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eHarmony vs OkCupid- Which one should you opt for in 2022?

Last updated on July 30, 2022 by Roxana Bikfalvi

At a glance

 eHarmony- this is a dating site for individuals looking for a long-term and meaningful relationship and not just for fun as compared to Tinder. The site focuses at one’s personalities and not just the physical appearance and one is critically analyzed and an automatic matching is done depending on your personalities. It is not flooded and is good for people newbies to the numerous dating sites.

OkCupid- it was launched in 2003 and it is the most popular dating site as it is free of charge, and this means it will have very many users, right? Indeed, it does as it has over 100 million monthly visits and therefore there are plenty of people for you to connect with. With that being said, you can imagine the number of users and the number of countries using this site. There are 32 million users from all kinds of backgrounds and 200 countries with diverse languages.

How to Choose a Dating Site

You need to understand that there over 1,000 dating sites and choosing the one that suits your interests and needs can be quite crazy, cumbersome and grueling but you need not worry because here is where we will narrow you down to one that woos and befits you.

Both eHarmony and OkCupid are legit and trustworthy and one does not  need to worry about scam because they are used by real users. Both of these sites are popular and their being popular enables you to find interesting potential dates.

So, what kind of person are you? Are you into romance and casual hangout or are you looking for a serious and meaningful relationship?

If you are a serious person then the later one would appeal you but if you are a person who is generally having fun then the former would best fit you.

I can also advice you to do some research or just take my word for it and look at these two dating sites; I am a 100% sure - or let’s say 99.9% sure - you won't regret it (the 0.01% is for the benefit of doubt) and besides it will save you lots of work, time and resources!

OkCupid is a free app and it gives you the “try before you buy” formula for the newbies. Since it is free, you won’t have to stress over paid membership plans. It has a questionnaire but eHarmony is much more complex so if you want a speedier process then OkCupid would be a better option.

The differences are quite many and therefore we will play a game to see which one befits you best. This game is a competition between the two dating sites and at the end I will declare the winner. We will look at the pros and cons and pick out one that is perfect for you. Ready? Let the games begin!


Both eHarmony and OkCupid are international sites and are easily accessible. They are both long-standing dating sites that started out small and later expanded their boundaries. The former is largely available in over 190 countries which is pretty much the western region.

The later, on the other hand, is available in almost all countries and continents. It is used in the following countries; North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and perhaps Antarctica. The only counties where OkCupid is not available are countries that a US company is not allowed to conduct legal business.

Therefore, in availability eHarmony wins in this round.

Website Availability Link
OkCupid Over 100 countries Read review
eHarmony Over 190 countries Read review

Winner: eHarmony


It is not easy to decide on popularity as they are both popular in their own unique ways. As we saw earlier, OkCupid is a free dating site and hence it is much more popular to eHarmony so there you already have a winner even without necessarily looking at the figures but to confirm our theory, lets look at both their popularity in terms of figures.

eHarmony, registers around 5 million visits per month while OkCupid boasts about 100 million visits each month. Wow, that’s quite a huge difference and these figures speak volumes concerning the popularity of these two dating sites.

Website Visits / month Link
OkCupid 100 million Read review
eHarmony 5 million Read review

Winner: OkCupid

Sign-up Process

Both sites have a lengthy process of application in terms of signing up but very manageable questions.

 OkCupid is quite interesting to sign-up as it impresses you with sleek graphics and a classic questionnaire that is enhanced by cartoons and funny messages that helps you fill your questionnaire with ease and less tension. It also takes less than 15 minutes to sign up since the questions are just basic information about yourself.

Basically, you are asked about your relationship goals, personality and what you looking for in a partner. Easy right? Then once you have filled the information needed you can play fun games like “hot or not” or scroll through profiles and find your perfect match.

eHarmony unlike OkCupid is lengthier, it has around 150 questions about hobbies, goals, likes, dislikes, deal-breakers, and many more. This because eHarmony has 29 Dimensions of Compatibility matching systems which help the site determine who you match with.

While the questions are fun and engaging, it can be mentally frustrating and exhausting but once you are through with the sign-up, you can be sure to start enjoying the service and connecting with your match. It actually takes you around 30-60 minutes to sign up but if you are looking for a serious partner then an hour is not that long to wait.

Website Sign-Up Process Link
OkCupid 15 minutes Read review
eHarmony 30-60 minutes Read review

Winner: OkCupid


Both platforms are popular however, they are different in terms of features. eHarmony controls you as they offer a guided online dating experience therefore you have inexistent control over who to strike a conversation with. Actually, the only control you have is the answers you will provide in the questionnaire the rest is guided by the site.

OkCupid is a truly functional dating site and has no elaborate features to brag about.  Unlike most dating sites, OkCupid is not centered on connections and romances. One can choose to look for hookups or friends and these options add interesting dimensions to your search.

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A feature that strikes your attention on OkCupid, is the ability to make notes on profiles and refer to them at a later date or time. Joining the site, browsing and chatting is free for all members but a paid membership option adds new features, increases your attractiveness rating or have your messages prioritized.

Lastly the A-List premium membership also allows you to search by criteria such as personality and body type.

