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Does The Virgo Man Cheat? 3 Signs He May Be

Last updated on June 17, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Do you fear that your Virgo partner is cheating on you?

Are you regularly worrying about what he’s getting up to when you’re not around? 

Are these fears dominating your thoughts - or perhaps even harming your relationship?

If so, you need to take action to find out what he’s been getting up to.

It’s no use trying to struggle through your relationship with these doubts weighing you down.

It’ll eventually ruin the relationship, whether he’s been cheating or not. 

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If he has been cheating, the signs will be clear as day. If he hasn’t, you can get on with your life without stressing.  

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To provide further assistance, we have listed three of the clearest signs that a Virgo man is cheating on his partner.

Signs that a Virgo man is cheating on you

1. He is starting to seem less interested in you

What you may see with a Virgo man is that he is very interested in keeping you around, even if he is thinking that the relationship is over or if there is someone that has caught his eye. There might be signs that he is not the way he used to be but you can't quite put your finger on ow. It might be that there are fewer phone calls and less time for you in general in your life.

As you may know, the Virgo loves to play the part of the hero or the fixer in your life, and if he feels that this is done for him and there is no extra need for him to be around, it wouldn't be unlikely that he would find someone else who he can take care of or fix. Watch out for him looking for someone else to help, as this man just can't helo it, he might have a new job or a hobby and might be talking about someone else's problems or what a tough time so and so has been going through. This should ring an alarm bell, especially if this person is a woman and they are looking for someone to gove them some support at a tough time in their life. This is like a flame to a moth with a Virgo and will be something that attracts him. If he has cheated, he might justify it as ‘just comforting' someone, and if he feels guilty he might be defensive about the time he is spending with this person, again, highlighting their troubles and making you feel like a bad person for questioning his morals and behavior. Look out for any signs that he is protesting too much about his intentions to help someone like this could be something you have to watch and nip in the bud if its not too late for you both.

You might have noticed that when you were together at the start that he was very keen on taking care of you and was able to help you out in whatever way he could. If you notice that he has been saying things about you being independent and seeming a little off, this could all be down to his sign and his natural desire to want to be the person you turn to. And the shoulder you cry on. In short, he might consider cheating if he feels that you are growing apart in some way so now is the time to try and make him feel a bit like the hero in his own story – perhaps you need some help or advice? Even if you are an amazing independent woman, perhaps you need to play the game with this Virgo just to get him out of the mindset of cheating and finding another heroine for his story when he has someone just perfect who already loves him very much!

2. He seems physically stressed

The Virgo is a sign that can't hide his emotions well from his body and if he is cheating or has been considering cheating then it may be written all over his face and also in his body language. It might be in the way he sits and looks agitated or how he is seeming nervous and edgy. He might even be feeling full of cold and flu and getting run down from the emotion of it all. These signs really show everything in their skin, so if he is really wrestling with a conundrum about what to do or whether to cheat on you, he won't be taking this as lightly as some other signs and he may well be running it over and over and unsure if he wants to do the act. Look out for signs that he is under the weather, snappy and irritable and generally looking a bit grey as this could all indicate some deeper emotional turmoil he is going through at the moment which could be down to cheating or planning on cheating.

3. He comments that you are overbearing and picks fights

If you feel that you are being pushed away by the Virgo you may have noticed that he has made comments around you mothering or controlling him – even if you are pretty sure that you haven't been doing anything of the sort! This is one sign that really hates to be nurtured in this way and he wants his freedoms. If he has started to make little comments about you tying him down or checking in on him, or just being there too much (which can be hard if you live together!) this is a sign that e may be unhappy and potentially has someone else on his radar. He is the kind of man who might be tempted by someone who again has plenty of emotional complexity, but also someone who is keeping him at arms length as well. If he has been away on business or to a new destination and then all of a sudden starts to accuse you of being too much, this could be his own way of justifying the decisions he is thinking of making, by claiming to himself and to you that you are not compatible and that you are too restrictive to be with.

