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My Husband Ignores Me (4 Things You Should Do Right Away)

February 4, 2023

Is your husband currently ignoring you? 

Are you wondering why he would behave this way?

More importantly, would you like to know the most effective ways to respond to this situation? 

If so, read on because this guide answers these questions in depth. 

However, before we dive into the meat of the advice, it’s very important you read these next few sentences carefully. 

A dramatic change in your husband’s behaviour doesn’t just appear out of thin air. 

If you think he is overreacting by completely ignoring you, it’s likely there’s something else going on behind the scenes to make him act like this. 

The best thing you can do in such a situation is to find out for yourself what’s happening. 

That’s why I wanted to let you know about this incredibly powerful online tracking tool

With just a few of your husband’s details input into its database, this tool is able to pull together an extensive database of his recent communications.

You’ll discover who he’s been frequently contacting, what online services he has been using, what contact details he has registered and more. 

Put simply, this tool will make it immediately obvious if there’s something dodgy going on behind these scenes. 

With this information in hand, it’ll be far easier for you to react appropriately. Read on for four ideas on what you should do in this situation.

How Do You React When Your Husband Ignores You?

There are so many ways to react instinctively when your husband ignores you, yet they're not always constructive or helpful to improving your relationship or marriage with your other half. In fact, without management you can cause serious harm to the connection that you and your husband do have so it is important to arm yourself with techniques that can help improve relations between the two of you. Here, we look at good ways of reacting to your husband every time he ignores you so that you can help your marriage move forward.

Concentrate On Yourself

Concentrating on yourself is a constructive way of dealing with lack of communication from your husband. It may sound counter intuitive focusing on yourself and your needs, but wives very often focus on other family members other than themselves - when this is mixed with husbands who don't talk to you, it can make your life a very isolated place.

To stop that from happening, ensure that you have something in your life that is just for you. You don't have to do it every day, but it will mean you have a hobby or something that you are proud to do at times your husband is not talking to you. It can make things a lot easier for you in the long run.

Give Him The Silent Treatment

Some women say that they feel like they make a lot of progress when they give their husband the silent treatment when their husbands won't talk to them. The reason being is that they feel like they get a lot of control back in their life when they can't seemingly do anything to help the situation. So, by being able to control their own behavior they feel they are at least doing something to make themselves happier.

The silent treatment can be beneficial if you choose to use it because it can give your husband a taste of his own medicine and let him know what it feels like to be treated as he treats you.

However, there is a problem with the silent treatment in that it does not get to the root of the problem between you and your husband. Your relationship may never improve unless you address why he does not want to talk to you in the first place. Plus it can be hard to learn how to ignore husband who ignores you if he is already giving you the silent treatment - he may not even notice that you are doing it.

Sit Him Down To Talk

Bearing this in mind, it can be helpful to simply sit down and talk to your partner about why he is ignoring you. Find a way to get him to open up to you so that you can talk things through. You probably did not see this type of behavior before you got married, so try to spend time getting your relationship or marriage back to how it was when you first started dating or when you first married.

Whilst you need to take care that you do not inflame the reason that he is not talking to you in the first place, you will never be able to resolve the issue that caused the silent treatment if you never really fully address it either.

Consider Marriage Counseling

Going to a therapist who specializes in relationships can be extremely advantageous to any marriage - particularly those where wives complain that their 'husband won't talk to me for days'. A marriage counselor is great as support through what may be really tough times. They can provide a couple with a course to follow to work through their problems and issues and fundamentally improve their ability to have a conversation about anything that causes friction between the two of them.

A therapist can help a couple face up to long standing problems that have been going on for a long time. Some problems will have started between two people in a marriage months ago if not years ago. They take time to work through and therapy is a good way to do that.

Why Does My Husband Ignore Me All The Time?

Why Does My Husband Ignore Me All The Time?

So why is it that a partner stops communicating with you. If you have ever pondered 'my husband doesn't talk to me for days' or wondered 'why does my wife ignore me', then you may find some comfort in the following reasons. While not all of these reasons will occur at the same time, they certainly can do. However, it could just be that one of them has set your husband off on this course of action.

He's Immature

One of the major reasons that a husband would do something like ignore his wife is that he is emotionally immature. Giving someone the silent treatment is a behavior often seen in kids and teenagers and so if you see it with your husband, or who ever you are in a relationship with, it is most likely that the needs to be told or shown how better to react to an issue in a more constructive manner. Emotional immaturity can be very hard to deal with, so have patience and try to help your partner use different avenues to tell you how he is feeling.

He Does Not Know How To Express Himself

If you are married to a person who ignores you as a way to show you that he is displeased, it is probably the case that he doesn't know how to express himself otherwise. Like with a person who is emotionally immature, a husband or partner who has been hurt in some way, may choose not to talk to you because he does not feel he has any other way of asking for help. If you think this sounds like the one you love, try to talk to him as plainly as possible to get him to open up to you to help things in your relationship.

