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Husband Left Me For Another Woman (Let Him Go?)

Just because you love your other half more than anything, it sadly does not necessarily follow that your marriage is going to last. If you are unfortunately in the position where you have to tell your friends that 'my husband left me and I still love him' then you can also be questioning whether you […]

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When Is It Time To Move On? (This Is How You Know)

The first thing to say is that if you have searched for the answer to this question and you are reading this article - it's time to move on, and you know that within yourself. However, a lot of the time we will decide to hang onto a relationship, even when we know it's not […]

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Does No Contact Work? Here’s the truth.

Are you having trouble moving on from your partner? Have you heard about the no-contact approach and considered it? There are many methods of moving on from a partner and some seem easier than others. The no contact rule seems pretty simple, but it can actually be one of the most difficult approaches to moving […]

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Does He Need Space Or Is It Over? Here's The Truth

Has your partner started to pull away from you?  Perhaps he’s started making excuses not to meet you as often or is showing interest in a new hobby away from the relationship. Are you looking for guidance about what this means and what you can do to improve the situation?  If so, this is the […]

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How To Let Go of Someone You Love (10 Tips)

Letting go of someone you love can be a really difficult experience. Maybe you have broken up with them because you the two of you realized that you’re incompatible or someone is moving away, forcing you to break up. You might find yourself clutching at straws and hoping that something will happen, or they will […]

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How To Break Up With Someone You Love (11 Amazing Tips)

Breaking up is hard to do. No one likes it, or at least I hope not. It can be life-altering and messy and leave everyone involved feeling devastated. It’s even more tragic when you have to break up with someone you love. Sometimes a break up happens because circumstances have changed, maybe you still love […]

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Boyfriend Wants A Break But Still Loves Me (What It Really Means)

Has your boyfriend told you he wants a ‘break’? Is he insisting that this doesn’t mean the end of his love for you? Are you desperately wondering why he’s done this and what it means for your relationship?  If so, read on. This guide reveals what could be going on in his head.  However, before […]

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How to Get Over Him – The 7 Top Tips

You are probably wondering how to get over him, the guy who got you head over heels in love with him only for his interest to start waning not so long after you got hooked. If it is of any comfort to you, know you are probably one of the many ladies out there trying […]

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