a paid plan.

Yes, this is frustrating but most dating sites have the same policy, so it’s just the norm. The good news is that OurTime.com is affordable and has a weekly plan from which you can opt out at any moment.

That said, subscribing to become a paid member opens a whole world of opportunities. You’ll be able to send emails or start chat conversations, send flirts, buy tokens to send virtual gifts, and even call or text someone without revealing your identity.

The safety features are advanced and the platform does its best to verify profiles. This doesn’t mean there aren’t fake profiles on the platform. Many users, mostly ladies, have complained about scammers. However, it’s enough to just follow common sense and good online dating practices to avoid being scammed.

OurTime has a whole section dedicated to cyber-security, online dating, and how to stay safe when meeting someone in person.

Final Thoughts

OurTime is one of the most detailed, comprehensive and easy to use online dating sites. It has a generous base of 50 years old or older singles and attracts subscribers from all over the world.

With an interface and features similar to Match.com, this platform is appealing and rich in personal information. It has attractive profile features and engaging games. The “hot or not” game allows members to have some fun while the algorithm registers any personal preferences.

With secure communication options and a bunch of advanced perks accessible via tokens, OurTime is the platform to be if you’re over 50, single, and looking for a date.

Roxana Bikfalvi
As a pragmatic woman, Roxana didn't focus much on the matters of heart until falling head over hills for the wrong guy. After a devastating relationship, she studied the dynamics of dating and man's behavior to understand what went wrong. Her path drifted from science to letters, with the aim to share her knowledge with other women in need. She is now a contributor to Her Aspiration.

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