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Very effective method
Novel ideas like the ‘Hero Instinct’
60 day money-back guarantee
Only available online

His Secret Obsession Review (2022) - Is It Worth It?

Last updated on July 29, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz.

The book, “His Secret Obsession” is written by James Bauer for women who desire to bring life back into their “not so great” relationship by better understanding their male partners.

It is also for couples who desire to continuously maintain an already healthy relationship. What’s more, it explicitly claims to expose the deep secrets of men and how they are psychologically wired and of course, teaches how to trigger the knowledge gained for a better relationship.

While you wonder how the author will achieve this, James Bauer is a qualified psychologist with years of experience as a relationship coach.

So, permit me to say he’s very much qualified for this piece. Add the fact that he has written some slightly related titles like ‘What Men Secretly Want’ - this gives him a pass mark for some writing experience. 

Also, in this review, I have to note that the book carries some manipulative and assertive undertones but hey, that’s quite common with self-help books of its kind.

Like with every other product, this review sure does present some pros and cons. So, before you get hooked it won’t be fair not to present them to you.


  • Very informed and composed of writing.
  • Novel ideas like the ‘Hero Instinct’
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • It’s just a few clicks away
  • Tailor fit solution for relationship issues 


  • Technically not for lesbians
  • The manipulative tone may be too strong for some
  • Not a hardcover book( e-book only)
  • Only available online
  • Desired results may not be seen if recommendations are adopted lazily

James Bauer made sure he adopted a detailed head-on approach answering burning questions some women have only thought about, yet dare not ask. What’s more, Bauer emphasizes on an existent male inner desire waiting to be triggered or activated.

He referred to it as the “hero instinct” exposing the needs of men beyond survival and sex as explain in his video below.. 

Be Irresistable

Click Here To Watch James Bauer's Video

Altogether, the "become his secret obsession book" is intriguing, mind-engaging covering other traits of male psychology extensively. It also offers techniques and pointers that will help navigate your relationship out of stormy waters and maintain it on a steady course.

Continue reading this article for more detailed information on the book.

Things To Consider Before Buying His Secret Obsession 

Okay, I am sure there are many reviews out there but I am here to be realistic. First, it’s pretty much clear that the book is generally for the womenfolk. But that’s very broad demography. That’s why in this review I will help you identify if this book is for you.

If you are a woman that can relate to some of the following then you probably need this book. 

  • You are starting to get scared he’s losing interest
  • His other engagements always come first before you
  • You fear he can slip away any time
  • You no longer get warm replies to all the texts you send
  • You no longer want to complain when he does anything you don’t like because you are afraid it will trigger him negatively 
  • He doesn’t discuss the future
  • He’s not as romantic as he used to be
  • You guys already broke up but it hurts to let go of someone you seem sure he’s the one.

Yes, you are probably sure you now need ‘His Secret Obsession’, because you want your relationship to be sailing better but that’s not just all you need to find this book useful. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing

1. Interest In Your Partner

It’s one thing to desire what the book promises, it’s another thing to be interested in what His Secret Obsession recommends. So, you need to be very much interested in your partner as a person to find the recommendations adoptable; especially if you want to ensure your man relationship material.

2. The Curiosity Of A Man’s Mind

Also, for women who want to understand men more, as well as those who are curious about the maze-like mind of a man to find it helpful. If you are all about the superficial aspect of the relationship, you might get a thing or two as the book surprisingly focuses on the male instincts and how to weaponize or trigger to your advantage. Sounds a bit manipulative right? But as the title says, it’s going to teach you how to get into the mind of your man; even if you simply want to find out if he is relationship material. 

3. Improving A Relationship

Additionally, if you would like to improve your relationship, the book goes into specifics of what kind of phrase and behavior you can adopt to improve your relationship with each phrase and behavior targeted towards specific outcomes. 

For example, the book recommends detailed moves and words to make men more attracted, to get them to move past the superficial into understanding what they truly want from a relationship in the long run and unlock their secret fantasies. You will learn how to use the hero instinct in making men feel needed and all over you. 

However, the hero instinct is not all this book focuses on; James Bauer doesn’t just churn out these phrases and behaviors, he went into extra details for women to understand why these actions trigger corresponding emotions in men when applied. 

Features And Benefits

Features And Benefits

Before reading this book, I personally didn’t subscribe to the idea that a core desire exists in all men waiting to be triggered for the best or “superman” version of him to emerge in a relationship. 

