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When A Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean? (7 Reasons)

Are you wondering what it means when a guy comes too quickly?  Perhaps you’re looking for solutions to help him last longer?  Or maybe you suspect that something is happening outside of your relationship that causes this? Whichever the case, you’re in the right place. According to Cleveland Clinic, 30-40% of men are affected¹ by […]

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The Best 25 Excuses for Hickeys (What You Should Know About)

If you are looking for the greatest excuses for hickeys, look no further. But before we get to that, you might want to think about why you need to make excuses for them. Are you cheating on your partner? What do you plan to say to them when they notice these little indiscretions?  I think […]

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11 Reasons Why Sex With the Lights On Is Better

When having sex people have different preferences. There are those who prefer to have sex with the lights on and those who don’t. And then there’s me, who’s never really given it much thought but coincidentally happens to have gotten it on in all grades of lighting from pitch black to the other extreme. I […]

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A Guide To Lip Bite Kissing (15 Tips to Keep The Kiss Fun)

Lip biting when kissing is one of those little things that can significantly influence how you experience the intimate act. Whether you’re trying to introduce playfulness into a makeout session or turn the heat up a notch, nibbling can be the way to go. Or it can be a total disaster if one isn’t careful. […]

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Most Common Fantasy Of A Married Man (11 Things He Fantasizes About)

We all have our fantasies. Sometimes it’s having chocolate ice cream on a beautiful beach with no care in the world. At other times, it’s a romantic scene with red candles and a nice meal with a loved one. If these are some of your fantasies, I’m pretty sure telling your man about it shouldn’t […]

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What Men Really Think When You Take Off Your Clothes (13 Things They Have in Mind)

Should your level of body confidence increase with the number of years you’ve been in a relationship? Probably yes, or probably not. It is not a ‘must have' rule for you to be completely free of the doubt you have about your body. The fact is your body changes as you age. When you become […]

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How To Initiate Sex (23 Creative Ways To Initiate Sex With Your Partner)

We have come a long way as women, from the liberal and political movements to the sexual movements. However, it’s still a fact that sex initiation is a task men take up more when compared to women.  There are many confident and ‘sexually woke’ women who are not comfortable initiating sex as well. It just […]

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How To Tease A Guy And Win Him Over Every Time (31 Sexy Ways)

Are you wondering how to tease a guy in a way that makes him more interested in you? Do you feel like you’re really awful at teasing men? Perhaps you regularly hurt a man’s feelings when you tease them, or you’re too worried to try it at all.  If so, stay tuned because you’re about […]

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What Does It Mean When He Stops Using Condoms? (13 Possible Meanings)

Has your partner insisted that he wants to stop using condoms?  Are you wondering why he would suggest such a thing? Perhaps he’s given you a reason, but you want to get to the bottom of real truth? Either way, this guide should help you out. It includes a list of the most common reasons […]

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Mirror Sex (11 Exciting Things About Mirror Sex)

Mirror sex is what most women dread a lot. That's because they feel insecure about their body features and feel they shouldn't have a glimpse of it during sex. According to research, many women have claimed mirror sex didn't turn out well for them because they had to deal with the thoughts of the act […]

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