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OkCupid.com Review – An Attractive And Interactive Online Dating Site

Last updated on June 10, 2022 by Roxana Bikfalvi

In a maze of dating sites and apps, OkCupid.com is arguably the most popular. There are many things to like about this platform, yet not all users find it so outstanding. Read this OkCupid.com review to find out whether this platform could be the right one for you.

Born in 2003 and undoubtedly one of the most popular dating sites, OkCupid impresses with its simplicity. The platform is sleek and easy to navigate and is dedicated to singles of all ages and sexual orientations.

With a trustworthy reputation and enhanced user experience, this online dating platform stands out from the crowd because it’s free. Yes, it has paid membership plans too. But browsing profiles, viewing them, and interacting with other members is a thing all users can do.

Yet, users seem to have a love and hate relationship with this feature. On one hand, it’s awesome to message anyone you like. On the other hand, this feature encourages everyone to interact, not only those interested in romance.

In other words, this platform is ideal for romance but you could very well chat with people who only want to make virtual friends.

That said, OkCupid.com truly has the potential of matching people. With an ample base of users and an impressive number of singles looking for their better half, this online dating site promises easy interactions and a lively environment where to be.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up To OkCupid.com

Free and easy to use, OkCupid.com may seem like the perfect dating site to try. And up to an extent, it really is. This platform addresses all users; whether you’re looking for a pal or for the love of your life, there are high chances to find it here.

Moreover, you can sign up and start looking for romance regardless of your sexual orientation, which is awesome.

Yet, some users have reported it difficult to find long-term relationships on this site. The reason is quite simple. Due to a free messaging system, all users can interact with each other. And this means that you can receive many messages from users that are not interested in romance at all.

With a majorly young audience, OkCupid also counts a high number of users who are interested in hookups and short-term dating.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find your Mr. Right here. Fortunately, each member can specify the desired type of relationship and the matching algorithm sorts these answers to show you interesting potential matches.

Another negative side of the free messaging system is that it encourages scamming. Although there were only a few cases, some members complained about fake profiles.

Furthermore, OkCupid.com counts thousands of active members but the vast majority are based in large cities. If you’re from a quiet town and are looking for a potential match within a manageable distance, this platform might not be the right one for you.

All in all, this dating platform is awesome as long as you understand its benefits and limitations.

What Is OkCupid.com?


OkCupid.com is easy to define as a dating site and social platform in one. With an intuitive design, a quick signup process and a no-frills navigation, this dating site attracts thousands of new users each day.

Counting hundreds of active members at any given time, OkCupid.com is unlike the other dating sites – it’s free. An easy signup process allows you to create a profile from scratch or to use your Facebook account for a quicker progression.

Upon providing your first name and a password, the platform walks you through the creation of a personalized profile, including a bio section, open-end questions, and a series of yes or no questions. All this information is then used by the matching algorithm to suggest potential matches.

Once the free registration is over, you can dive right into browsing and search for matches. No need to wait for your profile to be approved and no need to subscribe to a paid plan. You can just “like” those profiles that seem interesting if you want to find them at a later time, or just send a message to someone you really like.

An attractive interface with updated homepages allows users to have a real social experience that goes beyond online dating.

Whether you’re looking for hookups, occasional dating, or something more serious, this platform is the right place to be. And to help you decide whether or not it’s worth to invest time and energy in chatting with someone, OkCupid.com even shows you the matching compatibility you have with every profile you’re visiting.

For an enhanced experience, OkCupid also has a paid plan for members who want to take online dating one step further. The Premium membership gives you access to extra features, such as advanced search options and message storage, invisible browsing, and the ability to change your username.

OkCupid.com Advantages

  • Free membership. Browsing through profiles and interacting with the other users is completely free; you can start chatting as soon as the signup process is over.
  • Quick signup. Although OkCupid bases its matching algorithm on a quiz,  the process is very quick and tireless.
  • Friendly interface. Unlike many other dating sites, this platform presents a super user-friendly interface that incorporates features similar to a social platform.
  • Cheap subscription. OkCupid.com has a Premium section reserved to paid members and subscribing to a Premium profile is way cheaper than all the other sites are offering.
  • Authentic experience. The platform is asking users to provide their first name instead of a username during the signup phase, and this makes the whole online dating experience more authentic.

OkCupid.com Disadvantages

  • Free browsing and interaction potentially attract more scammers; the platform also acts as a place for socializing, promoting interaction between members who aren’t necessarily looking for romance.
  • You’ll have to pay to gain access to all the features and perks this site has to offer. This includes seeing who has liked your profile.
  • ​Members from small towns have fewer chances to find a potential match who is close to them.

