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13 Signs That A Leo Man Is Testing You (That You Should Know)

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you wondering whether your Leo man is testing you?

It’s a common trait in this sign to play mind games - and perhaps you want to find out if that’s what he’s doing with you? 

If so, read on. 

This guide reveals the 13 signs that a Leo is testing you. 

However, before we get into this, it’s important that you read the following sentences carefully. 

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In the meantime, the tips below will help you discover whether a Leo man is testing you.

What a Leo Man looks for in a woman

A Leo man looks for a number of things in a woman to balance out certain parts of his personality. This sign of the zodiac is one of the fire signs and as such he has an equally passionate and powerful persona. The women that match up with a Leo will always be one that balance out these characteristics best, or at least can stand up to them too.


If you want to be with a Leo Man, you best ensure that you have the strength of character to do so. A Leo Man may want to have a girlfriend that is doting and totally besotted with him, but that does not mean he wants a total pushover. Instead, a Leo Man wants a lady that has something about her and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

For your relationship to work you will need to find the balance between letting him be the leader while also being strong enough to call him out on things when necessary. He also wants to see a woman's strength elsewhere other than just in their partnership. This means that a Leo's girlfriend needs to be someone who is happy to speak out on issues or problems as and when they see fit.

Do you see something going on in your community that you see as unjust? He will want you to bring attention to it. Has someone been unfair to you at work? He will alway be attracted to you if you speak up about your treatment to the relevant people.


Hand in hand with seeking strength in a partner, a Leo man in love will always seek out a girlfriend that has a healthy dose of confidence. He won't want to be with a woman who is insecure and constantly questioning herself, her looks and her actions. He will like to see his girlfriend as someone who is happy in their actions and their abilities.

The reason being for this is that this Zodiac sign is also very confident in his abilities too, so Leo men like to have this confidence matched in their relationships. This is because they simply don't understand feeling any other way. They just don't get it. The often take it for granted that their certainty and assurance in their actions is common across all people.

This can make it difficult sometimes if you are not a naturally confident person. However, if you want a Leo Man to fall in love with you, you will have to step outside your comfort zone and be far more determined than usual.


To complete the trilogy of confidence and strength, a Leo Man likes his girlfriends to have ambition. He will need them to know what they want in life and how to succeed. Again, this may not come naturally to you, but take it as an opportunity to readdress some direction in your life while also garnering the attention of your Leo.

You may feel like this is quite overwhelming at first, but if you are serious about bagging this Leo, then now is as good a time as ever. Never looking at your career or what you want to achieve, is a huge turn off for Leo.


It may come as a surprise to some ex girlfriends of a Leo, given how confident Leos are, but one of their biggest down falls may have been that they were never supportive enough when dating him. This can be tricky to get right, but a Leo Man does need to know that their girlfriend will always be there for them if anything does indeed go wrong in their lives.

A Leo is happy to take risks and put their head above the parapet on many occasion - as is the way of the natural leader in this zodiac sign, but that does not mean they are happy to fail either. They want to know that when they make mistakes, their other half will always be there for them.


As a fiery sign of the zodiac, Leo men are nothing if not passionate. To get a Leo Man to fall in love with you, he will need to feel like you are just as passionate as him. Leo men will soon walk away from a relationship that does not have the level of passion in it that he requires.

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A Leo loves to spend time in the bedroom and will want to spend as much time as possible between the sheets with his girlfriend. He will never stay with a woman that does not need to sleep with him very often - this is not because he is sex crazed, it is simply because he sees passion and making love as a natural extension of the love and desire he has for his girlfriend.


Loyalty is such an attractive trait in anyone, but it is a characteristic that a Leo man loves to see in his girlfriend. In fact, a Leo Man will see it as a must have. Without loyalty, he will never fall in love with the lady that he is currently dating or trying to date.

