Media Mentions

Below is a list of media mentions that Sonya Schwartz (Dating Expert) has received over the years. If you'd like to collaborate with Sonya Schwartz please make sure you contact us at our Press Inquiry page.

  • "Dating Expert" Sonya Schwartz shares her dating tips in Tampa Bay Match Makers - May 2018
  • "11 Obvious Signs He Wants to Marry You" - Sonya Schwartz mentioned on LifeHack - Jan 2018
  • "Signs He Wants to Marry You" - Sonya Schwartz referred to on Evan Marc Katz
  • Mention in Buzzfeed - Nov, 2016
  • "What To Do When Your Man Gets Disengaged" - Sonya Schwartz mention on INSCMagazine
  • "It may sound a little silly but if your man is on time when he’s picking you up or meeting you somewhere, it means he is serious about you and definitely into you" - Sonya Schwartz in the Quote Catalog 
  • "Dating Without the Fake Reality of Tinder" - Sonya Schwartz "Dating Coach" in Instant Chemistry - Nov 2016
  • "Overcoming Jealousy In Your Relationship" - Sonya Schwartz on The Hope Line 
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