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What To Say To Your Cheating Husband (17 Vital Things) 

Do you suspect that your husband has been unfaithful, but have no way of proving it? Do you feel the urge to scream, shout and curse until he admits his wrongdoing?  Perhaps you feel stuck because you have no way of proving his infidelity?  If this is how you feel, it’s time to take action […]

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How To Tell Someone You Cheated (9 Easy Ways)

So you have done the inconceivable. You cheated and you want to tell your partner. You are most likely considering telling your partner because you are consumed with guilt and you need something to calm your conscience. You must have painted a lot of scenarios in your head.  You must have practiced multiple times in […]

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Is He Seeing Someone Else? (23 Sneaky Ways To Tell)

Do you fear that your partner is seeing someone else?  Maybe it’s a guy who you’re in the early stages of dating - and therefore you have no reason to confront him or get angry - but you’d still like to know if he’s dating around? Is this desire for the truth affecting your existing […]

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Is Cuddling Cheating? (5 Important Rules)

Cuddling is one of the biggest grey areas in the cheating category. Where one person will swear that having physical contact with someone is cheating, another will insist that intentions matter more than anything else. In the latter example, cuddling is only sometimes considered cheating.  No matter how complicated it is, it’s important to be […]

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How Being Cheated On Changes You (11 Heartbreaking Ways)

Most of us have been cheated on one time or another. I’ve been cheated on, and know of several other people that have. The thing is, being cheated on isn’t a small thing that we quickly get over. In fact, the effects can last either long term or short term. They also don’t just impact […]

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How To Catch Someone Cheating On Tik Tok (9 Tell-Tale Signs)

Is your boyfriend an avid TikTok user? Do you suspect he’s using this popular app to get closer to other women? If he’s ‘TikTok famous’, there’s every chance that women are reaching out and trying to get to know him better, but that doesn’t mean he’s acting on these opportunities.  He’s probably told you as […]

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17 Signs Of A Serial Cheater (How To Know For Sure)

Being in a relationship can be hard at times. More often than not, even the best partnerships will go through rocky patches, despite two individuals being very much in love. However, some couples often find themselves continually going through rough patches as one of them is a serial cheater.  Getting over a partner cheating on […]

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How To Spot A Cheating Partner - Insights From 81 Relationship Experts

Do you worry that your partner is cheating on you? Are you looking for a way to prove that this is happening?  If so, you are absolutely in the right place. I want to help you better assess the situation so that's why I asked Minuca Elena to reach out to 80 relationship specialists, therapists, […]

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When To Walk Away After Infidelity (9 Serious Considerations)

Media has glorified infidelity, normalizing it in the American culture. Rap videos, social media, reality TV, celebrities, the list goes on and on. "Side chicks" is now trending - and young females are actually glorifying being such a thing. The generations are now twisted, and grow up feeding on each other’s broken hearts to try […]

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Is He Cheating On Me? (35 Alarming Signs Your Husband Or Boyfriend Is A Cheat)

In this article, you'll discover that: 70% of all Americans, according to official affair statistics, have admitted to cheating at least once in their relationships Men are by far more likely to cheat than women, with 20% admitting they have cheated while the actual number is likely significantly higher On average men spend up to […]

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