If you think about it logically, a Leo's need to have loyalty from his partnership comes from his need to have a supportive partner too. One leads into the other. If a Leo Man ever feels like his partner could be two faced towards him, he will will also think or know that her support is never something that he can rely on all the time either.

Therefore make it be known that you are dedicated to your relationship, that you need your Leo man in your life and his is the only one you can see yourself in love with.

How to know when a Leo man is playing youHow to know when a Leo man is playing you

So is your Leo Man testing you? Look at the following signs to know whether your Leo man is testing you or not. This can be a great way of knowing whether your relationship has got what it takes to stand the test of time, or whether you should think about walking away.

He goes quiet

A Leo Man is very guilty of going very very quiet when he is playing games with his girlfriend. It comes down to not knowing what he wants which consequently manifests in him retreating from the situation while he figures it out. A Leo man will usually be very honest with you if he wants to break up with you, so have confidence in the fact that if you have not had a conversation about parting ways, then he is probably just having some time out to reassess things with you.

He spends more time with his friends

Every so often in a relationship with a Leo man, he can retreat into becoming a bit of an alpha male who craves his male friends' company. It is one of his ways of testing you to see whether you will stick around. He does not do this in a calculated manner and he won't even realise that he is doing it.

You have two ways of approaching this type of behavior therefore. You can either accept it and realise it is his way that is not malicious, or you can call him out on it. It may feel like you are being antagonistic or starting a fight with your Leo, which you may not want to do. However, as a supportive and caring boyfriend, he will appreciate your honesty and admire your strength of character to call him out on times when his behavior is making you unhappy.

He picks fights with you

A Leo man testing you will be very guilty of picking fights with you to see whether you have staying power. It comes down to his complicated character that is confident but also someone who has a fragile ego. Picking a fight with you is his way of seeing whether you care enough to stay with him.

This can sound incredibly misguided and it can also be incredibly infuriating at times as you will feel like you have more often than not done nothing wrong. The reality of the situation is, you probably haven't done untying wrong at all. He just wants to know that you care and that you will stay with him even when life gets tough.

His arrogance goes into overdriveHis arrogance goes into overdrive

Another method of playing a girlfriend is to start being hopelessly arrogant all of the time. This can be infuriating and difficult to be around at times. But a Leo man will save this behavior for a woman that he is in love with as a way of pushing her away to see if she comes back.

Again, as with all mind games, this can be hard to deal with but, if you are serious about your Leo, it will be necessary to power through as best you can. Again, reassurance that you are not going anywhere will do your relationship the world of good.

He is making plans without you

This is a massive sign that your Leo is playing you and sadly it can really get underneath the skin of some women. Understandably too, as no one wants to see their other half is making plans without them. To many, a relationship is sharing a life and experiences and so if you see your man living life quite happily without you, it can be tough to take.

Signs that a Leo Man is testing you - The bottom line

Do any of these signs feel familiar to you? If this is the case with you, then simply take the time you need to think about what your wants. Do you need to be with a man who won't behave like this for the rest of your relationship? Or are you happier being on your own without being continually tested to see whether your intentions are good and honorable?

It can be tough when you feel like you are being tested all the time, plus it can also be very tiring. However, as ever in any relationship, communication is key. If you are ever at the point that you think you will break up with your Leo because he is playing you too much, then you need to talk to him and admit to him that it has crossed your mind to walk away.

Give examples of how his behavior is hurting you, but also give reasons why you would like to stay. Hopefully by talking with him and being honest, a trait he finds attractive in women, you will be able to work through your issues.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Have you ever been tested by a Leo Man? Leave your comments below to tell us how you have been made to feel in the past by this sign of the zodiac and share this article to anyone you think will find it helpful.

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Well, you’ll need to have a much deeper understanding of his astrological love profile. My friend and relationship astrologer Anna Kovach prepared this Free Compatibility Quiz to help you discover the secrets of his zodiac sign.

Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

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  1. We are not in a relationship yet but he tested me he been Calling me this whole week I didn’t answer texting me to make me afraid haven’t Respond to any of it yet

  2. I've been chatting with Leo mn for 2yrs. I love himso much. I ask him often `Do you love me? He said yes´. But I can feel it he doen't love me. He doesn't even give me his number. I wanna leave him and say goodbye very often. But I can't stay totally without him. What shall I do? Shall I leave? I really don't know what to do.

    1. If he hasn't even given you his number and you haven't talked on the phone after 2 years, absolutely leave him. Don't waste your time. He's just talking to keep himself occupied but not actually interested. You don't have to text him, give him a reason, or anything. I have a feeling that if you just stopped he wouldn't question it. And IF he does ask why, just tell him that he doesn't trust you enough to talk to you on the phone after two years and that's a dead giveaway that he's not truly that interested. He'll most likely come up with some sort of crazy excuse. Don't fall for it.

    2. Umm yes! You need to call him out on it. If your scared to do so then have a little drink and then do so. Don’t take no bs from a Leo. And don’t be a push over, they/we like to chase. Go out without him without even telling him you’re going somewhere and have the best time of your life. Oh and he deff probably is seeking another woman. Get it together girl! Put your foot down! Muah

  3. My Leo man he used to give me so much attention we were fighting a lot we end up breaking up, few months later we get back together but he doesn't treat me like before he can be arrogant sometimes, he doesn't chat with me for long and he hardly call me most of the time he call qhen he returns my call never told me he loves me since we back together and we take weekends away together and he treat me like a Queen but when we back he just act so cold.

  4. I was talking to a Leo man and we where so perfect for each other it didn’t seem real, and everything was getting very serious very fast and so he left and said he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Two months later he was missing me and much as I was missing him and he came back into my life and we started to talk again, after him telling me that he can see himself marrying me. Only to stop talking again after 2 months because he felt like he was with me because he felt like he couldn’t pass me up, that I am “wifey” but he doesn’t feel like he “likes likes” me. I’m expecting him to pop up after a couple months because “he misses me”. Why is this Leo man so indecisive about me. We get along so well, I am out of his league, we are perfectly compatible. I’m an Aries and I felt like this Leo man was a bestfriend and a lover to me and that’s how he made it seem, but why is he so indecisive with me and scared.

    1. Gigi, this sounds exactly like my Leo. Do you live in NJ too? I’m confused and that’s why I’m on this article trying to figure this man out. It’s so frustrating! Like I have guys falling to my feet, but the man I want won’t won’t even make a serious move. Should I keep my options open or wait for him to come around?

  5. My Leo male friend of 28 years has not texted me in two weeks. Ism a Libra female. I love him dearly, but I am going to let him text me first this time. I do not want to seem desperate. What do you think?

      1. This pridr situation sounds too familiar. I'm casually dating one we are not official. Most times he would reach out to me first likebhe should because we aren't official . Its beeb a few days I haven't reached out he hasn't reached out but he is stalking my page and stories. Im assuming he is falling back because he feels like he likes me more

  6. So me & this Leo guy kicked it off very good; it got serious fast because he was so into me and said that i made me feel like he has never felt before. He loved how i was confident, funny, beautiful etc. he even started calling me bae, he took me on a couple of date (no sex) i bought him an appreciation gift because of him taking me on dates etc. one night we had a minor disagreement. We talked about it, he even called me later that night after talking about it in person. The next day everything was good but he randomly said that “the minor issue” was on his mind from the night before and it messed him up to see me like that. I guess he felt like i was changing on him even though i honestly wasn’t. I feel like he was trying to protect his feelings. We connected so well though in just almost 2 weeks and i felt like i gained a bestfriend & soon to be lover. I’ve learned my lesson to not speak so soon about some things and i miss him soooo much. Do you think he will come back soon? Because he said he never had a girl like me before. He has so many great things to say about me so how could he throw it all away over something minor. He blocked me from his cellphone but kept watching my IG story a few days afterwards. He haven’t watched it recently though. What should i do? I miss him 😩