But James Bauer somehow carefully and thoughtfully drove his “hero instinct” line of thought home. I guess I now understand why he said even men sometimes don’t know these inner obsessions are embedded somewhere within

Is it like pulling teeth getting him to spend time with you?
The key to solving is understanding men on a much deeper emotional level. The number #1 factor that causes men to behave this way is actually relatively easy to change with a few subtle things you can say to him.

Take this quick quiz to see if he actually likes you!

No doubt, it’s an interesting read carefully put together that will benefit both women and men. In addition, I must also add in this review that James did an excellent job presenting his carefully researched secret signals that can be used to trigger the “Hero instinct” assuming every man has it. 

His secret obsession obviously is an applicable guide, so get ready to learn how to put the ideas you find as you read into practice in the most natural way possible without necessarily feeling like you are about to unleash some evil plot or a con. At a fair price of  $47 and a 60-day money-back guarantee James Bauer wants you to rest easy as you buy and enjoy. 

For lovers for hardcover books, James Bauer wrapped this up into an easy to read and understand e-book; so you might want to use your tablet, computer, and other devices to get the best of this book. Without letting too much information out, this review offers a quick glance, so you will have an idea of what the book further has to offer without spoiling your read. 

1. The Fascination Signal

You have probably heard of that phase where women meet men and they don’t want to show off too much vibe; thereby appearing desperate. Yet at the same time, women don’t want to send the wrong signal making men think they are not so interested. This is where James shows you a brilliant practical approach to capture and retain a guy’s attention, ignite deep attraction in him making him become completely emotionally attached to you. 

Once he’s hooked, he won’t pull “the disappearing act” on you. Once you kick off with a fascination signal, it’s better to be yourself and not paint a picture of another person. It’ll be rather exhausting if you end up being in the relationship for long-acting out the script of someone else. 

2. The Glimpse Phase Signal

I believe the many years of experience of James as a relationship coach made him pour a lot of carefully researched information about both women and men into this signal. It’s certainly one of the very best things the book offers as this signal teaches you how to be mysterious and alluring. 

This is where you show a man what the journey with you would look like. No doubt, it’s a “whetting his appetite” process. While this will surely increase a man’s intrigue, it's not a guaranteed relationship builder. But it’s a move that will definitely make him want more of you if properly executed.

3. Silent Action Signals 

Silence is a powerful form of communication when used correctly. While it could easily backfire with the wrong approach it will make you achieve more than many words could if you go the Bauer’s way

This is what women will learn from this book; activating his hero instinct without using words and also avoid using it wrongly. If women started adopting other signals, this will easily work because silence will get a man real quick.

4. The ‘I Owe You Signal’ 

James Bauer pulls this from a man’s display of selective hearing. It has always been said that men have selective hearing. While I always thought this was just a saying, I couldn’t believe when I found out my brother was so guilty of this as well. 

Even a psychologist trained to be a good listener so as to analyze and decipher what a patient’s problem is found it difficult to turn on his shrink-mode every time in his own personal relationship. 

This trick will show you how to use this “selective hearing”  to your advantage by engaging him with simple phrases. It will make your man feel a sense of deep trust with you seeing you not just as a partner but as a confidant. Before he tells his buddies, you’ll be the first to know and as time passes he’ll begin to see you as his only confidant.

5. Damsel In Distress Signal 

When it comes to relationships, It’s very much safe to say everyone loves attention with no exception. So, If you're tired of him being glued to his phone most of the time or being dismissive and not entertaining much of you, the damsel in distress signal might just be what you need.

I know we are in the era of political correctness with the wave of feminism very present, making it seem like this signal is a display of weakness and a mere feeling of masculine chauvinistic ego. This is quite the contrary, rather than a show of weakness it’s an exploitative loop-hole if you look at the bigger picture. 

This signal aims to show you how to tap into and unleash your man’s natural protective instinct, switching him into a "protect and serve" mode. By this, he’ll be the one falling all over himself to gain your admiration while the end game is getting his undivided attention all the time. 

6. Ex-Back Signal 

Nobody likes breakups; most especially us women - it hurts, it’s messy, and when the ring, paperwork, and lawyers are involved, it’s even messier - unless of course, it’s a toxic and unsafe relationship. Breakups usually leave us women emotionally drained, and if you’ve invested more than the time the feeling of loss makes it more unbearable. 

While you're supposed to heal from whatever problems ended the relationship in the first place so you can start a more rewarding one, you are somehow not yet ready to let go. James Bauer has some packaged antidote for the breakup poison. 