You Have Hurt His Feelings

While it can be frustrating dealing with a person who is giving you the silent treatment, a simple explanation for it could be that you have hurt his feelings somehow. This is why you must try your hardest to get him to open up to you in a conversation so that if you find out you need to say sorry, you can do. With the right affection and sensitivity from a spouse, it is usually possible to put things right again with your husband. Additionally, once you have apologized for what you may have done, it is important to then go on to tell your partner that you need him to tell you of any complaints in the future so that you do not have to have a horrid silent treatment period again.

He Doesn't Realise

Once in a while, your husband could be giving you the silent treatment but not realizing that he is doing so. It may sound strange, and it won't always be the case, but men can be pretty silent beings at times. They sometimes will not be talking to their spouse simply because they are concentrating on demands in their life elsewhere.

What Does It Mean When Your Husband Avoids You?

Sometimes, in addition to being ignored, it may happen that a husband will avoid his wife in a relationship too. This is very tough to endure as one of the nicest and best things about being in a relationship is the physical closeness of it. If he avoids you and shows no signs of intimacy, it can be heartbreaking. Here we look at what it means in your relationship if your husband avoids you.

He's Unhappy

Avoiding the person you are meant to be in a committed relationship with is a pretty drastic action to take. Nobody wants to be a relationship where they don't want to be in the same room as the woman they are married to or have set up a home with.

However, sadly, avoidance can happen as a direct result of being unhappy in either the relationship itself or as a symptom of depression. If you fear this is the case with your partner, sit him down and ask him if you can help in any way.

He's Stressed

A huge reason that a man may avoid you is because he is stressed and he doesn't know how to approach you or any other loved ones or friends. As a result, he recoils into himself and shows silence to the outside world. Stress can affect so many people in different ways and it can cause a lot of pain to those around the person who is dealing with a taxing time in their life.

Again, like with when you fear your husband is unhappy, it is best for your relationship if you ask him if he needs your help. As his wife, you are the one that is best placed to ask him if everything is ok and hopefully he will answer your questions openly and honestly.

He Is Having An Affair

If your husband is avoiding you, and especially avoiding having sex with you, it could be that he is sadly having an affair with another woman. This is not always the case and so it is crucial that you talk to him about his actions as you may otherwise only see divorce as your only solution if you do not confirm with him that he is sleeping with someone else.

Having an affair is a huge deal to get over in a relationship and no one will come out of the situation unscathed. If you feel like your husband doesn't talk to you because he is having a sex life outside of the marriage, this is a problem you need to address as soon as possible to minimize the fall out as much as possible - especially if you have children.

He Is Struggling With Other Issues

Men might start to go silent on us if they have a lot on their mind and a lot on their plate. Much like dealing with a person who is incredibly stressed or very unhappy to the point of depression, your husband may have shut down in terms of communication with you as a way of coping. The good news is, that it may be that he is struggling with issues that are nothing to do with you, but he is avoiding you without realizing. This could be because he is seeking quiet so that he can work through his thoughts and feelings that are causing him concern.

What Does It Mean When Someone Ignores You?

What Does It Mean When Someone Ignores You?

It can be that it isn't just a husband that ignores you from time to time, but a best friend or anyone that you are close to. Here we look at reasons why they may give you the silent treatment just like a husband can in even the happiest of marriages.

They Want To Distance Themselves

When someone doesn't talk to you, it could be that they no longer really want to be friends with you and feel that your friendship has run its course. While they should absolutely have the respect for you to tell you to your face, sometimes people often go for the easier option of simply avoiding or ignoring you until you stop contacting them. It's incredibly immature, but it does happen very frequently.

They Have Difficulty With Showing Their Feelings

As with husbands who have difficulties in expressing themselves, even our oldest and dearest friends can have issues with showing their feelings sometimes and will need some help to do so. Avoiding you may be something they are doing instead of talking to you about what it is that is troubling them. If you think this may be the case, ensure, like you should with your husband, that you open up the lines of communication so that you can talk through whatever the problem is.

It's A Form Of Control

When people avoid you it can actually be a way for them to assert control over you and the connection you have. By avoiding you they are making you do all the work in maintain the friendship so that when they do decide to stop avoiding you, you will quickly respond to their requests or demands. This is a very complicated mind game to be playing and does not work towards having the healthiest of friendships with someone, so do talk them through how their actions make you feel if you want to maintain contact with them.They don't know how to communicate

What To Do When Your Partner Ignores You - The Bottom Line

If you feel like 'my husband ignores me' or perhaps if you feel like ' my wife ignores me', it can be a particularly bitter pill to take as it can be so different to how you imagined your relationship to be. To help the situation, any therapist will always advocate talking through issues - even if your husband seems like he doesn't want to communicate the smallest little thing with you.

If this is the case with your marriage, simply talk at your husband for as long as it takes for him to interact with you again. It may help him understand where you are coming from and therefore help improve relations between the two of you if they have become frosty.

Are you in a marriage or relationship where your partner stops talking to you for extended periods of time, repeatedly? Or does your husband avoid you on occasion to for reasons that you are unsure of as he won't talk them through with you? If this sounds similar to something that you have gone through, leave your comments below in how you have dealt with the situation and moved your relationship forward, or how you improved relations between you and your other half. Or share this article with someone you know is dealing with a partner who cuts them off and gives them the silent treatment.


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