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How To Be a Good Girlfriend? Tips To Make Him Fall For You

So you’ve found the guy whom you don’t want to let out of your grip. He’s everything you want in a man, all you dreamt of before you met him. One thing to remember is that there are probably other women who have an interest in him too. So, you have to learn how to be a good girlfriend if you want him to fall for you.

It does not take so much effort from your part, but it’s something you certainly want to have at your fingertips. Here then are some tips.

Hear him out

At times, your man may be having a rough day at work or elsewhere, and all he needs is someone to listen to him. Take this as an opportunity to show you care and give him attention as he goes on with what's bothering him.

Healthy communication dictates being a good listener to your partner, therefore, give him an ear without saying much. He will certainly feel better and thank you for being there for him.

Make him feel good about himself

Ever thought the tough looking dude might need some flattering too? That’s right, even though guys like to put on a tough exterior, deep inside they too yearn to be complimented once in a while.

Should you fail to do so, he will no doubt go in search of other women to pay him a compliment, and you do not want that, am sure. Go ahead, highlight his good side every once in a while.

Let him be in control

Men are just that, wanting to be the ones in control in a relationship. Your guy appreciates anytime you consult him on matters and also let him take the lead. Think of it as an inborn need he has.

No matter how small, let him show you caring in all manner of ways. Something as little as cooking you dinner or even offering to pick groceries after work. Anything to show you’ve let him care for you.

Ooze confidence

Men love women who are confident. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that such a girl will not hesitate to go after her heart. Quit being the conventional girl only knowledgeable in pots and pans but show confidence in all areas of your life.

Including determination to have him on your side as long as it takes. When he sees how confident you are he will be happy to be on your team. After all, who doesn’t enjoy having such a woman by his side?

Special is good

Small things matter. That’s especially so when you’re working at making your guy feel special to you. Think up ways to make him know he’s the one including something as modest as giving him a foot rub when he comes home from work.

Let your imagination loose as you figure out ways to show him love by doing some special things for your guy. Special is good especially if it involves doing something for the man who has your heart thumping in your chest.

Be a tiger in the bed

No doubt you know by now that guys love adventure. Even when it happens in between the sheets, your guy will be grateful when you reveal your wild side. Learn some tips on the ways to drive him crazy with your moves, and you have him all hooked.

You don’t have to act out the things you watch when no one else is around but can borrow a leaf with a little research. Go ahead, unleash the tiger in you and you have him wrapped around your little finger.

Forget the small stuff

It is no myth; guys detest girls who make a big deal about everything. Watch out you do not send your guy into the arms of another by bringing up trivial things to the table all the time.

So what if he doesn’t remember to put the toilet seat back down after he’s done? You love him anyway, so you can find a good way to remind him instead of making a fuss. Perhaps a colorful reminder stuck on the bathroom door will do the trick.

Keep your voice down

Guys make a mess of things at times, some that seems as somewhat common-sense to a girl. No matter the fact, do not raise your voice at him as he will take that as an attempt to control him.

Instead, you can let him know his mistake in a candid manner that communicates you care about his feelings. Make nagging a never-to-do in your relationship. No use for you to act like an old housewife with little else to do but nag her man.

Be pleasant

Have you ever encountered a girl who has everything going for her in the looks department but possesses a nasty attitude as well? You probably also know of her constant search for a man to love as well.

Having a pleasant demeanor acts as an irresistible attraction to your guy. Don’t be so hung up you end up chasing off the one you love. Be the girl he looks forward to spending time with at the end of the day.

Trust him

Trust is an important ingredient in a relationship, who doesn’t like to know they are trustworthy? Your man can use a show of trust from you by letting him have some space.

It doesn’t help to keep trying to monitor his every move instead allow him liberty in knowing he has your trust. That is unless of course should things change on the scene. In which case the decision will be yours to trust or not trust again.

Let him know he is your one

Doesn’t matter if you are the kind of girl every guy dreamed of dating back in high school. Or you’ve been approached to appear in a commercial since leaving school. No matter you are well blessed in the looks department you will need to make him know his place.

He is your number one; you chose him among other guys. Go ahead, act the part by staying faithful to him thus dispel any feelings of jealousy. Leave no doubt it is him you have chosen by making him feel special all the time.

Food and more food

You may not be the Chef around the corner but where food is concerned your guy needs to see some effort just for him. Whip up some basic recipes that have him recognize the special effort.

Grandma was right - food sure is the way to a man’s heart, therefore, do not miss the importance of taking care of it. Your effort to that end no doubt leaves a mark on your man.

Be friendly to his friends

They are the ones he hung out with before you came on the scene. A night out with the boys might be your guy’s way to unwind, and now that he’s met you should not cease. Show respect by appreciating his friends and allow him time with them.

Your friends matter too, so what makes you think he doesn't need his? Show him some respect and treat his friends right.

Friends and lovers

Good friends make good lovers too. If you share similar interests with your guy, the relationship stands a higher chance to survive. Go out of your way to engage in activities together as a way to cement the relationship.