Website Features Link
OkCupid Few basic online dating features Read review
eHarmony Wide variety of features Read review

Winner: eHarmony

Quality of Matches

Once you visit a dating site, your main goal should be to find a suitable date, right? Therefore, you must be ready to chat with people who are genuinely interested in dating and romance.  And you realize that since OkCupid is a free dating site, it is likely to have scammers or individuals who have a fake profile unlike eHarmony where the site guides you depending on your experiences. So here you realize eHarmony has an upper hand.

 However, OkCupid is not centered on romance and dating and is open to anyone who wants friendship and hookups. One thing you need to learn is that people are quite open and honest about their intentions, surprised? Fakers and scammers are easily detected and therefore there is accuracy of profiles and member quality.

According to Harris Interactive, it was deduced that eHarmony is responsible for over 500 marriages on a daily basis in the US. Beautiful! The guided communication in the site leads to marriages rather than long-term dating. It limits your matches and interaction and therefore casual daters and people with fake profiles ward off easing your way into finding your soul mate.

Here again am rooting for eHarmony if you want a site leading to marriage but if you want casual hookup and friends then OkCupid will suit you best.

Website Quality of Matches Link
OkCupid Great Read review
eHarmony Excellent Read review

Winner: Tie

Aesthetics and Interface

Visual impact is useful to any site and when it comes to beauty and attractiveness, am not sure I mean beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. A site that is over designed can be quite overwhelming but a simple yet attractive site is just amazing.

OkCupid is very basic or pretty basic. It has a very simple design and interface designed with cartoons and robots during the sign-in stage and robot comments while interacting with the site. It is not ugly but then again it lacks the wow factor.

eHarmony on the other hand, has minimal layout and few visual flounce and beguilements. The initial impact is that of a very ancient or traditional site and if you don’t know already you may as well skip it.

OkCupid being basic doesn’t mean it’s ugly in fact it is an attractive site but since eHarmony has a good layout, it is easy to say that it wins this point.

Website Aesthetics and Interface  Link
OkCupid Simple yet functional aesthetics Read review
eHarmony Pretty basic Read review

Winner: Tie


When it comes to cost, there is nothing much to talk about when it’s clear that OkCupid is mostly free of charge whereas eHarmony is a paid website.

Here OkCupid wins automatically although there is where you pay if you want your features improved like the A-List subscription requires to paid for.

eHarmony has a long-term subscription of a 6- or 12-month subscription. The range is from $13- $36.

Here it all comes down to your preference because if you are looking for a long-term relationship then the subscription will not stress you as such but if you looking for friends and nothing more, then OkCupid will do.

eHarmony Subscription length Price/month okCupid Subscription length Price/month
Read review Three months $32.95 Read review One month $19.95
  Six months $16.99   Three months $14.95
  12 months $15.99   Six months $9.95

Winner: OkCupid

Who is it for?

Both eHarmony and OkCupid cater for single men and women but eHarmony has more mature whereas OkCupid is for the young and fresh and is more relaxed. It is also for open-minded people who are looking for fun in general.

OkCupid has a lot of options and here any one can join regardless of your sexual orientation. This site is open to all whether queer, asexual, non-binary, cisgender, or if you identify with a different sexual group. It is very LGBT-friendly compared to e-Harmony.

eHarmony is mostly for straight people so if you happen to be either gay, lesbian, or non-binary, this site may not suit you. A member of LGBT may not feel very comfortable in this site as it is more heterosexual.

Once again, we come back to tastes and preferences and one’s sexual orientation as we can’t really say from a subjective point of view who the winner is. However, for the LGBT OkCupid will be best for you but if you are straight then both platforms will work for you.

From an objective point of view, I would root for OkCupid since it is more open to join and everyone is welcomed to join regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Therefore, it is more versatile thus it wins on this point.

Website Who is it for? Link
eHarmony Straight men and women Read review
OkCupid Both straight men and women and LGBT individuals Read review

Winner: OkCupid

And the Winner is…

In most times I would declare a winner in these head-to-head competitions but am happy to announce that both dating sites are good as we have compared and contrasted them although it is not fair to compare a free and a paid dating site. Both platforms give access to a huge user pool and higher chances of finding compatible partners.

OkCupid won over eHarmony 4-2 and they tied in the quality matches and aesthetics and interface categories. This is to say that they are both excellent options in finding your other half.

OkCupid is has a plus when it comes to the fact that is open for all and also the fact that it is free and how it makes interaction easy. This site is much more popular than eHarmony and is literally available worldwide.

The only downside of OkCupid is that most members want a short-term relationship or friendship and therefore it is not convenient for marriage.

eHarmony stands out due to it’s guided online dating process. It would appeal a laid back, mature individual who has passed the stage of “trial and error”, who doesn’t have time to scroll on very many profiles just to find the one.

Although it is complex, eHarmony gives you a platform to get in touch with people you share the same opinions and similar interests and with whom you have a higher chance of building a strong relationship with.

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Roxana Bikfalvi
As a pragmatic woman, Roxana didn't focus much on the matters of heart until falling head over hills for the wrong guy. After a devastating relationship, she studied the dynamics of dating and man's behavior to understand what went wrong. Her path drifted from science to letters, with the aim to share her knowledge with other women in need. She is now a contributor to Her Aspiration.

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