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21 Amazing Dating Tips For Women You

My friends are always giving out advice about dating. There are no hard and fast rules, just tips that might point you in the right direction. Tips that may help you out when it comes to the time when you are ready to venture into the realms of the other species. I think it's true […]

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How To Get A Guy To Notice You (34 Tips That Work)

Do you feel invisible to the men you’re attracted to?  Do the best guys always chase your friends and ignore you? Perhaps you’re wondering what you can do to get a guy to notice you?  If so, you’re in the right place. The guide below includes 34 ideas to help you stand out to attractive […]

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Boundaries In Dating: Tips To Make Dating Work

Boundaries in dating are there for a reason, they are there to protect you. Listen to your instincts, if you are about to cross a boundary line whilst dating, your instincts should be screaming no! Boundaries during dating are a very individual thing, what one person sees as a definite boundary line another one won't. […]

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How To Spot A Player: Don’t Fall Victim To His Game

Learn how to spot a player and improve your chances of hitting it off with one of the good guys instead. Whether you are an attractive person on the inside or on the outside, or even maybe both, you deserve to be treated well when you are dating. Absolutely nobody wants to date a player. Why […]

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27 Characteristics Of Emotionally Unavailable Men (Can They Change?)

Are you dating or married to an emotionally unavailable man and wondering if he'll ever change? Do you try to connect with him on a deeper level to move your relationship to the next level, but fail to get the same in return? Do you feel that you're trying to put your blood, sweat, and […]

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Does He Like Me? Signs and Signals That You Got To His Heart

Are you tired of wondering whether your crush likes you?  Is it starting to feel painful daydreaming about a future together, only for nothing to happen? Would you prefer to just know whether this special guy wants to be with you?  I understand it can be difficult to ask a man about this, which is […]

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