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Badoo vs. Tinder – The Battle of the Kings

Last updated on July 30, 2022 by Roxana Bikfalvi

Are you wondering which is the superior dating app between Badoo and Tinder?

Perhaps you’re wondering which app provides the best value for money? 

Or which app has the better quality of users? 

In this article, I’ll answer all these questions and more. 

However, before we jump into the review, I want to share the story about my online dating experience.  

For years, I figured that online dating wasn’t for me. 

Whenever I agreed to meet a guy from one of these apps, he turned out to be a f*ckboy or a weirdo. 

The guy would always seem nice online, but it never turned into real-life chemistry.

However, that was before I signed up to eHarmony. This online dating website is targeted specifically at people looking for long-term relationships - and it uses the most complex algorithm in online dating to suggest potential matches to you. 

I wasn’t surprised to hear that it’s the online dating websites responsible for the most marriages, by a long distance. To learn more, click to read what you can expect from using eHarmony

I’d recommend it to anyone looking to find a serious long-term relationship. 

Still, you can discover differences between Badoo and Tinder below.

At A Glance

Badoo is a social networking site designed for singles in search for soul mates, chat, and share interests. Founded in 2006 by Andrey Andreev, a Russian entrepreneur, the site operates as a freemium - its core services are free. The app is always busy with new visitors as well as members who joined years after its launch. The app houses over 450 million members from 190 countries and is available in 47 different languages. That is just an estimation; the numbers vary every second.

Tinder is an equally popular and preferred dating site by many young adults. It counts millions of new users every day. Founded in 2012, the app was received warmly as it uses simple premises. It is the perfect app for anyone looking for any form of relationship. The popular site covers a whopping 190 countries and is available in 34 languages.

How to Choose a Dating Site

Wondering which dating site will offer you everything that you need and get you the best results in the shortest time possible? Well, it's not surprising that Badoo and Tinder would fall into your shortlist. They are just among the most popular apps in the world.

The truth is that choosing between the two can be quite a task because both sites are almost similar in terms of features and match finding. This would arguably be one of the toughest matches we will ever have! Believe me.

If you are new to online dating sites, they may all look alike, but things are never the same.

One of the best ways to choose a dating site is to determine what you want first.

If you have everything all figured out, the next step is finding all sites which carry your interests. Whether it is a long-distance relationship, LGBT type of relationship, one-night stands, casual dating, or a long-term relationship that will end up in marriage, there will always be an app that has your interests at heart.

In our case, both Badoo and Tinder are great sites. They are both free, meaning that you can find a match without spending a dime. Both apps have a crowded user pool. That also means that they're quite busy. If you don't enjoy overcrowded sites, then look for love somewhere else because these two sites host millions of users every day.

Enough of similarities, let us now look at the differences in a bigger picture and have this battle started!


One of the most essential yet frustrating things about dating sites is that not all of them will be available in your country. Then, if you travel a lot, this gets even trickier because you may need to sign up on sites that are available in both your home country and the countries that you travel to. That will ensure that you stay online irrespective of the country you are in.

Both Badoo and Tinder are available in 190 countries. However, Badoo is available in 47 languages, while Tinder is available in only 34 languages.

Another noteworthy point to pen down is your location. Where you are located in a country dramatically determines how fast you find a match. If you live in a very remote area, you may not be as lucky as someone living in the city. Similarly, most matches are always living around the city.

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As I said, it will be tough to determine who wins in this neck to neck competition. This time I will gladly give Badoo a win for covering more languages than Tinder.

Website Availability Link
Badoo Over 190 countries Read review
Tinder Over 190 countries Read review

Winner: Badoo


We have already established that both Badoo and Tinder enjoy a large user pool, which is a visible sign that they’re famous. Both apps cover a wide area and are available in many languages, which makes them even more popular.

Tinder, however, is most preferred by youngsters below 30 years while Badoo enjoys users of all ages equally. Tinder's popularity grew massively as it is only seven years since it was launched, unlike Badoo, which has enjoyed 13 years of being online.

That is to tell you that you can find plenty of soul mates from both sites. When it comes to numbers, Badoo receives about 60 million visits per month and has over 450 million members.  Tinder, on the other end, receives 50 million visits and houses over 400 million members.

Based on the above information, it is safe to conclude that Badoo still leads in this tough competition as it gets more visitors per month than its opponent.

Website Visits/month Link
Badoo 60 million Read review
Tinder 50 million Read review

Winner: Badoo

Sign-up Process

Signing up can be challenging and frustrating at times, and the least anyone expects is to get constants password errors, error 504, and other sign up woes.  All you want is a smooth sign up process that will get you to the platform as fast as possible. Both Badoo and Tinder have a swift sign up process.

This is due to the broad coverage and too many sign-ups to approve each day. That doesn't mean that these apps are illegal or pose any security threat. They're both safe to use, and your privacy remains intact.

That is to say that each sign up can take roughly 10 to 15 minutes depending on your speed. Facebook sign-ups are also available on both sites. When you choose to sign up with Facebook, you do not have to key in any other information as your Facebook profile and info will be used for the sign-up.