OkCupid.com Features

After knowing the pluses and minuses of this great platform, it’s time to learn more about its features. Let’s have a detailed look at them.

Easy Sign up

Creating an account and starting to browse through profiles on OkCupid.com is dead easy. This online dating platform gives members the possibility to  sign up either by filling a profile from scratch or by using their Facebook account.

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In the latter case, the platform will just use your first name as it’s registered on Facebook; otherwise, you’ll only have to provide your first name and to create a password to get on to the next step.

Similar to eHarmony and EliteSingles.com, OkCupid will walk you through a quiz-like signup process. You’ll be asked to answer a few yes or no questions along with some open-answer questions. Besides, you’ll also be asked to fill in a short bio.

Uploading a profile image is also possible during this phase, after which you’ll be able to start browsing.

What impresses about the signup process is its rapidity. Although you’ll have to answer questions, the quiz is fun and not at all tiresome.

Free Interactions

Probably the best feature of OkCupid is its free interaction. All members are free to browse through profiles, put a “like” on those profiles that seem interesting, or just send a message to another member without having to pay a dime.

So, a legit question arises. If OkCupid.com lets its members chat for free, how does it make money? Before thinking that there is something fishy going on, the platform earns through advertising. It also has a paid membership section for those users who want to gain access to the site’s extra features.

Extra Features

Available for the Premium members only, the extra features include advanced search options, the possibility to navigate in invisible mode, and the possibility to see who liked your profile.

The advanced search options include searching members in a certain geographical area or from a determined age group.

By navigating in invisible mode you’ll be able to browse and check all the profiles you want without anyone realizing you’re online. This is particularly useful if you’re already chatting with a potential match but just want to see what else is out there.

Seeing who liked your profile is also awesome as you’ll be able to discover new members that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

Another nice perk as a Premium member is the option to save your messages, an option that allows you to find your chats easier and without losing precious time to organize your inbox.


Quickmatch is OkCupid’s matching algorithm which is similar to that used by other platforms. Based on the answers provided to the questions during the signup phase, the algorithm finds potential matches and displays them for you.

This doesn’t limit the other functionalities of the site but lets you discover interesting profiles without a hassle.

The feature is particularly useful if you’re using the platform to find long-term romance, as it helps you avoid losing time.

Social Aspects

More than a dating site, OkCupid.com is also a social network. Encouraging members from all backgrounds to sign up and interact, the platform doesn’t limit interactions to dating.

During the sign up phase, you can choose whether you’re interested in long-term dating,  short-term dating, or friendship. Ideal for open minded users, the site also attracts the LGBT community by promoting equality between genders and sexual orientations.

Beyond the actual functionality, the social aspects are reflected in the design. The platform has an attractive interface and is very easy to use. It promotes the use of photos and albums, while the bio pages are ideal for members to speak about themselves.

Besides the online platform, an app available for Android and Apple devices allows users to take online dating with them everywhere.


Despite the initial fears the platform may be unsafe because it’s free, OkCupid proved itself a very secure site.

Yes, you may bump into fake profiles on this site. But after all, fake profiles manage to make it even onto the securest dating sites. Apart from this, OkCupid protects the users by giving them the chance to interact anonymously.

You can choose what to share and what not to share with the other members; by applying to a paid plan you can also change your username at a later date to enhance your anonymity. But whether you’re a Premium member or not, you’ll still be able to use the site’s communication tools for as long as you like.

To keep users safe, the platform also offers an array of Online Dating Safety Tips and other useful online dating information on their personal blog.

Final Thoughts

OkCupid.com is certainly one of the most interactive online dating sites. Allowing all members to browse and interact with each other, this platform takes online dating one step further. After all, a Premium subscription shouldn’t stand between you and your perfect match.

Despite this, the Premium membership unlocks a world of new features which include anonymous navigation, advanced search options, and more.

Moreover, one of the newest updates only sends to members those messages coming from profiles they liked. In this way, the platform limits the number of spam messages majorly towards heterosexual single women looking for romance.

Although one might thing OkCupid is not secure enough, I honestly didn’t feel unsafe on the platform. On the contrary, OkCupid was fun to use, engaging and entertaining.

Another thing I thoroughly enjoyed is the platform’s design. This online dating site follows the design pattern characteristic to most social networks, a feature that makes OkCupid.com way more enjoyable than many other platforms.

As a bottom line, OkCupid.com is a site that impresses. Easy to use, intuitive, and interactive, it is a dating site for all. No wonder why this platform is as popular as it is.

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