It pays if you make your guy enjoy companionship through shared interests. This way, build the connection to greater levels.

Encourage your man

There’ll be times your man requires to know you believe in him. Point out things in a positive light especially when he’s in the dumps. No matter the situation, do not point out the negative but be the one to prove to him there is hope.

In the small and big issues of life, your guy needs someone to pat him on the shoulder every once in a while. Why not take up the role?

Appreciate him

We all need appreciation, and this goes for the guys too. Anytime he does something for you, be support, let him know you appreciate the effort. You can either use words to let him know or punkie ways at bedtime.

Only make sure he knows you appreciate him as this is sure to spike his confidence levels.

Be generous with the love notes

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to coin up a few love messages to your guy. Tell him how much you love him and wake him up with a note about how good the time you spent together was.

There are probably a thousand places you can leave your guy a note around the house. Not forgetting your phone which is on hand all the time.

Bring out his potential

Let’s face it. There are enough people all around, waiting to shove negative energy towards your man. If you can be the one who reminds him that he can do it, don’t go slack on it.

Behind every successful man... you’ve heard it said. Be his cheerleader, and you will have a lot to share in the outcome.

Respect does count for a man

The fact he's the man in the relationship means he needs to enjoy the leadership status as well. Not only that but freedom as well, so he can properly exercise the role. Smother your man with respect, and you have him glued to you.

Respect is to a guy what love is to a girl and so never deny him this important benefit.

Let go of the past

So he’s hurt you before. Perhaps it was something he said or did that ended up rubbing you the wrong way. No matter the fact you made up and agreed to forgive. Why does it come up then anytime the two of you disagree?

No use hanging onto water under the bridge, therefore, allow the past where it belongs. In the past.

Flaws exist

You have a couple of them, so does your man no doubt. Instead of dwelling on his flaws you can choose to accept them instead. A man who feels accepted despite his shortcomings will feel comfortable being with you.

Quit playing the angel but embrace your man flaws and all. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.

Anger is a killer

If there’s anything that’s responsible for the death of many relationships is acting out against each other in anger. A lot has been said when people are angry and cannot be taken back after that.

Anytime you feel anger rises, take time off to cool down so you do not say something you might regret. Especially for the one you love.

Do not let the sun go down

So you’ve had your first argument. Not quite the thing you had in mind in regard to the one you love. You realize for you to move on you need to settle the issue with your man.

Do not allow it to smother too long instead determine to deal with it as soon as you can. Come bedtime nothing should be in the way of a great evening ahead together.

Go on, surprise your man

Surprise! Enjoy the look on the face of your guy when you do something unexpected for him. Might be got him a new set of grooming essentials or even that watch he’s been eyeing for quite some time.

Nothing beats the look of excitement when he rips open the box to reveal the gift. And you can be sure you will love the after effect after he’s over it!

Have a life!

The fact you are in love with him doesn’t mean you are not chained to each other. Each of you has a life besides each other therefore quit acting as if he’s all yours. True your guy is special, but that’s not to say there’s nothing else in life.

It would be wise if you could have activities just for you. As well as friends. Think of what you have to fall back on should the relationship go sour. I pray it doesn’t though!

Not for granted

You’ve been together for some time now, and you just want to enjoy your guy without putting any effort into it. How wrong you are! Like anything else, being in love is work, and you need to keep on with it in your relationship.

No room to take things for granted therefore hit the road with the job. Work on the way you look among other things your guy appreciates in you.

Privacy is key

You are itching to take a look when a message pops up on his phone but know how that riles him. You too have a screen lock on your phone but can't resist taking a glance on his, right?

Do unto him as you would he does to you. Instead of stealing sideways glances at his phone why don’t you give it up altogether and give the guy some space? He too needs it like you do, after all, it might be some naughty jokes he’s exchanging with colleagues at work.

Have some alone time to do what you love

Nothing works to help keep drudgery off your relationship as taking time to yourself. Pamper yourself getting a massage or curl up on the seat with your favorite book. No use for you to feel guilty about it as he’ll most likely respect your space.

At the end of the day, you need to feel good about yourself and what better way than to engage in private pleasure all for you? Go on; slink off for some time to reconnect with your inner being!

Make his friends your ally

This is not to say you should be friends with them but if you can get his friends to like you, it’s a plus for you. Remember that he requires their approval to have you to himself, so these are people you want to have on your side.

You perhaps know that friends can make or break a relationship, therefore, tread carefully where they are concerned. Don’t make him have to choose between you and the friends he had way before you came on the scene.

Final Thoughts

Being a good girlfriend is something am sure is top on your list. All around you are a girl looking for that special guy so count yourself lucky to have found your one already. Now all that remains is for you to keep being what he wants in a girl.

A little effort and some thoughtfulness go a long way towards the goal. Research on how to be a good girlfriend if you have to then soak up ideas you deem useful. Besides having a warm relationship, it’s worth working at it without leaving anything to chance.

Drum up the strength and go ahead to discover ways of taking what you have together to another level. You will be glad you traveled the distance.


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