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What To Do When I Think That No One Will Ever Love Me (9 Positive Things)

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you in a position where you are thinking, “No one will ever love me?” You may just be having a bad day, which can turn itself around. Don’t get me wrong; we all have those days when everything seems impossible. You just don’t feel worthy of a partner, right?

You aren’t alone! We all have insecurities, but you are worthy of the love of the right person. You aren’t an ugly person who can’t be loved. Instead, you are one of a kind, someone anyone would be proud to be with. You just must have hope and believe in yourself. 

The most important thing you can do is not to lose faith! You may be suffering from a bout of low self-esteem if you haven’t been in an intimate relationship in a long time, but these things happen. It’s a normal part of life. You still deserve happiness as much as the next person!

Don’t think that feeling lonely just happens to you or that everyone falls in love, just not me. Those statements are wrong. We’ve all been there. Hold on to hope and know you are worthy of love!

9 Positive Things To Uplift Your Life and Make You Feel Better

1. Read some positive literature

Consider reading some self-improvement articles or books. The more you understand why you are feeling so insecure, the easier it will be to feel better about yourself. You may feel lonely right now, but so do millions of people! You are definitely not alone; we’ve all been in the situation where we have low self-confidence.

Learn about self-love and how you can improve your situation by being a more positive person. You can develop intimate relationships if you turn it over to a higher power and trust that things will work out in the end. The timing may just be off at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen for you at some point in the future! Be positive!

2. Remain confident in who you are

remain confident in who you are

Success lists many ways you can improve the confidence you have in yourself. One thing they suggest is working through uncomfortable moments; this is something that will make you a stronger person because you will have learned how to deal with something that doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Instead, you have overcome a struggle or something you are not comfortable with. This shows great progress in life and love. Another suggestion in the article is to reevaluate situations to separate facts from beliefs. You may think one thing is true when in reality, you were wrong, and that was just an irrational belief you had. 

A final suggestion offered in the article is to become more positive. Think of at least five positive thoughts for every one negative belief you have about yourself. This kind of positive thinking can go a long way toward helping you make the most out of life and winning over your low self-esteem. 

3. Work on your self-esteem

Whether you are in a relationship or not, we all have self-esteem issues. It just happens naturally. We forget to forgive our shortcomings and tend to focus on our negative qualities rather than the positive ones. Think smart and believe in yourself, and this will go a long way toward growing your self-esteem.

4. Have realistic expectations for yourself

When you look at your own expectations for yourself, what do you see? Are you being hard on yourself when really you should be giving yourself a break? What is preventing you from believing in yourself? Make sure you aren’t setting unrealistic expectations for yourself when you should be lightening up! Everyone needs some relief here!

5. Practice mindfulness

Stop thinking about your past relationships and viewing what you believe you did wrong in those relationships. Instead, think about the present time instead of the past or future. This is what mindfulness is all about - thinking only about what you are currently doing, not what happened to you in the past or what will happen in the future.

6. Find encouragement

Look for ways to encourage yourself; find a new hobby or sport that makes you happy. What are you most passionate about? Do you think you could grow that into a hobby or group activity you could enjoy with friends? Make yourself happy in new ways, and you’ll find that you are not so hard on yourself.

7. Talk it over with your support group

It’s important that you talk about your insecurities. Speak with your best friend or someone else who is encouraging in your life. Who lifts you up when you are down? If you believe no one will ever love you, you are incorrect because that person loves you! If you are looking for a romance, you may have to wait for the right timing to come along.

Don’t lose faith, though. Everyone’s timing in life is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. Just remember that we are each unique creatures and have different individual needs, so just because someone tells you things worked for them one way doesn’t mean it will do the same for you. Make up your own mind!

8. Turn it over to a higher power

If you don’t believe in God, turn to a higher power of some kind. If you trust that there is a higher power out there working in your life for the better and will turn things around for you eventually, you will grow a decent amount of hope. That hope can move mountains in your life. Did you often know what we believe is what comes true in our lives?

It’s true that if we focus on positive things that can happen in our world and have a positive outlook, more positive things will come our way. If you look at things from the negative side, the worst things tend to come true. This is called the “glass half full” or “glass half empty” viewpoint. How do you see things? Which side are you on?

Many times, if we just change our perspective, we can change our entire circumstances. Just believe that something great will come out of your negative times. Trust the Universe and trust God if you believe that He is the higher power! The Bible does say that God can move mountains and change the world, so have a little faith!

9. Talk it over with a trained therapist

talk it over with a trained therapist

A trained therapist or counselor can really help when you are feeling down on yourself. They have the tools and resources needed to help you thrive in life! Rely on a qualified mental health professional to guide you in the right direction. They have a lot to offer if you give them a chance! They can also recommend books or articles for you to read!

Some therapists can give you worksheets, pamphlets, or other materials as “homework.” This material can help you grow as an individual and realize the areas in your life that could use some improvement. What are your flaws? What areas do you need to work on? The right counselor can steer you toward positive change!


How do you accept that no one will ever love you?

That’s not something that you should accept. Everyone is loved by someone; you may have decided in your head that no one will ever love you, but you can make up your mind to put that thought aside and start thinking positively and not feel sorry for yourself.

Why is no one in love with me?

You may have just not found the right person right now. You need to stay confident and know that the right person is out there, waiting for you; the timing may just not be right at the moment. That doesn’t mean no one will ever love you!

Why does no one want to date me?

If you are not in a romantic love relationship right now, you may just not be ready for one. Maybe right now, you need to focus on your friends and family - your support group and lean on them for what they do best - support you. The timing is just off right now.

Is there anyone who will love me?

There is someone out there for everyone. If you love rubber ducks, there is someone out there who shares your passion. Don’t feel bad; they may be thinking they are ugly and don’t deserve someone either when really the two of you are perfect for each other.

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How do you love yourself?

The best way to love yourself is to accept pain and responsibility for your feelings, make any changes necessary, take action when needed, and look at the good things in your life. That means that you should learn from your mistakes, embrace new things, and count your blessings. 

The Bottomline

Make sure when you evaluate your relationship status that you aren’t too hard on yourself. Negative thoughts can be a true hindrance to self-improvement. In real life, everyone is lovable and will find the right person when the time is right. Just have a little faith! Please share in the comments!

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

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