Badoo, unlike Tinder, is the most straightforward app to sign up, but you have to fill lots of information about yourself, which will be used to find your match. It is easy to verify your app, and it protects your valuable data.  

So, on this one, Tinder wins as it takes a shorter time. The battle continues…

Website Sign-Up Process Link
Badoo 15 minutes Read review
Tinder 10-15 minutes Read review

Winner: Tinder 


When it comes to features, these two apps have amazing features.  When you sign up on Tinder, you will enjoy great features like the swiping craze, the passport feature to change location, tinder plus, tinder gold, and Tinder U that is a student only. Badoo has similarly great features, but there have been recent complaints of very many fake profiles.

Many people have noticed a wide range of scammers from different countries, which is quite alarming, keeping in mind the number of people using the site if you are signing up on Badoo, it’s prudent to keep vulnerable information to yourself to protect you from scammers who may steal your data.

The best part of Badoo and its features is that almost all of them are free.  Here, you can swipe right or left without paying a penny. You can also send messages and video chat with other members.

With that said, Tinder takes the lead.

Website Features Link
Badoo Few  but free  features  Read review
Tinder Wide variety of features Read review

Winner: Tinder

Quality of Matches

Almost all online dating users are looking for sites that offer quality matches. The quality of matches means that you get to find your perfect match in the shortest time possible. When it comes to these kingpins—Badoo and Tinder, I can already guess who the winner is. You want to know how?

Remember how I mentioned that Tinder is for youngsters looking for hookups, casual dating, and one-night stands? Don't forget the Tinder U for college and university students. Tinder focuses on less serious relationships and the fact that it is crowded with youths, it is difficult to find a serious and quality match. Tinder profiles are also not full of information to ascertain whether a match is ideal or not.

Badoo, on the other hand, is for all generations. Aside from the little scam complain, here it is easier to find a quality match because there is a long list of questions to help other people know more about you.

So, without going into further details, we already have our winner - Badoo.

Website Quality of Matches Link
Badoo Excellent Read review
Tinder Good Read review

Winner: Badoo 

Aesthetics and Interface

These two apps have so much in common, and aesthetics and interface couldn't be exempted. Well, both are apps; that is what makes them more similar. Both are easy to navigate, and any 18-year-old and 45-year-old can use comfortably.

You might need to study a few things on Tinder to familiarize yourself with the whole platform, especially if you want to use the premiums. Badoo is more intuitive and more straightforward, like any other dating site. There is nothing to chase you off, but the design is perfect for helping you find your match.

This one is counts to a tie.

Website Aesthetics and Interface Link
Badoo Intuitive, simple yet functional aesthetics Read review
Tinder Intuitive interface Read review

Winner: Tie


We have already established that Badoo is freemium - most of the features are free. However, anyone who wants to go premium can pay $12 per month to get premium features called Superpowers.

The amount charged dramatically varies with the length of the subscription.  If you pay for superpowers, you will be able to have your messages read first, view other users' profile invisibly, be the first to chat popular users, undo your "no" votes and many more

Tinder also has any premium features for members who want more than average. The Tinder plus and tinder gold are all premium services that you can look at, but we all know that Badoo is cheaper. The fact that it is almost free makes it even a better choice.

Badoo Subscription length Price/month Tinder Subscription length   Price/month
Read review One month $12.95 Read review One month   $29.35
  Three months $31.95   Three months   $18.75
  Six months $47.95   Six months   $12.18

Winner: Badoo

Who Is It For? 

Most online dating sites do not target specific groups and usually allow and respect all forms of relationship. Badoo and Tinder aren't left out.

Both apps enable all singles to find their soulmates comfortably. If you are particularly homosexual, bisexual, or asexual, Tinder will do you good as it welcomes LGBT forms of relationships.

Badoo still follows the traditional norms of either being in a female or male group.  It doesn't openly welcome LGBT, although it has not disapproved or unlisted it all together. That is to say that one will be more comfortable sharing their sexuality on Tinder than on Badoo.

Well, that's okay, but in this context, we are specifically looking at the app that allows more forms of relationships than the other. I think we already have a winner—Tinder.

Website Who Is It For Link
Badoo Straight men and women + LGBT/queer/asexual individuals  Read review
Tinder Straight men and women Read review

Winner: Tinder

And The Winner Is…

Like already mentioned, this battle was for the kings. It wasn't easy, but we managed to find a winner in the long run. Okay…no one thought Tinder would lose, but let me just announce that it was beaten fair and square - Badoo won!

The app has proved over and over during this match that it is better than Tinder. It is easy to sign up, it has great features and offers most of its services for free. If you have to go premium, you don't even have to pay too much to enjoy the Superpowers.

Tinder is also not bad, as it also did its best to outshine Badoo. The app ensures any single individual finds love. Although not meant for long term relationships, its young spirit will just pull you in and, who knows, it may even help you find the love of your life.

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Roxana Bikfalvi
As a pragmatic woman, Roxana didn't focus much on the matters of heart until falling head over hills for the wrong guy. After a devastating relationship, she studied the dynamics of dating and man's behavior to understand what went wrong. Her path drifted from science to letters, with the aim to share her knowledge with other women in need. She is now a contributor to Her Aspiration.

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