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Tired of dating the wrong guys? Perhaps you can find your Mr. Right online. Read my review if you’re ready to settle and looking for long-term romance.

In today’s world, finding a partner interested in long-term relationships is harder than it seems. Frenetic lifestyles keep singles away from each other, and more often than not, it’s near impossible to take a relationship further than an occasional hookup.

Yet, there are thousands of singles out there craving for a serious, long-term commitment that can potentially lead to marriage.

If you’re one of them and are looking for your better half, could be the answer to your needs.

Launched in 2006, Chemistry is a service available in Canada and the US that aims to gather together and help connect all singles interested in marriage. The platform presents itself as a “niche” site and is owned by People Media, the same company that runs, Our Time, and Black People Meet.

Welcoming straight and gay members, based its success on a personality matchmaking system similar - yet better - to the system used by eHarmony.

Today, Chemistry boasts an updated version of the site which also allows members to search other members based on preferred criteria while it still provides a list of daily matches to every user. While this exponentially improves your chances of finding Mr. Right, it doesn’t mean that everyone has success on the platform. Here’s what to consider before subscribing.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up To is an online dating site owned by a company that runs an array of mainstream dating sites, including the giant Match. On the one hand, this means there are plenty of active users at any given time, so you’ll certainly find someone to chat. On the other hand, the owner of the site often shares profile information between the multiple platforms.

In other words, once you set up an account on Chemistry, you might find your data shared on other platforms too.

People Media motivates that this move should help users find a match quicker. But since Chemistry is described as a niche site dedicated to those looking for marriage specifically, you might not want to have your data shared on mainstream platforms.

Another thing to consider before subscribing is your intention. If you’re serious about dating and looking for a long-term relationship, could be the right place for you. But if you’re looking for a more relaxed online dating experience and maybe occasional hookups, FriendFinder-X could be a more appropriate choice.

Lastly, before signing up also consider your lifestyle. Chemistry is one of the few online dating sites that comes without an app, and this can be quite limiting if you love staying connected even on the go.

Apart from this, is an awesome dating platform. Read on to find out what I liked best and which are the main features of the site.

What Is is a niche online dating site developed specifically for straight and gay singles interested in marriage. There is no in-between, although the platform states that pen-pals and friendship are also promoted.

What isn’t promoted is the occasional hookup; members on Chemistry look for long-term relationships and it will be quite tricky to find a one-night stand on this site.

Launched in 2006, the site is the response of those running Match to eHarmony’s success. To beat the more established site, Chemistry came up with an original matchmaking system developed by Dr. Helen Fischer, an anthropologist with over 30 years’ experience in studying the human relationships.

Thanks to an ample experience in the field, Fischer implemented a complex personality assessment which is the basis of the site’s matchmaking algorithm.

In fact, Chemistry uses the results of the assessment to match you with those members who share similar values.

Following the example set by other mainstream dating sites, didn’t allow its members to use a search function until 2017. Instead, the site was presenting each member with selected daily matches; since May 2017 however, Chemistry also allows members to use extensive search functions to look for a match on their own.

This is one of the features I liked best during my trial months; not only I got prompted with daily matches selected by the algorithm but I was also able to browse through profiles and engage in conversation with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Like most online dating sites, has free and paid memberships; registering is free and you’ll be able to set up your profile, navigate and browse other profiles, but that’s about it. You’ll have to upgrade your membership to enjoy the full functionalities of the site.

Chemistry Advantages

  • Niche online dating site. was born with unhappy singles in mind. The site’s mission is of helping those interested in marriage find their better half and discourages occasional dating.
  • Personality assessment. The success of a relationship is based on the compatibility between your and your partner’s personality. That’s why Chemistry uses a personality assessment test developed by a relationship specialist and anthropologist to match you with other users. In this way, your chances of finding someone who really lights a spark increase.
  • Search option. If you don’t like any of the daily matches you received, just use the advanced search options to look for a match on your own.
  • Dating tips. The blog section is free for all members to consult and contains many useful tips and tricks regarding online and offline dating.
  • User pool. Chemistry boasts a generous user pool, counting members in the US and in Canada. There are hundreds of active users at any given time and even members located in smaller towns or villages can usually find a match within a manageable distance.

Chemistry Disadvantages

  • Safety and security aren’t the strongest points of this site. does everything possible to keep fraudulent profiles at bay, but shares user information on other platforms, including the MarriageMinded community.
  • List Chemistry has no mobile app, which in our century is restrictive and annoying. If you’re a smartphone geek, you won’t be able to take Chemistry with you everywhere.
  • Interaction on the platform is also quite restrictive and old-fashioned. has no chat rooms or video chat options and you’re limited to sending winks or traditional messages. Features

While comes with flaws and drawbacks - like any other online dating site as a matter of fact - I didn’t only enjoy my time on the platform but I was also able to connect with lots of interesting members. In other words, Chemistry has potential ladies and gents. Here’s what to expect in terms of features.