Virgos can be very almost obsessive-compulsive about you, and as you may well know their terms are what matters. If you are going about your life and you see that the Virgo is suddenly arguing with you about everything and every opinion they have is the start of a fight about wanting to be right or they start becoming really bossy with you, then be warned. The Virgo has away when he feels he is right or justified in becoming very controlling and this is definitely something that they might be losing interest or they might be on their way to being over you and just a definite sign that they are getting ready to move on either alone or with someone else. As always, just because his sign says that he might be controlling this doesn't mean it is acceptable and it is time for you to make decisions about this behavior, if he is making you unhappy and you are seriously worried then please step away from the relationship and leave him to pursue someone else that can meet him unrealistic standards!

Is the Virgo man really cheating?

As you can tell there is a range of signs that the Virgo man is cheating on you and might not have your best interests at heart. Regardless of his zodiac sign, cheating isn't fun for you and you need to find out the real truth and see what's what. We really hope that he is just having a bit of a funny moment and that you two can work it out. If not, well, why not pick a different man from the zodiac? Don't forget you are so worth it and if his behavior is almost unbearable in terms of his strange moods, physical stress and the energy he is bringing to the relationship then now is the time to wave goodbye to this particular sign and see who else would be the perfect match for you – the are plenty to choose from – millions of men, so don't get hung up on this one!

Please do leave a comment with your experience and also share this article across social media so we can help other women out who are looking out for those signs that their Virgo man is cheating, or thinking about it. If we know the signs we can all be prepared and see these unique quirks and hopefully, get ahead of the curve so we protect our hearts, minds, and sanity when things aren't going so well.

Thanks for reading and we wish you the very best of luck with your Virgo man, whatever happens!

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

5 comments on “Does The Virgo Man Cheat? 3 Signs He May Be”

  1. Typical biased rhetoric from a hurt women regarding Virgo relationship characteristics. I, a virgo male, noticed how you used the examples in every instance of "his inconsistent behavior" to justify the virgo males infidelity in his relationship. You really have no idea about why and when we cheat. I'm disappointed in the fact you basically are telling her to leave at the most minute of instances only furthering future destructive relationship habits. Some, if not most of us "overthinking perfectionist" virgo males just want to be rid of our iniquities and remain monogamous once we reach an enlightened stage of our lives.

    1. Actually what they've described here is on point.

      A relationship with a Virgo is like mind chess. Not for the weak or faint of heart.

      I'm willing to invest in and work at a relationship. However, Virgo can save his snarky remarks and just cut to the chase. I'm also an earth sign but not a mind reader. Virgo gets defensive and wont just sit down and have a real, honest conversation. He can become emotionally unavailable and detached as he stews in what hes pouting about. You cant fix something when you have to pry the problem out of your partner. By then its become beyond frustrating and you wonder if you even give a damn anymore.

      You also mentioned that Virgos become monogamous in the enlightened stages in their lives. Sooo when is that? Why marry only to screw around or make a partner wait for the enlightenment to begin? Life doesnt wait for Virgos schedule. No wonder a partner throws their hands up in the air and releases the Virgo manchild.

  2. This is almost unbelievable! This description is 100 percent correct. My virgo partner did every single thing you described in your article. I am flabbergasted at how accurate this is.

  3. Alot of this is actually true. Virgo is a "fixer". He's most happy when he's finding solutions to problems. Hes a perfectionist. He likes all of his ducks in a row. Unfortunatley he tries to ensure people around him also have their ducks in a row or he gets upset. People have their own way of doing things and sometimes Virgo doesn't respect that. He tries to impose his approach on other people.

    I'm Capricorn. I'm independent and find me own solutions to my own problems. I only go to Virgo for help if I have no other choice. This is and always has been a both blessing and a curse in our relationship.

    Virgo is a fixer. The independence of Capricorn makes them a fixer of their own problems. Capricorn sure does not need the advice/ critcisim of Virgo.