7. Private Island Signal

There’s a saying, “men are moved by what they see in women”. It’s true because over and over again, men have proven to be visually driven and easily distracted with roaming eyes. This signal reveals how to curb those distractions and make him develop emotions that’ll drive him to feel you are the one for his entire life. 

Imagine you find yourself on an island, lonely with no one else to navigate the uncharted territories. However, instead of dreading all the discomfort that comes with loneliness on the island, you are actually loving it

This signal is a scientifically proven fact combined with your natural alluring power as a woman to deliver a very potent technique that will take him to the “put a ring on it” commitment level.

8. X-Ray Question 

Sometimes, your relationship is just fine; it's going rosy and not under any form of threat - you are happy he calls as he should and his attention seems undivided. However, as women, we often wonder where we stand and where all of this is heading. 

This can even be a bigger headache because it keeps you on edge making you constantly feel it could all come crashing anytime. What’s more, you are not sure if you are just enjoying a perfect “for the now” relationship as the future which matters more to you seems so uncertain. 

If you want to know where your relationship is headed, the X-Ray questions are simple questions that will make your partner share with you what they are truly feeling about you deep within their thoughts and not just pull a script of what you want to hear on you.

This will also help you put all your worries to rest relieving you of any tension and if you are not too comfortable with what you find, the good thing is you'll also be able to utilize the other signals of this book to make you his center of attraction. 

Still, sounds a bit too manipulative or too good to be true? Well, that’s how confident James Bauer is while carefully finishing this 200-page money back guarantee-ebook.

Social Media Buzz

Social Media Buzz

To be honest, I am sure many straight men actively in the dating world will surprisingly find themselves gaining a couple of interesting and useful tips, especially in the area of women showing men how to be pleased. That’s considering the fact that this book isn’t written for every man’s demography. 

For this reason, I became curious and wanted to see what the original target audience has to say about their personal go on the book. I must say the positive feedback in addition to what you’ll gain justifies the price, I can’t remember coming across negative feedback.

In this review, I will now reveal some of the responses found;

Customer Testimonial of His Secret Obsession
Customer Testimonial of His Secret Obsession


What is a man's secret obsession? 

Here, Bauer tries to highlight the fact that there are desires beyond the primal such as sex, food, etc. James Bauer puts it all in a single bag, the “hero instinct”. A concept that men have an inner desire which could either be known or hidden in a man’s subconscious.  When these desires are triggered, he'll be nothing less than an open book. 

What are some obsession phrases?

A common phrase is “I feel like I've known you forever.” This is like a passionate advertisement that captures the heart.

Another phrase is “You're going to have to work a little harder than that if you want to win me.” Deep down, men don’t value cheapness when it comes to women, they want the thrill and excitement of winning your heart. That is like a challenge he can’t back out of.

Lastly, “I'll always support you with anything you really want in life”. The game-changer, the world is already tough as it, reassuring a man like this makes him feel not only has he a believer in his dreams but also reassured you won’t be a drag when tough choices need to be made

Who is the author of his secret obsession?

James Bauer, a qualified psychologist and a relationship coach put together ‘His secret Obsession’ for women who want to have better relationships by understanding their man better.

How do you satisfy a man's hero instinct?

By adopting easy-to-understand short phrases, and actions under the carefully researched secret signal by James into your everyday conversation and engagement with your man

Let’s Sum It All Up

Be Irresistable

Click Here To Watch James Bauer's Video

While there are tons of relationship guide books presenting its own researched line of thought and benefit, ‘His Secret Obsession’ is one-of-its-kind as it teaches women how to get into the minds of their man, not for some mind control hypnotic agenda but to create a stronger bonding using the novel “Hero Instinct”. 

It adopts a practical, head-on, tailor-fit approach to tackling relationship issues. Even more, a combination of the recommended signals guarantees better success. 

However, the book doesn’t offer a fire brigade approach to fixing your relationship. So, if you aren’t really interested in your partner beyond the superficial level of dating, you would likely not get the best of this book. This ‘His Secret Obsession’ review offers an independent, unbiased view from a non-target audience.

Hey don’t get me wrong, it is not all praises for this piece, the cons are very much glaring but that doesn’t diminish its benefits. I recommend this book to every woman whose aim is to bring out the best loving version of her relationship. 

If you enjoyed reading this review, why not share it with your friends? 

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...
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