  7. My Leo guy and I have been together for 8 yrs. We get into bad heated arguments and he puts me down it's ok for him to talk and I have to listen. He says everything I say has no merritt. I'm sorry but he better recognize he can never afnit when he's wrong and is not affectionate I think it's time to move on he says I'm wasting his time but he keeps coming back. I should just dump him he's arrogant and has to b center of attention he will miss me but u gotta think of me no more putting his needs first

  8. I really need help. So, A Leo man appeared in my life. He is 31 years old. I am 24. I did not plan anything regarding him, but he was texting me 2 weeks, four-five times a day. He made me laugh, have a lot of compliments, and made me interested in him. He sent me
    "Goodmorning" - every morning and Goodnight - till he went to sleep. He used to tell me that he is obsessed with me. After 2 weeks We met. I liked him really much. I think we did not have THE GREATEST date, but it was still good. I am a really pretty, confident woman, quite successful in some fields, popular in society and men. During our first date, Leo gave me several hints about the future of our relationship, also, he shared with me very personal things about his family, dreams, past, even about his first true love. While he was driving me home, he was singing to me love songs and ballads. He hugged me until I left the car. But... he didn't appear after the first date. He didn't get in touch with me, I texted him with (good) teasing and flirtation, if he was scared of me, he answered "No, Why are you asking?" and then just "seen" me on social media. He Stopped liking my pictures (He used to like every story and new pic) but continued seeing my stories (so strange). He does not text me anymore already 2 days. He just liked my new video-story today. That's all. I really think that he just didn't like me on the date. Maybe I am not his type. I have never had a relationship with Leo, So maybe you could tell me, why he acts so, and what should I do?

  9. I’ve dated a leo for 5months. we started as just friends. later he’s the one declared that we are in a relationship. He’s the one saying i love you 1st. we get along so well.i’m sagittarius and strong headed. I like to laugh. Make jokes. he even say he never felt this way. Never met a person that is nice, pure and kind hearted. He is so comfortable. He feels home. He can be himself.he feels free when he is with me. He likes my cooking. He said i be his mother. His best friends.His lover. Everything. We fight and we cooled off pretty quick. he even cleared my head before i started thinking. Caused every time i think, we will have a fight. Everything’s is fine until he realised we need to face the reality. Few days before we totally off, he said he will always remember me as a good woman. He has his respect for me and it will never changed. He even ask me to go for a next guy. And we haven’t talk for 3weeks now. Is he completely over me? Or he just playing me?

  10. I am a Libra dating a Leo. He is one of a kind. When he met me I as in a pub sitting with a mentally disturbed guy and he ask if i could sit with him if i am bored. I did and that when we click in conversations. We slept together the first day we met and everyday we make sure we talk to each other. Communication is very important. One day he just call me and tell me to prepare myself because he is taking me in one of the biggest mall in our province to buy the kids christmas clothing (mind you this is not his kids) and on top of that I got and expensive perfume. I love him so much and to tell the truth i have never seen any side from him that is disturbing is all about laughter and jokes all the way. The worst part is we love spending time together. What i think is when you are in love with a Leo don't try to change yourself or him just be yourself. Let him/her love you for the person you are.

  11. I’m a Libra woman an my spouse is a Leo man. Yes leo’s will test you 100% mines does it’s annoying as hell!

  12. So I have been talking to a Leo for about 4 months now. We haven’t gone out or talked on the phone since we normally talk through social media and he in fact has my number. Can this be a sign he’s not that interested? I mean he says he is and he responds to me rather quickly when we chat, but then he tends to go silent for like 2 days. Is he testing me or he’s just not that interested? I’m a bit confused actually since I am a cancer women and I don’t operate that way. I like let people know how I feel.

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