    Virgo hates restrictions from other people. Thats why I've let Virgo do his 'own' thing. And this is partly why hes stuck around or keeps coming back. Thats why its worked. He gets enough rope to hung himself on. If he crosses boundaries he'll get yanked back and told about it. He, likewise does the same with me.

    Virgo is a fixer, but he doesn't do continuous "needy". This is especially true if any over neediness interupts his freedom or his own plans If I'd phoned every time there was a problem, we wouldn't be together now.

    On the other hand, this creates another problem. Capricorn is independent but needs a trusted support system if push comes to shove. Sometimes Capricorn might feel Virgo is simply not there and available. This then leads to recentment and a lack of communication.
    Capricorn becomes bottled up. Whiney and needy is a form of weakness to Virgo. If Virgo gets too much of it they feel restricted or getting suffocated. And Capricorn hates exposing vulnerabilities or weaknesses to Virgo.

    Its a double edged sword. Virgo likes the Damsel in distress periodically. But if its too much, he loses interest. On the other hand with an independent Damsel, Virgo feels unneeded. There isnt anything he can 'fix'.

    Virgo and Capricorn seperated for a year and a half. It didn't take long before charming Virgo found someone else. From what he's told me, she was needy, not intellectually stimulating enough on his level. He didn't have to 'chase' her. She gave him whatever he wanted, when he wanted it. ( big mistake with a Virgo) Once the newness and excitement of a new sexual partner wore off, she was just a conquest. He told me after a few months, it just became sex with no emotional connection. I think she was just looking to be 'taken care of'.

    After a year and a half of seperation, he started coming around again. I guess he decided that even with all the complexcities of Capricorn, the various personality aspects, the challenge and spark were still there.

    In the years we've been together, a few salivating hyenas/ damsels in distress have appeared. I see them coming a mile away. He doesn't see them as a threat, but I do. I think he 'likes' it in his own twisted way. And I let him know it. I won't tolerate it. I expect the same faithfulness from him that he gets from me.

    Recently, some woman I dont know appeared on his FB friend list. I asked him who she was. I thought I'd seen her before.

    As it turns out, she was a 'waitress' from a restaurant we used to go to years ago that has since closed. We had talked in passing with her. One thing that was mentioned was Virgo's golf.

    Well she has been waitressing at the Golf course dining area and sees him everyday with his buddies.

    She recently split up with her SO who chose a woman 20 years younger. Thats gotta hurt.

    With Covid and lockdowns, her gravy train is gone. Shes looking for a new train to hook onto. Virgo and I are well established financially to ride out Covid. Another strength in this relationship.

    So this waitress is wounded by a failed relationship. She's looking for anything she can find. She took her SOs CAT in the split and is now selling her belonging to survive.

    She took a picture of herself laying on a bed, obviously topless. She then friend requested Virgo. Virgo accepted her request. He tells me he never thought anymore about it. He said they never talked.


    I confronted him. I was soo upset I even removed him from my FB. He assured me nothing was going on. I told him I wanted him to get 'rid' of her. He unfriended her and and deactivated his FB acct.

    Ive found absolutely no evidence that he had been talking to her. But I'll still stay vigilant, my gut tells me different.

    Being an independent Capricorn, I would rather be alone, than live with someone who steps out on me.

    I've also told him that if it is 'over' to at least have enough respect and decency to tell me so.... and I will let him go to pursue what makes him happy.

    Capricorn absolutely hates being made a fool of. If he screwed around, while 'playing house' with me, it would be over, and he knows it.

    Hes STILL here. 😉 We still fight. We still compete with eachother. But in the underpinnings of this relationship, I think we're on the same page.

  4. Virgo men are the devil. My brother is a Virgo man and my recent partner was too, my partner cheated and my brother cheats or destroys most girls he dates.

    They are also VERY good liars, covering up is almost second nature.

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