Engaging Registration Process

Creating an account on Chemistry is easy albeit the process is lengthy. However, I found it a lot more engaging than the registration process on sites that also use a personality-based matchmaking system.

As on many other sites, the homepage invites you to login or set up an account. In the latter hypothesis, the first steps are similar to any other registration process. You’ll be required to select your gender and orientation, select a username and password, and provide a valid email address.

Once you’ve passed this quick steps, you’ll be prompted to take your personality assessment, a lengthy process that requires up to half an hour to complete. Yet, these have been some of the best 30 minutes of my life.

The assessment includes a bunch of fun and interesting questions, such as which of your finger is the longest. Since the questionnaire was created by a relationship specialist, some of the questions seem odd, but they actually help determine your personality.

Once the assessment is complete, you’ll also be able to fill in your bio section and other details of your profile. Like on most dating sites, uploading a profile picture is optional but highly recommended.

MyStream Function

MyStream is an awesome feature that boosts the online dating game by helping you connect at a more profound level with your matches.

In fact, the matchmaking algorithm populates your homepage with daily matches; you can visit their profiles and like or dislike the member. If you like the user, you’ll also have the possibility to start interacting via winks or messages.

On similar dating sites, things end here, but not on Chemistry. Chemistry has developed the MyStream feature which acts like a sort of personal newsfeed similar to Facebook’s.

Here, you’ll be able to check your match’s daily updates, including their status updates or the answers they provide to the questions. This stream activity includes only the activity of those members deemed compatible and checking the newsfeed is really nice, as you’ll be able to determine on a more accurate level which is the grade of compatibility between you two based on their online behavior and answers to the questions.

Easy Interaction

Another thing I loved on this site is how easy it is to interact with the other members. As a free member, you have the chance to browse through profiles, like members, and send winks. That’s about it but it’s still a nice and easy way to draw attention.

If you really like someone or want to reply to messages, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid membership. This is easy and you can choose between a monthly, biannual, or annual subscription.

As a premium member, you’ll get to enjoy full functionalities of the site, including unlimited messages.

While interacting is easy, the platform doesn’t have instant messaging or video chat features, therefore you’ll have to rely on the good-old emailing to get in touch with your potential matches.

Search Options

The search function is new on Chemistry  - and it’s one of those features most users enjoy. It was only implemented in 2017 as a response to user requests of being able to freely browse through profiles. Up until then, was similar to eHarmony in that it didn’t have any search functions.

Users were thrilled when the platform introduced the search options and today, delivers the best of both worlds. It still uses the advanced matchmaking system to send you a list of daily matches while it gives you the possibility to roam freely in search of your better half.

The search options include basic features such as age and location, but also advanced filters that let you search for members based on interests or body type.

Chemistry Starters

Breaking the ice once you’ve finally found a profile you like is sometimes tricky. But thanks to the online flirting games present on, it’s quite easy to plunge into a conversation or at least draw the attention.

There are four dating-oriented games to play. The one I liked best is the 5-Card Sort. This game allows you to select a category and then you’ll have to sort the cards as per instructions provided. You can then compare your results with those of your match and see who won the round.

Love It or Leave It is a game similar to the Hot or Not. You view an image and just decide if you love it or leave it.

The other two games are Fortune Cookie and Relationship Essentials. They are both engaging and fun to play. The former lets you crack open a fortune cookie and asks you to describe how the message in the cookie applies to your life. Then, you can compare your answer with that given by your match.

Relationship Essentials is perhaps the most interesting icebreaker as it gives you the possibility to determine whether or not you and your match seek the same things in a potential partner. While this is an engaging game, it certainly helps you understand if it’s worth the hassle to dive into the conversation.

Final Thoughts

With all this in mind, you might be wondering whether or not is worth it. I admit to having mixed feelings about it but overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. What I wish was different is the privacy – knowing your profile details can be used and shared on other platforms isn’t quite lovely, even if the platforms belong to the same company.

Yet, I can’t deny this increases your visibility, thus your chances to find your better half sooner rather than later.

Another thing I wish was different is the platform’s availability. is awesome if you’re looking for users in your specific geographic area either in the US or in Canada. But if you’re aiming to an international relationship, you’d better look elsewhere.

But despite these minor flaws, was an awesome online dating site to use. My trial months on the platform were engaging and fun. I got to connect with many potential matches, all wonderful men who really deserve to find the love of their life. From what I’ve been told, the site also has an attractive user pool for the gents.

Even if there are fewer active members, Chemistry is an outstanding niche online dating site. The quality of the profiles is high and most members are looking for long-term romance and marriage.

Like on any other site, fake profiles happen but the tiered membership system tends to discourage fraudsters and keeps scammers at bay. Then, a comprehensive blog provides insightful advice on online and offline dating, relationship tips and tricks, and keeps you up to date with the latest updates from the site.

Undoubtedly, I recommend if you’re a single man or woman looking for that special someone who can fill up your life.


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